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                    Websites of the Month Archives
                                                                               Gently Gathering Dust

   This page contains our third year of Websites of the Month picks in chronological order of posting
                                              ending with the first in January of 2006.

December 2006
Best Commercial of All Time - Thank You
John forwarded me a one minute commercial video....says his sender: "I apologize but this this TOO
awesome not to watch....This is the BEST ad I have ever seen!!! Liz (PS:) As we begin this “Holiday
Season”, let us not forget!"
  If you ask me, (Ye Ole Webmaster), there is nothing to apologize for. Due
to copyright issues, our website cannot make the original one minute video available for downloading.
However, the Debris team was able to find a website that has the first half of this commercial online. As we understand it, this commercial was shown during the 2006 Football Superbowl. - Thank You

Welcome to DeafDOC
Ye Ole Webmaster thanks Randy for sending this in...their homepage says it all: is your site for free, reliable healthcare information, both directly and indirectly, for the
Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HOH) community. DeafDOC has separate areas for the Deaf and Hard of
Hearing (D/HOH) community, Interpreters, Healthcare and Educational Providers and Institutions and

ASL University
Here's another great ASL site for students, teachers, parents. and even surfers. You name it, this site
has it for students, teachers, parents. and even surfers. Don't let me repeat will know
someone who can use this site.

Awesome Clock
Longtime viewers of this section of the website knows that I'm fascinated with time, clocks, even the
different methods and ways of telling time. So I was really intrigued when John sent me this website
showing another way of displaying time.

A Live Look At The Rockefeller Tree
Christmas is just around the corner and recently the news showcased the Annual Christmas Tree at
the New York's Rockefeller Center. If you missed it on the news, thanks to John and the internet, you
can, not only see the replay of the Christmas Tree lighting, you can see it live on webcam!

November 2006
If you folks came here earlier this month, you may have noticed there were no Websites of the
Month picks until the 23rd this month. I've been busy elsewhere on this site, been on the road a lot
more than usual, but I did manage to take a break every now and then.

October 2006
Strange Clouds....many strange clouds
A couple of months ago you may have seen on the news or newspaper of some strange looking clouds
over a town some where. This site has a huge collection of strange looking clouds, some even looks
like UFOs. There are even pictures of clouds that stayed in one place for a whole afternoon. You
won't get bored at this site.

Mars Pictures of the Day
NASA, JPL, and MSSS  provided pictures of the day from Mars since April 15, 2003 and this webpage
has links to every one of them. Yeah well, some pictures are so, so, but there are plenty others that
are really amazing to see strange features on the surface of Mars.

Recent pictures from Mars can be seen here:
How about Jupiter:
or Saturn:

September 2006
Deafness in Disguise or Concealed Hearing Devices of the 20th Century

Early Electrical Hearing Aids, believe it or not, were based on telephone technology invented by
Alexander Graham Bell in the late 19th century, who also as we know, started the phone system as
we know it today. Mr. Anonyman, who unwittingly sent this in, decided this website was appropriate
as part of our celebration in conjunction with our own website's 5th Anniversary.

Our website is not the only one celebrating 5 years...check out the others;
Five years of Mac OS X
OpenCourseWare marks 5 years of educating the world
Twenty Things We Now Know Five Years After 9/11

What will the next 5 years bring?
5 Years For Nation Wide WiFi
Invisibility cloak 'five years away'
Mazda hydrogen production cars could be five years away
Space travel will take off in five years
Will email be here in 5 years?
You think your data is safe on CDs? Think again...burned CDs have a relatively short life span of
between two to five years...
Allergies could be snuffed out in 5 years

August 2006
Clumsy Crooks

Sometimes in your local TV newscasts, they will show pictures of crooks doing the dumbest things or
mug shots of celebrities. Even your newspaper will have articles of police or court reports of people
doing crazy things. Another selection of things to do when when you are bored.

News Sites
News, purely news. This news portal will take you anywhere you want to go.

Another news site featuring breaking news, quirks, entertainment, sports, and business headlines.
Long story short, 12 year old boy collected computer ads, flyers, leaflets, and catalogs from reader
service cards and stored his collections in a box. Eighteen years later, he decided to sort them down
and figured instead of keeping it to himself to enjoy, he'd share them on the internet. His long story
can be read here.

July 2006
Timeline of Deaf History

Randy sent this in and this is the first I've seen with a timeline related to the Deaf going over 3000
years. The website is produced by PBS and the URL will bring you to the year 1864 (page 9 of 26)
when Abraham Lincoln signs the charter for what is now known as Gallaudet University. Click here to
start at the beginning.

The Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln into John Kennedy
Randy also sent this interesting website which I found intriguing. Over the years, there were various
articles regarding the similarities between the lives of Lincoln and Kennedy, This site provides a
deep insight and shows their lives parallel each other, more so that it even makes you wonder if
John Kennedy is really a reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. Within this site, it will point you to
another website about the details of Lincoln's death. I spent just about a whole day absorbing both

June 2006
Guzer - Only If You Have Time On Your Hands
This site has everything, funny videos, games, funny pictures, jokes, and even more in their LARGE
archives. I'm warning you again....go there only if you have time on your hands. I was on this site
for so long, I forgot who sent it to me.

