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                    Websites of the Month Archives
                                                                               Gently Gathering Dust

   This page contains our first year of Websites of the Month picks in chronological order of posting
                                              ending with the first in November of 2003.

December 2004
So you wanna: buy an air conditioner, make your own beer, find cheap airline tickets, organize your
closet, be a human guinea pig, buy a DVD player, buy a laptop, lower your cholesterol, throw a
Christmas party, donate to charity, fake being a wine expert, get laser eye surgery, go skydiving, have
a well-behaved cat, check out this site.

NASA's Solar System Exploration Website
As some of you long time visitors to our old website know, I had (and still have) an affinity for space
exploration. I came across this site a while back and have been meaning to post it here. Well, I've
"rediscovered" it and found that they have enhanced their excellent website: 40 years ago last month,
Mariner 4, lifted off and successfully accomplished it's Mars flyby mission. 30 years ago this month,
Pioneer 11 followed Pioneer 10 as the second spacecraft to visit Jupiter and the outer solar system.
Also, 5 years ago this month, the Mars Polar Lander was lost during entry of the Mars atmosphere.
You can also explore more of NASA on the web with a drop-down menu located near the bottom of the
page. Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars!

Screen savers, card games, cheats and hints for PC systems, cheats and hints for PC games, 3D
terrain scenes and flybys from USGS digital elevation models, 62 Freecell Games Collection, Traffic
Simulation Game á la SimCity, Universally and permanently fix the Windows 2000/XP refresh bug,
Speed Up Windows XP, over 120 pages of games, utilities, screensavers/wallpapers and freeware to
chose from. As always, when downloading freeware/shareware, always read the Terms and Conditions
to see what else they may be installing on your PC. Better yet, do a web search on the program you
are downloading and see what other users have to say about it.
Click on Browse by Topic to choose
the areas the you'd be interested in. My favorites are the screensavers/wallpaper section. Have fun!

November 2004

Major Geeks
No, this is not military related. If you are reading this then you are using a PC and every now and then
you need to maintain your PC almost better than your car. If you are looking for a software site,
whether it be utilities for your PC, programs to make your life productive or to while your time away.
This site has it all. From newbies to oldies, from lite surfers to heavy surfers, from the occaisional PC
user to the power user, you will find this site to be extremely useful.

Misc and a Real Time Wasting Activity.

This guy is something else. He decorates his house with lights during Horrorween and Christmas and
webcams it on the internet. He must have a lot of time on his hands.

October 2004

Implosion World
When you watch the news, every now and then you'll see a segment where they implode a bridge or
a building with explosives. Wish you could see more? Well, now you can. On the left column on the
home page, click on Cinema Explosip and you will find 26 selections of short video clips to chose
from. If you click on Implosion Live, you'll find 13 longer videos. You must have RealPlayer to view
these. You can download the player from a link on either page. Elsewhere on this site are some
interesting reading about the implosion industry.

HDTV and Closed Captions
As most of you folks know, I used to repair all kinds of electronic devices and with the advent of
Closed Captions included inside of TV sets, it made me wonder which HDTV sets included the
mandated captioning circuitry. I found the Zenith C34W23 to be the only set available (as of this
writing) to be ideal for us Deafies, according to the Zenith webpage: (Click here and type in
C34W23 in the search box).

As in the past with analog televisions, Zenith has worked closely with WGBH  to make Closed
Captions work with HDTV. So if you like to have HDTV with Closed Captions and and pay the cheap
price of $1500, I'd say test it out at the store and go for it!
If you want to know more about HDTV in general click here.

Fun, Fun, Fun and other time wasting activities:
Optical Illusions
Can you see through these optical illusions? Can you tell what is real and what your mind is
imagining? Go through these optical illusions and see if you past the test.

A well-rounded collection of optical illusions from all over the world for you, including the ever-famous
old lady/young woman picture! I challenge you try the optical illusions for yourself. Have fun!

September 2004

Famous Deaf People
Every one knows some famous Deaf people and us Deafies knows quite a few more, but did you
know that the "father of the Internet" happens to be hard of hearing? How about the fact that the
founder of the Girl Scouts in America was deafened as well as being one of the few deaf people who
have been honored on a postage stamp? I don't remember how I came across this About site, but it
does contain a lot of links to other Deaf related articles, issues, and websites.

