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                              Webmaster's Notes
June 10, 2014
I haven't blogged here for a long time now.. Just can't believe that I am so busy
doing other things over this site.. I do miss being here and some thing just caught
up on me.. SO many things happened...I have been called in to do a lot of
computer work, being involved with the NC Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing,
and as you know I am serving the broader spectrum for the Deaf in North Carolina
by doing writings for The Bugler.

Most of you are wondering what happened to the maintenance of the NCSD museum's
website. My side of the story is that the current President of the Museum has no
knowledge of the importance of having a website presence. As of April of this year
the Museum had about 5 months of server time and domain name reservations left
and I offered my webmastering services free for the time remaining.

Philip Hailey paid me originally for the complete redesign of the new website and
if Mr. Hailey volunteered his time for the Museum for 12 - 13 years, why can't I
volunteer for the 5 months, simple? They do know I provided technical expertise
for data exchange but they just won't take advantage of me. I was in the process
of getting videos ready to upload when they asked me to refrain updates on the site.

Moving on, another website was being developed for NCSD Classmates but currently
is on hold as I am involved in a larger project for The Bugler.

In the meantime, I'm trying my best to return to this site a well as getting back to
my family's website.

The next BIG project I'll be working on is our 45th Class Reunion. A lot of factors
and "bumps on the road" remains before I can even proceed.

Till my next post, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

October 09, 2013 - Due to paperwork, time restrictions, and other conflicting
factors on the date for the 2013 Homecoming, there were no options for me to
break away for the weekend. However, two rarities did come, Jim Gibbs and
Sherry Honeycutt Edwards. I am delighted they were able to visit and I regret
not being able to give them hugs. 

November 28, 2012
As most of you know I have been tapped to rebuild the NCSD Museum's website in
addition to continuing being a feature writer for The Bugler. Because my home
base is in Raleigh, I have also been tapped as a member of a 10 member
committee for researching historical paperwork regarding the Deaf Schools in
North Carolina located at the North Carolina Archives Building.

Then, plans were underway for the 43rd Class Reunion. First committee meeting
occurred over the 2012 Homecoming weekend as shown in the picture below.

The Reunion committee has already
 agreed that it's going to be hard to
 top entertainment factor of the
 40th Reunion event.

 So the code name for the 43rd Reunion
 event? Keep your feet on the ground
 and keep reaching for the stars!


January 11, 2012
Hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and celebrated the New Year safely. Again,
I'm still working on ongoing projects and more has been added to my list. One of
the last pages of the 10 year online celebratory pages are still in the works as well
as the biannual website maintenance is pulling me away from the weekly updates. So
bear with me. We wish everyone a Happy New Year and to all in good health.

November 21, 2011
Due to a number of ongoing projects and a special page being developed for this
website, weekly postings of updates are delayed. In the meantime, please give
thanks, enjoy the holiday and if you are traveling, please be safe.
Graphic courtesy of
Right click on picture to download to save as wallpaper or screensaver.



January 24, 2011
During web clean up, a PDF file was found and was meant to be inserted as part of
our yearlong 40th Anniversary celebration. So to make it easier to find, as well as
faster weekly update, I'm posting it on this page for now and will put this in a
permanent location at a later date.

From and week-by-week sites
with a complete look at a week of your choice in news, trends and pop culture…
both sites are a variation of the other...the feature I enjoy is on the mrpopculture
site. Go to the lower part of that page and click on a decade. This will take you
to an archived list of week by week for each year of that decade.

The PDF file that I found in my PC was for the week of of May 1, 1970.

AND! We found two pages that we inadvertently did not provide weblinks for:
Historical Moments 40 Years Ago 1969 - The Year in Review

Where What Happened During Our Last Year at NCSD is being Preserved Today
Historical Moments 40 Years Ago 1969-1970

And as Louise would say "DUH!"

So it's off to werk I go!


January 18, 2011
Did I do the yearend maintenance? Only half....had other new projects come my
way. My enjoyable project was Randy's Football Memories on his page. WOW!
Memories.....flashbacks! You be surprised at what you can remember, have a
conversation with a Classmate, a friend and bingo....memories flows!

Come back later...I'm sure I'll have more memories to share next week.

January 2, 2011
It's that time of year again when I perform year-end maintenance on the website,
finding dead links, re-linking missing files or links, maybe finding a page I worked
on and did not post or even finish a page I started.

