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                    Websites of the Month Archives
                                                                               Gently Gathering Dust

This page contains our sixth year of Websites of the Month picks in chronological order of posting
ending with the first in January of 20069

No WOM this month.

Deaf NC Events

Website of Events for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing by Ches B. has been closed down and left
a gap for Deafies in North Carolina. With the collaborations of two anonymous sponsors, we decided
fill this gap with a new and expanded version of Website of of Events for the Deaf and Hard of
Hearing for all of North Carolina. This website takes the place of our own Events page on this
website which featured fewer Events but mostly serviced the Piedmont and Eastern North Carolina.
Our Events page is now being reworked back to it's purpose of featuring recent Class get-togethers,
Reunions, and Min-Reunions as it was originally intended for.

So here we are, tooting our own horn and invite you to our sister website, a new service for the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing for all of North Carolina.

Randy has sent me funny videos and they are still available online and I thought I share them here:
Why you don't hit your office computer

If you are a frequent visitor to this page, then you should know that I'm a space nut;
Here's a new site from NASA:

Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise

You like puzzles? We like puzzles. How about going to Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise. You can select pictures
to puzzle AND you can select the difficulty of the puzzles. Don't like the pictures they offer? Upload
your own and make your own puzzle. It's puzzling that we haven't found this puzzling site earlier.
This site is neat. You can e-mail a puzzle post card, sign up for Puzzle-of-the-Day and you can
compete with your buddies' solve times. It's a puzzling site to enjoy!

Space Stinks or Astronauts Say Space Smells Funny
Former NASA astronaut Thomas Jones, a veteran of three spacewalks before retiring from spaceflying in 2001, thinks the odor could stem from atomic oxygen that clings to spacesuit fabric.

"When you repressurize the airlock and get out of your suit, there is a distinct odor of ozone, a faint
acrid smell," Jones told, adding that the smell is also similar to burnt gunpowder or the
ozone smell of electrical equipment. "It's not noticeable inside the suit. The suit smells like plastic
Did I break after wimmimg?

40 years later, Woodstock still fascinates
Woodstock remains one of those events like the moon landing earlier that summer that
continues to define the 1960s culture in the popular imagination.

Consider the bumper crop of Woodstock nostalgia marking the 40th anniversary. There's a new cut
DVD of the concert movie, a remastered concert CD, director Ang Lee's rock 'n' roll
comedy "Taking Woodstock" and a memoir by promoter Michael Lang. There are also performances
scheduled by Woodstock veterans at the old site, now home to a '60s museum and an outdoor
concert pavilion.

The Woodstock legend stems from big names such as Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin and more
and more playing at a show where everything went wrong but turned out right.

The town of Woodstock didn't want the concert and promoters were bounced from another site at the
11th hour. Lang settled on a hay field in Bethel owned by a kindly dairy farmer named Max Yasgur.
The concert did come off Aug. 15-18, 1969, but barely. Fences were torn down, tickets became
useless. More than 400,000 people converged on this rural corner 80 miles northwest of New York
City, freezing traffic for miles. Then the rains doused everything.

It should have been a disaster. But Americans tuning in to the evening news that weekend saw
smiling, dancing, muddy kids. By the time the concert movie came out months later, Woodstock was
a symbol of the happy, hippie side of the '60s spirit.

It still is. Woodstock may have ended the 1960s with a bang but it is still part of our generation.
If you google just the word woodstock, you will come up with over 27 million pages of references to
this instead of featuring a website of the month, let's just say this a feature of our
generation. (Photos) (Commentary and Photos) (The town of Woodstock, NY) (The community location of the festival) (The farmland's owner of the location of the event)

Apollo 11 images featured on the home page this month are courtesy of NASA and/or

Lakes Umpire
Umpires has rules to live by when umpiring games, in this case baseball games. John set up this
blog site for a friend explaining how baseball umpires should signal their calls properly. Although I
have admitted in the past that I'm not into sports, I did read this blog and now when I run across a
baseball game on TV, I will understand what the umpires are signaling. Thanks, John!

Planetary Science Misconduct
Huh? A list of scientists who have committed scientific misconduct and fraud? Wow! You wouldn't
think scientists would do such a thing and go so low as to commit falsification in order to receive
funding and grants. Then again, for all we know, this has been going on "in the name of science"
for ages. Anyway, the new age of the internet now exposes these horrific waste of funds and the
scientists who do mankind wrong earns the right to be placed on this listing. Hopefully, those who
commit fraud by releasing funds to these so called scientists aught to be included on this same would think?