Sign Language Browser
This website is kind of neat. If you have a new found friend that wants to learn ASL or a young
relative that is fascinated with your signing, you should show them this site. It has an index for you
to select words as well as letters to see it signed.

Go to the middle of this page to make sure you have Quicktime 5.0 so you can watch the videos. If
you don't have it, click on the Download link for the free install and return to this page so you can
click on "Take me to the ASL Browser".

Strange Cosmos
Lee McDaniel sent me some redneck pictures from this site. After I recovered from laughing, I went
to this site myself and found some more crazy pictures. They also have other "strange" sites related to
Dangers, Politics, Military and 3 more. The main page usually deals with funny pictures from current
events and is usually updated every couple of days, so once a week I visit and laugh some more.

August 2004

TV Acres
This television archive site is quirky but effective. To make good use of it, click on the Search link on
the left after you click on the picture at the home page and type in a keyword of a TV show you are
interested in. I typed in "leap" for Quantum Leap and the results mostly found articles on Dr. Samuel
"Sam" Becker (Scott Bakula, currently as Capt. Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise). Later I tried
"nation" to find the TV series "Alien Nation" (FOX 1989-91). BOOM! The search result give me more
than what I was hoping for. Example: Clicking on the first link at the search result, you will come to
an article called "Outer Space Aliens". Go to the bottom of this l o n g paragraph, and click on
"LANGUAGES & PHRASES". On this page go down to the 7th paragraph to "Bobby Ewing
Syndrome". As I said, quirky but effective.

Dribble Glass
This site was sent in by Lee McDaniel pointing to the Billboards section which I really enjoyed. This
site also has hilarious pictures in the Funny Photos and do click on "Pictures" at the bottom left of
the top banner. I also enjoyed the Trivia and Fallacies section under What's New. Be warned though,
other areas of the site has some suggestive content but no worst than what you see on HBO,
Showtime, or DVD rentals.

Guinness World Records
Yeah, the Guinness Book of World Records has a website. This website is very informative. Like
those books of old, I could not leave some some sections till I was finished with it. Even the
subjects I was never interested in, I ended up reading those, too.

July 2004

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words
There's two ways to do this. Um....there's a perspective here, which side of the lens do you want
to believe? This is one of the few sites out there where you will have to make time to visit. The
artists who contributed their work spent a lot of time working on these surrealistic photos in all
kinds of categories. The premise is that an artist would take an ordinary photograph and using their
favorite photo editor(s) and edit that photo within the rules of the contest. Every time I visit this site,
it never fails to amaze me. A thousand words will not be enough to praise the artists or the photos
in this site.

Got Time?
Take A Walk Through Time; An illustrated history of timekeeping from ancient to modern methods.
Check out the Calendars through the ages; A short overview of our current calendar, as well as other
ethnic and historical calendars. Discover the fascinating stories behind the invention of the quartz
watch. Daylight saving time
, its history and why we use it. This site is gonna take a lot of your time.

June 2004
I watch a lot of television, who doesn't? It's a habit, good, bad, or is it a forced habit? There's a
TV set in every room of my house. (Of course, I didn't buy any of them, remember, I used to work
on them. These were TV sets that customers never returned to pick up). Anyway, the TV Guide
magazine we received every week was almost never used because near each TV is a computer
that if I wanted to see what program I was interested in, it was easier for me to go to their
bookmarked website than to hunt down the magazine. So I just click on the bookmark and
presto, the evening's program grid is there for me to see what's on.

To get yourself set up, you must register, but it's free. After you set up your preferences, you will
eventually come to your TV grid page so bookmark that and you are good to go!

A cool game site where you can waste time getting addicted to catching bees, delivering toys,
or even shoot cannonballs at falling rocks and dragons. My favorite is trying to capture a UFO
on a video camera and watching the results. Lots of fun interactive games. Enjoy.

The Museum of Unnatural History
Yes, you read this right, the Museum of Unnatural History, not Natural History. This is a virtual
museum of various alternate subjects not taught in school, well....not in my days. Anyhow, I spent
hours on this site. This site has tons of information. It has a section about the Devil's Tower which
was featured in the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". A section on the seven (ten)
Wonders of the World. Man eating plants, the Hindenburg Disaster - accident or sabotage? Did
Edison really invented the light bulb? Was the Star of Bethlehem actually a comet? Is there a 10th
planet in our solar system?