We hope every one had a good Christmas and we hope you have a Happy and Safe
New Year!

August 10, 2010
Posting of pages on the website seems to be slow recently, especially after the
first of June when in actuality website maintenance was taking the bulk of Ye Ole
Webmeister's webmastering duties. All of the following had to be updated:
weblinks on various pages, Sitemap, index page created for 2010 Reunions,
listings, aka, to do list for futuristic postings on Things to Do, Quotes...and then,
don't forget to add Reunion let me stop here and publish page 26 of our
Yearbook....again, thank you for visiting our little corner of the web.

Got a Droid? How about an IPod? If you have a bar scanner app installed, bookmark us!

QR Bar Code

Sorry blackberry users, I don't know if it's possible on your units. Let me know.


June 8, 2010
Just wanted to show you guys my pictures before and after my surgery.

Click on the picture for my after surgery picture.



March 1, 2010
Yeah, we are back online! Disk drives on the hosting servers that that was serving
this website crashed thus bringing us down along with our mail servers as well as
other websites hosted on the same drive (Those websites were not ours). The
hosting service had a hard time determining the problem as well as a lack of
speedy responses from their support staff.

Anyway, we have transferred the website to another company that is more
compatible with the web editors that we are using and has a feature or two to
safeguard website uptimes. In addition to relocating to a new server company, 
you could say we have gone green, the server farm is 100% wind powered.

And there will be a slight delay in posting the weekly update this week so let me
get to work.


October 26, 2009
Interesting things are already happening on our small corner of the web. Two
versions of "Very Historical Moments from 40 years Ago" are featured on this web
site. The home page shows about 2, 3, or 4 Very Historical Moments during the
week of the events. The Historical Moments 40 Years Ago page expands on this
concept by archiving events that are posted on the home page as well as providing
additional events and expanding information not posted on the home page because
of space limitations.

We hope you enjoy reading, learning from Very Historical Moments from 40 years
Ago as much as we enjoy discovering these events. Come back often, we will be
updating both of these pages several times a week during our 40th Anniversary


September 2, 2009
A couple of folks indicated I should or why didn't I "make a campaign speech" on
this website. My response is "I can't." WHY? Because I believe in fairness...none of
my competitors' has asked to create a forum page or run an e-mail campaign for
the President position for this organization. It would not be fair to anyone running
for office if I say anything without giving her/him equal opportunity to do the
same. They are more than welcome to e-mail me for this opportunity to create a
new outlet of campaigning expressions here on this website or any blogging sites
elsewhere on the web.


August 18, 2009
MamaPat is still alive and kicking...we are upgrading our web editing and graphics
programs and we're trying to fine tune the internals of the programs. Uncle Bill as
usual, has discontinued support of a feature of their web editor and we are trying a
couple of workarounds, as they say in the computer world.

In the meantime, continue emailing MP your recipes as she is trying to decide what
to for her next posting.

As a reminder, August 30th is the last day to send in your nominations for the
officers' elections for the first of September.

Hope to see ya'll at Lake Wheeler and @ HC!


July 24, 2009
MamaPat is upgrading to new scanner/printing equipment and is concentrating on
scanning the remaining pages of our yearbook, thus the reason she has not updated
her page.

"Historical Moment 40 Years Ago" is a year long series of memorial moments that
we remember during our last year as students at NCSD. Imagine that! 40 years!
WOO HOO! What a ride!


June 12, 2009
MamaPats' seven year old PC up and quit on her the other day so she will not be
able to update her page for the weekend. We are...make that I am helping her
customize a new PC today from Tiger Direct. Based on experience, I don't think
they're going to have all the components that we need and we're going to end up
ordering from them.

Her data on her 3 hard drives are still intact, so after I do my magic, she'll be able
to return to her webmistress duties. Oh, yeah, continue sending her e-mails as she
is using my laptop to access e-mails and continue her research (surfing).


April 12, 2009
MamaPat is still doing fine. Kim's wife, Scarlett, is spending Easter week with her. Brenda Davis came by yesterday and we all reminisced and compared school life of the 60's and 80's. An idea for another page, eh...? Umm...that's webmastering for another day.

Happy Bunny Day, folks!
Lester and the gang.

April 2, 2009

MamaPat's fine, the cardiac catheterization found nothing wrong with her heart and was discharged from the hospital around noon. She is home and resting comfortably.