DTV Transition

Well, the historic DTV transition has come and gone. A non-event really, unless you were watching
TV with rabbit ears or an antenna. At a specified time, if...and only if your TV station mentioned it,
your tube went snowy/dark/blue when the TV station's analog signal was powered off. If you were
watching on a satellite network when the local station's analog power off switch was pushed,
your screen probably went pink for maybe 20 minutes or so until the provider scrambled to find the
signal they were supposed to use. Still have questions? this site sponsored by DTV Transition
may have your answers.

NASA Links to the Hubble Telescope Repair
Extensive repairs are now in progress for the Hubble telescope and NASA has provided links on their
website to other locations in the internet for more information and pictures. Of all the space
missions to date, this STS-125 Hubble mission is probably the most attention grabbing mission so
far...with exception to the moon landing in 1969. Go to this page and click on Hubble Links, located
near the top right corner of the page.

Hubble Telescope Gallery
Visitors to this page know that I'm a outer space junkie. There's tons of pictures accumulated over
the years and are now collected all together on this website. I've collected many pictures to use as
you can guess, screensavers and wallpapers. I go to this site several times a week and still can't get

Possible feature here called TV show of the Month?
TV show produced in 2002 titled "Sue Thomas F.B.Eye" is rerunning on the Animal Planet channel.
The original 2 hour pilot episode aired Monday, April 6, 8pm and again Tuesday morning 12am. Her
dog Levi is the reason that we now have a second chance to catch these past episodes. Remember,
the remaining shows airs on Mondays at 9pm EST/PST (8pm Central/Mountain). And repeats after

FBI 100: Celebrating a Century
Celebrated in 2008, the history of the FBI is so expansive, their website has broken down their
history into "periods". Everything you wanted to know about the's all here.

Busy is my magic word these past two months, so I'm thanking John for doing the research for me:

Now this is cool!.....incredible animation!!!!
This is a great animation showing all the segments of the Space Station, the modules and the
international partners that have helped create it. Keep an eye in the lower left hand corner and you
will see the date of each event.

1974 Volkswagen Beetle & Camper - road test
Just simply cool...I want one!
(Ignore the first 25 seconds and watch the video).

Newspapers of the World
Just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the newspaper headlines pop up... Double
click and the page gets larger...Then you can either read the pdf version or click through to the
paper itself in the upper right corner..

Also, if you look at the European papers, the far left side of Germany will pop up as The Stars &
Stripes (European edition, of course). AND this site changes everyday with the publication of new
editions of the paper. Hope you enjoy this.

Sorry, no selections this month.

As promised, here is my CSDVRS review:
Well, this one is not a website of the month but a disappointment and a grief about the company
behind the website. I've put off getting VRS because I just didn't want a another TV waiting to be
used. The CSDVRS folks at the ASL Expo in Greensboro, NC back in September 6, 2008 convinced me
to sign up for Z30 (Z340) on sale for $80. Although it has a small screen, I really liked this unit
because of its laptop like portability. It would serve its purpose very well as I could take it with me
on my road trips as well as being able to connect this unit in any room in my house as well as inside
my workshop separate from my house. Really, a perfect and ideal VRS unit for me.

OK, so weeks go e-mail, mail, or any communications from CSDVRS. I go to NCSD's
Homecoming and eureka! CSDVRS has a booth! I asked about getting Z340. Their representative said
I will get e-mail in three weeks. So again, I waited and waited. No e-mail, nothing, nothing, and
more nothings. So, on January 6, I contacted them through their website and basically I wrote: "It is
now 2 and half months OR 4 months since September 2008! WOW. I waited and waited. No e-mail,
nothing, nothing, and more nothings".

And now, finally, I received a response, albeit a manufactured know...the same
response sent to anyone who's asking. Here's what they said: "We are completing the final stages of
testing the new Z phones. The Z-340 has started being shipped to customers, and there is still no
release date of the Z-150. This has been due to an overwhelmingly high volume of requests we have
received for the Videophone. CSDVRS will be contacting you once the Z becomes available, and the
current units we have will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis."

Oh, wow, whoopie doo! Geez, I didn't ask about the Z-150. Here was my response:
Same old, same old.
That's the same story the rep said at the NCSD Homecoming on Oct. 18, 2008.
So in effect, nothing new, nothing changed.

Lester Latkowski

So the moral to any company offering any product: Don't offer products until it has come off the
assembly and testing lines. DUH!

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This page was last updated on 03/23/2011.


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