They also have graphic novel based on Jules Verne's famous story "20,000 Leagues Under the
 Sea". This month starts with chapter one. I have never read the book so I'm going to get started.

After clicking on this site, click on Main Museum Entrance:

May 2004
Trudy Suggs
Yes, the daughter of our own Classmate, Lewis, owns a writing service business. What's unusual
about that? She provides a wealth of writing services for the Deaf as well as for the public. Trudy has
the expertise for letter writing and e-mails, both personal and business. On her website, you will find
that she has a wide range of services which includes writing articles, presentations, proposals and
everything in between. You will also see that Trudy has done work for some of the well known Deaf
publications and Deaf service providers. Oh, yeah, did I mention that she's Deaf and proud of it? She
has done Lewis proud. Congrats to Trudy for doing what no Deafie has done before.
Let Trudy take care of your words. You'll be glad you did.

Did you know?
There are 388 National Parks in the good ole US of A? What's your favorites?
My favorites are the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Great Smokey Mountains. I made many weekend
trips up there. One year I took a whole week and a half, starting at the beginning of the Blue Ridge
Parkway which is called Skyland Drive near Washington, DC and finished the trip with a blast at
Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Don't forget to click on Parkway Maps!

April 2004

April Showers brings May Flowers?
Well, I prefer April Showers brings Summer Vegetables....
I have a BIG
green thumb and I plant veggies in the spring and do not use a tiller except to enlarge the
garden so I'll have less grass to cut. I pull back the mulch a bit, plant my seeds or young plants, put
the mulch back and harvest in the summer. What dies out in the summer, fall planting goes in it's
place. Whatever you do, don't plant morning glory, it's a stubborn weed as far as I'm concerned.

Yeah, you guessed it, a gardening website is one of the sites of the month for April. But there's
a catch. I grow roses, pansies, borage, tulips, nasturtiums and plenty of gem marigolds from my
tomato plants area, pull the flowers, grab me some lettuces and make me a salad. Marigolds do
double duty by acting as an insect repellant for the tomato plants. Mmm, mmm, good! You think I'm
nuts, don't you? Check out this site, it might make you hungry.

No, it's not a shoot 'em up on the web. This site has a gallery of pictures available for downloading, but
in order to use it you will need to download Webshots which is free, of course. Not only that, this
program does two things: It will automatically change the background on your desktop and it will also
serve as a screensaver which provides you with a slide show when your computer is idle. (Don't forget
to go to your Windows screensaver settings and select Webshots to activate the Wait box and select
how long you want your system to wait before going into screen saving mode).

You can set up the Webshots program to automatically download one picture everyday and/or you
could also browse through the gallery and download them yourself but you are limited to 5 downloads
a day. No problem here, you can also add your own pictures and create your own gallery.

I've been using this program for years. I've accumulated enough pictures where I go to the program's
Photo Manager every few weeks and select different groups of pictures to display.
Webshots.....give it a shot!

Digital Blasphemy
Huh? Digital what? Draws your attention, does it? This site is my companion to Webshots. Where
Webshots has real life pictures, this site provides surreal images. I like Tropical Moon of Thetis which
is found in Planetarium in the Pick a Gallery menu. Try the Night Scenery and Day scenery sections.

When you find an image you like, click on it and the next screen will have a selection of screen
resolutions to choose from. I always pick 1024 x 769 even though I'm using 800 x 600. Your PC will
automatically reset your pictures to your current screen settings.

I just might change my PC settings to 1024 x 769 one day and if I do I'm set. Check out the site
and go blasphemy your computer!

March 2004
The Closed Captioning Debate - The Final Word
Last month's Website of the Month featured the fact that Closed Captioning was not going away. The
editor of the national e-mail newsletter, DeafDigest, said it best:

"And do not blame President Bush for the curtailing of captioning funds. It was President Clinton that
started it all! The TV industry, one way or other, will have to cough up captioning funds to comply with
the ADA regulations. This is why DEAFDIGEST editor refuses to panic."

DeafDigest Blue - March 7, 2004

Read The Paper!
Have you ever wanted to read newspapers from a town you use to live in or maybe just wanted to see
what was going on in other cities? This Cool Site gives you an extensive collection of links to almost
every newspaper, TV Station, and Radio station in virtually every area of the United States.