April 1, 2009
Overnight, MamaPat had some minor pain from her back, around her right side to her lower chest. This was a different pain from what she had in the past. She took nitrol but this pain did not go away and she felt a little weak and had some minor shaking. She called me about 7 am this morning and I took her to the hospital, which was less than 3 miles down the road.

Blood test, all OK, EGK was normal, and chest x-ray was OK but her blood pressure was high, higher than it's ever been. She was put on oxygen and given some baby aspirin. She gradually got to feel better and the doctor wanted to keep her overnight for observation. When she was moved to a room, oxygen was removed and she was told to relax and be sure to take several walks up and down the hallway (which was fine as she likes to walk anyway).

I returned later and the nurse checked her blood pressure again and it had dropped from earlier this morning, still high but a lot better. The resident doctor came by and he does not think she had a heart attack maybe a mild form of angina. He wants to eliminate any suspicion and will do a cardiac catheterization in the morning. If all is well she will be released around 9 am.

Her appetite is fine, feels a lot better, just a little weak but is in very good spirits...watching TV and working on crossword puzzles...her favorite pastime.

I will post an update when I return from the hospital Thursday morning.



March 23, 2009
It's that time of the season again where Uncle Sam requires my attention especially
on the weekends. Web posting will continue on a weekly basis but it will be a day
or so later than what we are accustomed to.

Thanks for stopping by in our corner of the web,


December 21, 2008
2008 is now drawing to a close with the annual festive celebrations. Hopefully
2009 will see the move of a sorely missed Classmate back to the Tar Heel state
and maybe additional if not bigger Mini-Reunions will occur. Let's keep our fingers

The ending of the year also necessitates the annual website maintenance which
means there may not be the usual weekly postings on Monday/Tuesday for the
next two weeks unless I find something worth mentioning on the home page.

We all hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
To your health and cheers,
from the Gang who makes this website possible

November 1, 2008
Just go out and vote. I voted last Sunday, October 26, 2008.

October 24, 2008
It was great to see everyone and especially some of these Football Champions that
we haven't seen since we graduated! Let's not forget David Denton, Don
Westmorland, and even Tim Shane. Hope ya'll saw Ann Aldridge.

A total of 14 Classmates was at our annual meeting, the most ever without this
being a major Reunion event.

Mary Beth wanted to pass this along: Lee is doing good. He is getting stronger
everyday but still tires easily. Heard that you all had a good time at HC in
Morganton. We missed you all.

September 27, 2008
He has a long recovery ahead of him and needs a miracle. And I need God's
strength to help him through it.

September 27, 2008
May be discharged from hospital Sat or Sun instead. It is due too much fluid around
his heart and lungs. He looks a lot better though and he is antsy to get home after
11 days in the hospital.

September 23, 2008
Lee is getting better after the triple heart bypass last Saturday. Depending on his
recovery, he'll be home this Thursday or Friday.

September 19, 2008
Lee is resting comfortably and in good spirits. Doctors are scheduling triple bypass
surgery around Sunday and Monday. Lee and Mary wants to thank you for your
concerns and prayers.

September 18, 2008
Lee Ethridge Room C311
% Pitt County Memorial Hospital
2100 Stantonsburg Rd.
Greenville, NC 27835

Pitt County Memorial Hospital website
Pitt County Memorial Hospital visitor's page
Guide containing PCMH info and map in pdf format



August 19, 2008
Things are hectic on my end as most weekends I'm harvesting and preserving the
veggies from our garden. This year for the first time, we are pickling sweet
pickles and bread and butter pickles. We had an abundance of cherry tomatoes so
we're pickling those for the first time. I think this batch is going to be too sweet,
so next time I'm going to change the recipe.

So what is gardening doing here? Well, for one thing, I'm updating this page, hee,
hee. Website updates, as a general rule are updated very early in the week. Other
areas are updated without notices and are mostly in the Events page and the
Things To Do page as well as this page.

Recently, a couple of questions was asked why are other pictures not posted on
this website. As mentioned in the first paragraph of the Why page, this website
is for the members of the NCSD Class of 1970. A single C70 classmate has their
own page for their use as they see fit. Pictures with one C70 classmate and their
family and/or friends are posted on their page upon request.

Pictures with 2 C70 Classmates are posted on either of their page or in other areas
of the website, see Superlatives page for a prime example.

