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                    Websites of the Month Archives
                                                                               Gently Gathering Dust

 This page contains our second year of Websites of the Month picks in chronological order of posting
                                              ending with the first in January of 2005.

December 2005

This is the third and last in the series of recommended wallpaper sites as mentioned in the October
section. Most wallpaper sites has a Christmas section if you mouse around long enough you should
have no problem finding them. I usually spend a couple of hours on Thanksgiving weekend searching
for wallpapers to add to my collection for the Christmas season. is usually my first stop has beautiful scenery that I like is a new website that I found even though it's been online for 7 years This site is slow, even on broadband, but has some funny Christmas wallpapers has a small collection of Christmas wallpapers but if you browse around,
                                    you'll find plenty for other occasions believe it or not, this site has beautiful Christmas wallpapers I've been using for
                                 years  has 50 Christmas wallpapers to choose from

Usually what I do is click for a high resolution such as 1024x760 and Save As and mouse on over to a
Christmas folder that you create in My Pictures. From there you can transfer them to Webshots or
set up your screensavers as a slide show under the Display Properties on your desktop.

Till next year, cheers!

November 2005
National Geographic Traveler

As you know, National Geographic is a fantastic magazine and their website is just as great, if not
better. John sent in the URL for the Traveler section and it was hard for me to leave this site. Do
check it out!

405, The Movie
There is a short movie that I've seen 5 years ago on one of those entertainment shows, "Extra" and
I've searched on and off for this movie short and haven't been able to locate it. But with a huge
thanks to John, he found it. It's a story of the wrong guy, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. It
is a hilarious 3 minute video. You have to see it to believe it. Be prepared to laugh your posterior

Yeah, I guess this is video month. John sent me this site, this movie is made by two Deaf
filmmakers and has no sound, which a movie made by and for the Deaf should be. This movie is a
laugh a minute....all 26 minutes of it!

As mentioned last month, I promised to present wallpapers for the season. Last month's wallpaper
site also has Thanksgiving wallpapers.
Here's a three more:  This site also has animated wallpapers.

October 2005
(Normally, I research entries at least 2-4 weeks in advance before posting, but with MP and me
working on the Reunion Event, I had to push off a bunch of webmastering projects, thus the late
posting of this month's websites picks of the month posting on the 14th).

Deaf Law Blog
John has more time than I (since I have been concentrating on the Reunion Event) surfing websites,
he sent this in which I found extremely interesting relating to the Deaf population and the law. This
site has tons of Deaf issues: from stock broker corporations refusing to accept relay calls from
Deafies; problems of Deafies entering the Katrina stricken areas; a Deaf man held for two years in
D.C. jail, by mistake and his civil right lawsuit; an article of the efforts of a group of deaf people
to create a self-contained town in South Dakota for deaf people and their families, and, well, I
could go on but the idea of the Websites of the Month is for ya'll to send these in to be posted here.
Am I Right? Right on! Thanks, John!

If you are a habitual visitor of this section, you know I usually find sites where you can download
wallpapers for your PC. Starting this month, I will attempt, for the remaining of the year, to present
wallpapers for the season. So first up is:

Halloween Wallpapers
Of the many Halloween wallpaper sites I visit, this one always catches my attention. BOO!

September 2005
John Smith recommended this site, well, more specifically, this part of a website. When you are
not using your computer, you can turn your monitor into a clock. There are various types of clocks
that you can install. Quoting the site "The Analog Clock screensaver is so simple yet beautiful that
you don't even need to adjust any settings! Simply select it in the screen saver list of the Screen
properties window (if not selected), and enjoy!" My favorite is the Atomic Clock screensaver. I
tested a variety of these programs and even though they say it's "freeware", however legally, it's
not freeware in the truest sense of the word. Some has adware and offers coupons but they are
truthful about them. These pop-ups or pop-unders will state the fact that they are from the program
that you downloaded, which to me is honest. (Maybe they will set an example out of the other
so called freebies that are out there).

Others screen saver programs I found on this site will let you use it free for so many days and then
you will need to register it to keep it. I'd go for these, but as always when installing these as well
other programs, always read the software license agreement to see what they do with your e-mail

August 2005
Those who know me well will know that I am a fan of manned space flights and the triumph
of the return of the Space Shuttle Discovery is an historic achievement in it's own right. Pictures
from the space flight are fantastic, I've installed them as screensavers. So can you.

Great Images in NASA. Need I say more?

July 2005
Internet Archive

Who says you can't fit the entire Web under one domain? PC World magazine says " Well. maybe
not the whole Web, but enough of it to keep any browser busy for a couple of lifetimes." I did not
have the foresight to preserve our original website on tripod, so I entered our original URL and
behold! They have four copies, albeit, only our home page for the last 7 weeks it was living there.
I typed in a few more URLs found in my bookmarks/favorites that were no longer "live" today and
sure enough, they had copies of the home pages. This site should be called the Museum of Internet
History because they have 40 billion web pages archived since starting in 1996.