Playing with Time
This site boasts, “Unseen worlds of change will be revealed. You will see time sped up and slowed
down, and behold the beauty of change. Time will be in your hands to witness, replay, and even
create. You never might not look at things quite the same way again.”

Having spent a couple of hours at the site, I will say that they have their bragging rights on this one. It's
fabulous. Choose the To See and Do section and start your journey through time command.

You can visit the Gallery and flit through their time experiments. Or you can choose Activities and get
creative. In the Activities section there are three challenges that let you get your hands on time. Give
them a try, and become masters of time. I particularly enjoyed the Fractal Tree challenge in the
Activity section. I’m sure you will too.

International Library of Photography
Welcome to! A site filled with photos, photos, and more photos. What’s it about? Well
here’s what they say in their "About Us" section:

“The International Library of Photography was founded to provide a vehicle for amateur photographers
to gain exposure through publication of their photos in our hardbound anthologies and on our Internet
site ( Our philosophy has always been that photography is a form of artistic
expression that is shared and enjoyed by many people, and should be available to everyone.”

Why am I recommending this site?
A: The photography is fantastic.
B: They have a puzzle contest in which you are entered to win $50.
C: They have a photography contest for those of you amateurs who’d like to win some money.
D: You can send free e-cards to all your friends.

I love this photography site. I hope you enjoy it too!

All above three Websites of the month selections are courtesy of Steve at

February 2004
In response to the many e-mail fads and hoaxes that I have received in the last 6 weeks, I am
posting these sites. It seems that these chain e-mail letters and e-mail letters saying "e-mail this to
a number of your friends and you will receive something back" or "forward this to at least 5 people
and see what comes on your screen", is ever so rampant. No wonder the internet is slow at times.

The Urban Legends Reference Page
I have referred this site many times to check if a chain letter e-mail is true or not, but that’s just one
of the many uses for this site. Because Urban Legends cover so many different categories they have
nicely divided it into sections for your easy viewing. I particularly enjoyed the Disney and Critter
Country sections of this site.
Click here to go straight to the e-mail hoax page (Inbox Rebellion)
Click here to go straight to the Computer/Internet hoax page

Truth or Fiction - that is the question…
This is another site where you can find out whether that rumor you got in your e-mail is true, find out
if there is merit to a warning, find out if it’s really a virus or a virus hoax, and so much more.

If you start by reading the ‘About Us’ section of this site you can find out about their labeling
system, Truth, Fiction, Reported Truth or Reported Fiction, Unproven, Disputed, Truth & Fiction,
Previously Truth Now Ended or Now Resolved, which is a tremendous help in understanding which
each category means.

So when you run across that next burning question like, “ Is this really a virus?” You can find that
out here, or if you receive that ever-popular plea, “Help me find my missing child.” You can find out if
that child is truly missing or if it is a money ploy. Check it out.

Captioning Is NOT Going Away!
There was a recent email I received this week (January 30, 2004) regarding a NAD press release
that the Department of Education was going to withdraw or cease funding for about 200 TV shows. I
never could understand what the uproar was about. The FCC mandate is that there will be an
increase of Closed Captions. As a matter of fact, there will be Closed Captions for Spanish Deafies.
Read all about it here at the FCC website:

Regarding the lost of federal funding for Closed Captioning, I watched the beginning and ending
credits in Closed Captioning of all the shows I watched in the 4 days since I received that e-mail.
Here is  what I found that was Closed Captioned without federal funds:
ALL 4 local channel newscasts.
2 old movies on TNT.
At least 4 programs on PBS.
2 dramas and 4 comedies on 3 different networks.
2 syndicated comedies.

See for yourself. There is no need for me to list here any Closed Captioned shows that were not
funded by the US Department of Education because you can check for yourself on your own TV.
Even the Superbowl Closed Captioned programming on CBS all day was not federal funded! There's
a bunch of shows that are Closed Captioned without federal funds! Get over it! Why worry? Enjoy!

To quell the rumors: Captioning Is NOT Going Away June 2004 - page not available.