Normally, we do not feature commercial sites but when we reviewed this site we beleived that this
new game will be the begining of a new fad benifitting Deaf group gatherings rather it be in
educational envirionments or monthly Deaf socials. ASLingo is a challenging game, played just like a
bingo game. The words are signed in ASL, with players following the pictoral handshapes on the
cards. As the website explains: This game is great for people of all signing abilities. Native deaf
adults will enjoy playing this game as much as people learning ASL. Also, it is an excellent way for
kids to be exposed to new vocabulary while playing ASLingo.

May 2006
How Great Thou Artist Are You?
Over the years I've done sketches on paper for various reasons, even doodling. And I've seen
sketching programs but didn't want to spend any money on them. I found this site and used it on
occasion when the boss man requires me to do a light pole layout of a shopping center or a rough
drawing of a electrical diagram for renovations requiring additions of meter bases when a large
empty store gets divided into smaller stores. Yes, your Windows has a program called Paint that can
do the same thing but onlinesketchpad will let you email your work online.

Bad Fads Museum
Remember the Farrah Fawcett Hairdo? Hot Pants? Afro Haircuts? Bellbottoms? Bermuda Shorts?
Skateboarding? Fad Diets? Waterbeds? Miniskirt? Blacklights? Cabbage Patch Dolls? Pet Rocks?
Nehru Jackets? (Heck, I used to wear a Nehru Jacket to NCSD) We all remember those long
Sideburns, Turtleneck Sweaters and those Tie Dyed T-Shirts. The list goes on and on. Browse through
the fun and fascinating fashions, collectibles, activities and event fads of the last 100 years. The fads
you wish would stay forever...or never come back.

April 2006
Tutorials from

Got PC problems of the Windoze kind? Or just browse around and learn more about Windoze? Want
to learn about the history of the Web? Or do you want to understand more about IP addresses? How
about my favorite; Tracing a Hacker. Now this website might be boring for some, but for computer
geeks like me, you can learn a lot. I pick a subject once a week and take my time reading the
articles, sometimes, I read a couple of paragraphs, do something else and go back to it later to
finish it, because some of the articles are long.
By the way, their home page provide interesting internet related news

Atomospheric Optics
The explanation is best described on their home page: "Light playing on water drops, dust or ice
crystals in the atmosphere produces a host of visual spectacles - rainbows, halos, glories, coronas
and many more. Some can be seen almost every day or so, some are once in a lifetime sights. Find
out where to see them and how they form. Then seek and enjoy them outdoors". Beautiful pictures
on this site. You have to do a look see for yourself.

March 2006
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Looks like a boring website, eh? Not really, this institute has been around since the dawn of the
previous century. Originally called the National Bureau of Standards, they are mostly known for
settings standards for weights and measurements. They have set standards in more ways than you
can imagine, such as standards for the accurate measurement of your use of fuel from your
natural gas, gas pumps, and even your electric meter. My main interest was the new atomic clock
that my wife received for her birthday. I just put batteries in it and it sets the time and date by
receiving a radio signal from Boulder, Colorado. This is a huge site, NIST in Your House, NIST and
Your Electric Bill
, NIST In Your Car, and my favorite; NIST in Your Clock. And believe it or not, if you
are running Windows XP, chances are pretty good, your PC automatically updates it's own clock once
a week!

Make: technology on your time
An anonymous visitor to our site sent this in because he/she knew that I like to tinker around with
electrical projects. This site does serve up other projects even for the handyman. You can make
your own personal hoverboard, catch a mouse without a mousetrap, you can even make a copper
pipe potato gun. There are many more other gadgets and gizmos that you can make.

February 2006
This Is Broken

No, this website is not broken, they just show you pictures of things that's really broken, or rather
how careless businesses can be. For example, on their home page they have pictures of: a closed
Check Cashing store with a "Open 24 Hours" sign; a coffee cup with a label saying that it can't be
used for hot beverages; how about dishwashing soap named "Barf"? I checked the advertising
section: Brand New Used Tires! Roof Leaks Guaranteed!... and check out the Dell keyboard ad.

January 2006
Grand Illusions

Here's another great illusions site. Long time visitors of this page will know that I reviewed illusions
sites before but this one has been on the internet the longest. The neatest thing about this site is
they feature video clips on the majority of the items. The home page featured fascinating illusions:
The Dragon, The Einstein Hollow Face, Dr Angry and Mr Calm. Features within the other tabs on the
home page are just as fascinating. By the way, their Toy Collections are not for sale, dang! They do
provide ample explanations on the subjects they feature. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on this
site. I spent just almost a whole day learning a few tricks myself.

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