Stupid Website is the weirdest store in cyberspace specializing in strange gifts, odd toys, peculiar
candy, and questionable inventions. In business since 1996, they say they even appear regularly on
Good Morning America (although I don't remember seeing them
there). You'll see they have hundreds of funny and odd products to offer. Some of it is useful,
some of it is useless... but all of it's fun. Anyone visiting will find something they
simply must have. Now, if anyone calls you stupid, just say you've already been there, done that.

June 2005
News That You May Not Want to Miss - Or - More Details Than What You See on the News
2 year old killed when TV dresser fall on her, Canada suicide hotline to open only from 9 to 5,
Secret Service Looks Into Yearbook Prank, World-Record 124-Pound Blue Catfish Dies
U.S. shuts down network that leaked 'Star Wars', 'nuff said, eh?

The Museum Of Electricity
Summertime is here and with summertime there are electrical storms. As a kid, I was fascinated
about the lightning that comes with it. I'm still am. In the '80s, I was wakened in the middle of the
night by a hugh amount of flashes that lasted for a good eight minutes yet did not have any
thunder  associated with it. In the late '90s, I saw a lightning bolt strike a electrical transformer
on a pole.  Anyway, I found this site that explains how lightning is created as well an interesting
article about generating light before Edison invented the light bulb. Go strike these pages and

The Memory Hole
MamaPat found this site during her research for her Memorial Day article and found the "missing
pictures" of the Flag-draped Coffins at Dover. If you have been watching the news earlier this year,
you should remember the controversy of the pictures of Flag draped coffins of our fallen Heroes
from Iraq that our own government did not want to us see. Through the Freedom of Information
Act  (FOIA), the owner of this site has obtained close to about a thousand pictures of these and
other unpublished photos.

On another subject, immediately after the plane dived onto the Pentagon on 9/11, FBI agents
swooped down to a local gas station and took the video before the owner could even see it. This
same article, (What we know about the 9/11 Pentagon videos), shows traffic cameras located
nearby that had to record the plane whizzing by and one wonders why the videos was never shown
to the public.

This is really an interesting perspective view about our government.

May 2005
For 100 years, Einstein's famous formula and theories of relativity has perplexed the science and
physics world. Einstein's work had, in an understatement, enormous consequences. His work led to
the establishment of quantum theory, the development of the atom bomb, and advances in science
and technology too numerable to describe. Did we learn about him during our NCSD years? No, but,
because of his theories in atoms, we were taught the Periodic Table of the Elements.
This site has all kinds of fun things to do when you have nothing else to do or wanting to pass the
time. For starters, I had fun with a bunch of Interactive toys. Since I like cats, I really liked "My Cat
Annie" in the Educational Videos section. I know this is a short review, but what do you expect after
I spent two fun hours on this site, I'm going back for more! sent by Linda

April, 2005
Print Free Stuff
I was looking for calendars a while back and didn't want to leave the house to go up the street to
waste time not finding what I wanted so I did a search and found this nifty site. Not only do they
provide a hugh array of calendars for you to print, they also provide printable greeting cards, flyers,
party signs, and party decorations. My interest was the customizable calendars where you can add
your own text before you print. You can organize meetings, appointments, vacations, events,
deadlines and more for the very little cost of paper and ink. And no more wasted trips to the stores.

Who does not like free? This site is one of the oldest freebie sites on the web. When I first started
surfing the internet in the early 1990s, this site was one of my many stops. This was where I found
my free internet service before I went to DSL. Later on, before I decided to start, I
started our website with a free web hosting service mentioned by this site. Anyway, there are lots
of freebies to to found here and I continue to find even more since they have expanded their offerings.

Fun, Fun, Fun and other interesting activities:
It's windy up there, about 400 km/s (I know, you don't know your metrics, so 400 km/s converts to
about 1 million miles per hour), the sun is almost blank today and solar activity should remain low
with no solar flares and no auroras. By the way, the monthly-averaged sunspot numbers have
reached their lowest levels since 1997. Solar flares are predicted to be about 1% for a good while so
that means we should not worry about our wireless devices being interrupted for a while. For more
up to date news and information about meteor showers, solar flares, auroras, and near-Earth
asteroids, I highly recommend going to this site:

March 2005
are in order for Yahoo! They are celebrating their ten year anniversary this month!

I've been holding on to these two sites for a very good while trying to find time to briefly describe them
and every time I get started, I ended up cooking, so I'll let these websites speak for themselves:

Spring arrives this month, aahhhhh, time to Fire up the Grill!

And then there's the Grate BBQ Debate - Charcoal vs. Gas Grills.