Feb. 25, 2004
As of October 1, 2003, due to changes in federal legislation, funds from the U.S. Department of
Education are no longer allowed to be used to caption shows that are not strictly educational.
Shows included in this measure ranged from major network series such as Law and Order, Malcolm
in the Middle, JAG and The Simpsons, as well as many cable series on A&E, American Movie
Classics, Nick at Nite/TV Land and others. Many sports programs were also included such as NFL
and college football on FOX; major league baseball on FOX, ESPN and ABC; NASCAR racing on
FOX; NBA/NCAA basketball and PGA golf on ABC and ESPN.

These changes in federal legislation do not mean that these shows will not be captioned; rather, it
means that the distributors of the programs will not be able to use federal funding for their shows. In
order for the program to be captioned, the money will have to come out of their own budget.

It is important that to know that while the Department of Education is discontinuing funding of the
captioning of some programming, it will not affect the captioning mandate. Most networks still have
to caption 1,350 hours per quarter (about 15 hours/day) as of January of this year.

I suggest you contact the U.S. Department of Education to find out more about this decision and
how they reached it. They can be reached at:

U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202
Telephone: 1-800-USA-LEARN
TTY: 1-800-437-0833
Fax: (202) 401-0689

I hope this information is helpful. Please don't hesitate to contact me further if you have
additional questions or feedback.


Steve Scher
Help Desk Coordinator

On a lighter note, I give you this:
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Every day see a different part of the cosmos. See an image or photograph of the universe, with an
explanation given by an astronomer. Beautiful photographs with interesting explanations. Check it out.

About Famous People
As a kid in school, I had a hard time finding women in history, this site has a fabulous collection of
information of famous women throughout history. From First Ladies to Spies, you'll find it all here,
not to mention famous men as well.

Get information on the Presidents, and their first ladies, homes and monuments that were erected to
honor famous people, what days of the year are dedicated to famous men and women around the
globe. All in all I was fascinated and captivated by this site for several hours. Check it out!

Live Manuals - site not available - April 2007
You can find a manual for just about anything on this site. You can search by manufacturer or by
product or you can just look through all the categories. This site rated in Yahoo's top 50 for useful
sites. I think this one is a favorite, so bookmark it now.

I looked up my digital camera, because I've been having trouble with the pictures coming out very
badly. And its not like you can retake the photos of graduation or weddings or other important
events. I wanted to get a handle on it for my sisters graduation.

I searched by category, choosing photography, and then the brand name of my camera. Clicking on
Vivitar Digital Products, I found my camera's manual just waiting for me. I clicked manual and there it
was, my answers right there and I didn't have to spend hours searching for my manual.

Easy and useful, how great is that? Enjoy!

Optical Illusions - site not available - June 2004
Can you see through these optical illusions? Can you tell what is real and what your mind is
imagining? Go through these optical illusions and see if you past the test.

A well-rounded collection of optical illusions from all over the world for you, including the ever-famous
old lady/young woman picture! I challenge you try the optical illusions for yourself. Have fun!

All above three Websites of the month selections are courtesy of Steve at

December 2003
Movies for the Deaf (Open-Captioned Movies for Deaf) -
Site not available - June 2004
This is a great site, but only if there is a Movies for the Deaf theater near you. In North Carolina there
is only one theater, in Morrisville, a small town nested in the heart of the Research Triangle Park,
and outside of the reach of the Deaf population of the state. Doesn't make any sense to me.

But other states has more than one Movies for the Deaf theater, hopefully they're located near the
Deaf population.

North Carolina Roads The Highways of North Carolina
You've heard.....I mean read about Dead Man's Curve haven't you? I'm not talking about the infamous
"Dead Man's Curve" on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California made infamous in song and
movies. I am referring to North Carolina's own "Dead Man's Curve" near Mocksville and Wilson.
Back in the late 60's, before the stretch of I-40 was completely open around Mocksville, NC, my
parents transported me from Raleigh to NCSD and vice-versa on US 64 from Statesville to Hickory.
East or west of Mocksville, there was a dangerous stretch of road that we called Dead Man's Curve,
because every time we rode it, there was a wreck or evidence of a wreck.

Anyway, to make a long story short, for the past three years, I have been trying to locate this
stretch of road. This year, during my research, I found this website, I spent nearly a
half a day looking around at this site.

This site even has historical information on roads where the roads' route number(s) has changed. It
even has an "Interchange Museum" featuring some of North Carolina's most interesting freeway

It's a very informative website, that is if you are interested on the various trivia of North Carolina's

Please note that as of January 2004, mapquest has ceased the Aerial Photos tab on their maps.

I have a love/hate relationship with this site. I despise it because it's not always accurate. When I
first used it back around 1998, it directed me to a middle of farm land when I was looking for a store
in a shopping center. As recent as October 2003, it directed me 6 miles short of my target address
and last month, in November, the site pointed me 4 miles pass the address I was looking for.

OK, enough of the negatives, what I really like about mapquest are the aerial photos they provide. To
see where Dead Man's Curve used to be in Wilson, follow these instructions:
Go to  In the Address bar, type in Jonesey Rd., in the City bar, Wilson and in the
State/Prov. bar type in NC, then click on Get Map.

On the upper left side, you will see 264A and BYP264 intersecting outside the map. Move your
mouse pointer as close as you can towards this intersection but away from Jonesey Rd. and click.
This will move the intersection near the middle of the map.

Now here comes the fun part. Click on the Aerial Photo button at the top of the map. What you
should see is the aerial photo of the interchange.

At the right of the bridge is the off ramp from US 264 westbound (the road from the bottom of the
map (south)) to the to US 264A eastbound (the road going east).
Look closely now, from the middle of this off-ramp curving up towards the upper right to the
eastbound lane of US 264A going towards Wilson is the grassy path of what used to be the Dead
Man's Curve of Wilson.

Dead Man's Curve of Wilson started under that bridge and then curved to the east. Back  then, the
speed limit was 65 and there was warning signs to slow down to 35 before entering the curve, then
resuming speed to 55.

Now, click on the Zoom In (+) button and you can get a close up view. You should be able to see
vehicles on the road. You can also click your mouse to a point of interest and it will recenter itself.
Kewl, eh?
And no, I still haven't found that peculiar stretch of US 64 near Mocksville. I think the road has been
straightened out and erased from history. If anyone out there in cyberspace can be of help, do
e-mail me.
November 2003
Through several newsletters I receive as well as surfing, I find that there are still all kinds of websites
developing everyday. Some are sensible, some are excellent researching resources, some are kind
of wacky, some brings back old memories, and anyway you look at it, all are very informative. There
are, millions if not billions of websites out there to choose from for whatever interest that suits you.

This month, we are starting a new feature, Websites of the Month. We'll select 2 or 3 sites of  interest.

Groovy Candies
We had relatives over Sunday afternoon after Horrorween and the subject of different kinds of
candies and gums came up. I brought up the Teaberry brand chewing gum which is my favorite that I
haven't been able to locate around here for about 12 years now. Our young relatives had never heard
of it so I went to my favorite search engine and did a search so I can show them a picture what the
brand looked like.

And guess what? I found a groovy candy store website that not only sells Teaberry gum, but also
sells all kinds of candy that we haven't seen in years.

Do click on and go down the list on the left column and see if you
can find your favorite candy.

In my opinion, this is the mother of all search engines. I have it integrated in my browser's
toolbar. And about two months ago, I also took advantage of the new built in pop-up blocker. It has a
little indicator that lets you know how many pop-ups it has blocked. As of this writing (11/06/03),
2,300 pop-ups has been blocked by the google toolbar. As of 10/03/04, 12,700 pop-ups has been

Go to the Google homepage and click on more >>. Go towards the bottom of this page and
click on Google Toolbar. Follow the instructions and you'll be googling in no time.
Fun, Fun, Fun and other time wasting activities:
On This Day...
I thought this website was cool (worthless, but cool). You can enter your birth date and find out how
old you are compared to famous people. It also will tell you about how old you were when certain
world events were going on.

For example, I'm only 6 years younger than our Current President, and I was only about a 7 years
old when Hawaii was admitted as 50th state. Oops, I think my age is showing...

Please report any dead links, your comments (hopefully good, but I will welcome and accept any
criticism, with the right to reprint your comments, elsewhere on this website) to make your webpage
the best class website on the web. You can contact me on the Contacts page from the left column.

Links to other sites do not necessarily represent endorsement by NCSD Class of 1970 or Latkowski
Web Design. These pages look best when viewed on my computer over at my house.


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