A real Fun, Fun, Fun activity:
The Easter Egg Archive
This is one of my favorites, an Easter Egg found in programs, websites, and yes, even in Operating
Systems. It's a treasure hunt, actually. Easter Eggs can be found even in movies and TV shows,
there is a secret gem for surprises, only if you know where to look.

Easter Eggs are undocumented, hidden, and non-obvious gems put in movies, TV shows, software
programs, etc., and of course websites by the creators for personal reasons.

The most famous hidden gem is a Flight Simulator and Credits in Microsoft Excel and a Pinball
Game in Microsoft Word 97. Even Outlook 2000 has a hidden Easter Egg.

Did you know that there is an owl on every dollar bill?

If you ever see a Beauty and the Beast shower curtain, see if you can find an Rated X drawing on it.

In movies: In EVERY movie by Mr. Lucas, there is a reference to the title of his first movie, THX-1138
hidden somewhere.

In the Alfred Hitchcock movies, even though he directs them, he can be seen in every movie he
made. Same with Stephen King, you just have to watch the people in the background. Stephen King
has, but rarely, cast himself as the main character in a few of his movie shorts. Stephen King enjoys
doing cameos in a lot of his movies, a tribute to Hitchcock maybe?

When King wrote the book It, he very intentionally made references to every other book he'd written
up to that point.

Hidden secrets in Software, Movies, TV shows, and more. The things you use and see everyday
probably have hidden Easter Eggs in them, and this is the place to discover those Eggs. 7701 Easter
Eggs collected so far!

PS: Are there Easter Eggs in this website? You betcha, there's 7 of them! If I told you where they
were, they wouldn't be Easter Eggs now, would it? New hyperlinks on 3 pictures does not really
classify as Easter Eggs but since it's the first time it's been added, we'll make an exception to the
rule. Happy treasure hunting!

February 2005
World News Network

This site has a robust consortium of news that you would not believe. Current events subjects ranging
from science broken down into more than 54 subcategories, world tech news broken down into over
100 subcategories, a photo section that has 30 subcategories not counting 12 countries with
subcategories of their own. Not only that, there's subcategories of subcategories, especially in
sports. The availability of news and information is extremely tremendous. You really would be hard
pressed not finding news that you be looking for much less walking away from this.

Fun, Fun, Fun and other time wasting activities:
This site has both useful and useless information it's cool. Wacky uses for well known products,
unknown facts about common everyday items, has wacky experiments that you can do at home.
Joey Green, the owner of this site has written books on these subjects and has been featured on a
number of TV shows with the likes of: Good Morning America, Wayne Brady, Jay Leno, The View,
Conan O'Brian, Extra, Rosie O'Donnell just to name a few. This is a very interesting site, wacky but

January 2005
Deaf Smith Journals
As stated in their mission statement: "Deaf Smith Journals is to provide a place for deaf signed
language artisans to showcase their stories, poetry and visual-gestural productions. Our ultimate goal
is to encourage and preserve the rich heritage found within the natural signed language of the
American Deaf culture".

"To this end, Deaf Smith Journals provides a virtual environment and distribution outlet for
performances contributed by Deaf folk artisans in American Sign Language who might not otherwise
find exposure in traditional mainstream media formats. It is our hope that this people-driven,
entertainment format that can be enjoyed by many".

Bravo on this website! Looks like John has found an excellent niche for the ASL world in the internet.

I remember ages ago, some Deaf folks made stories by using just the alphabets. I don't remember
the whole stories but one has to do with a ghost story and the other had to do with racing. Both
were funny as heck. I hope this website brings back these and more while preserving a wonderful
part of this ASL world.

Congratulations to our Classmate on starting this endeavor, I really hope this will be a success!

Dropload your Work
A place for you to drop your files off and have them picked up by someone else at a later time. This is
an improved concept of personal file sharing. Say you want to share a large file, too large to e-mail to
a friend, sign up, follow the simple instructions and e-mail your friend that you have a file ready for
them. It's limited to 100 megs of data and only available to your friend(s) for seven days which would
be ample time for your friend(s) to retrieve the file. By the way, if you have a TV card in your
computer, you could convert about 25 minutes of ASL poetry or visual-gestural productions into 100
megs of AVI video and Dropload it to Deaf Smith Journals above.

Fun, Fun, Fun and other time wasting activities:
Are You Bored?
You get home after a hard days work, you go through your evening routines, you are finished
checking your e-mails, and you are still sitting in front of your PC because there is nothing on TV.
There is so much on the internet, you just can't think of where to go to amuse yourself because you
are bored. Ah, Ha! There is a website for you bored folks. It's got stuff to get you unbored! It's got
games, crossword puzzles, humor sites, fun sites, quizzes and trivia, dumb stuff, weird stuff, find out
what happened on some of your favorite TV shows that you missed, and of course sports. Don't let
me bore you with these descriptions, just nudge your mouse to:

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