Pictures with 3 or more C70 Classmates are considered as a Mini-Reunion event as
happened at Randy's WDC Lake Leamon event this past August 2.

If you are not a member of the NCSD Class of 1970 and want your pictures online
then I highly recommend posting at MSN Deaf Chat moderated by NCSD
schoolmate Becky Riddle ('75).

Hope this clear things up and please be safe out there.

March 15, 2008
For Una Clark Caines,
It is even worst to lose another parent so soon after the other. The bond between
a daughter and her father is a special one. Daughters mature from perfect little
angels to accomplished women who are dad's pride and joy. Your dad is proud of
you and I hope your memories of him comforts you in this sad time. He knows that
you know he is happy to be with his Queen. Let them go, but they are always in
your heart.


December 30, 2007
For Una Clark Caines,
It is sad to lose a parent, especially during the holidays. No bond is as great as that
between a parent and child. Our deepest condolences are with you as you grieve.

December 2007
   and Happy New Year!  

November 2007
May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have never a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you, John, for sending!

October 2007
As always, it was great to see Schoolmates and Classmates again. Again, as always, time is not on our side, we always get cut short reminiscing, hee, hee. Opening up the basement of Underhill Gym to serve food instead of out in the field gives alumni the opportunity to observe sports history which were posted on the walls. A grand idea, I think. If you missed this, then hopefully, the school will repeat serving food from the new McAbee Conncession Stand so that everyone can view the athletic highlights managed by the NCSD Museum.

July 30, 2007
Some of you may wonder why the Hoey Hall Renovation pictures were not posted gallery style as in our 2005 Group Picture Taking Event or the Classmates at HC 2005, well, it's pretty simple really; Sion Moss's digital camera, FujiFilm FinePix 59000 is the most advanced digital camera used to date on this website. Lee Etheridge's and my camera takes anywhere from 300 to 500 kilobytes of memory per picture whereas Moss's pictures takes an average of 3 megabytes per picture! That's an average of 7.5 percent increase of memory per picture! In other words, Lee and I can put roundabouts 3 pictures on a floppy disk whereas it would take 2 floppy disks to hold one picture from Siom Moss!

Wow! The improvements in digital technology, eh? Well, this requires an additional step in web optimizing each picture before posting on any webpage in order to reduce downloading times so that you can see those pictures in these web pages in a reasonable amount of time. In other words, one of Lee's pictures might take 2 seconds to download on broadband but it might take one of Sion's picture 8 seconds apiece if I did not optimize. So if there are 10 of Sion's pictures not optimized on a webpage, then it would take over a minute and a half to download just one page on broadband! Optimizing Moss's 10 pictures now takes around 5 seconds on broadband.

Webmastering...not a piece of cake have to make it and fix it so every one can enjoy. Test, test, and test again.

The names of the two individuals in these pictures has been identified: appears to me that Doug Pitts, NCSD Business Manager is wearing the hard hat as well as Ruth Jones, NCSD Volunteer Coordinator (wearing the orange hat)...are the ones that were roaming around during the picture taking.

Impressive pictures of Hoey especially the attic is awesome!

Keep it up!
Jimmy Autrey


July 08, 2007
Our hosting service relocated to a new and expanded datacenter beginning at 10pm on 07/07/07, a process that took less than four hours to complete. In effect, this website was not visible for some visitors until 2 am early Sunday morning on 07/08/07. We apologize for the temporary interruption but we look forward with the upgraded security, integrity and stability of all equipment in order to minimize the possibility of any interference in the future.  And we thank you for your patience...

May 15, 2007
Much needed website maintenance was performed last week mostly upgrading the links on the Sixties pages and miscellaneous webmastering fixes on other pages. I did have webmaster's block (writer's block) when working on a new page for this week. I just couldn't finish the page but did find an unpublished page that was posted as mentioned on the home page.

March 26, 2007
I apologize, no website updates this week. I've been extremely busy itemizing for Uncle Sam.

March 14, 2007
Looks like our spring Mini-Reunion in Raleigh will be either April 21 or the 28th... Stay tuned.

January 21, 2007
Welcome to the New Year. Hope we all can see more of each other this year. Mini-Reunion in Raleigh is still being planned for this Spring. Two groups of "lost" pictures were "rediscovered" last weekend and as soon as I verify the source of one group, we may have some more pictures from the 1994 Class Reunion to publish.

In the meantime, I am currently archiving additional North Carolinian issues and Yearbooks and with the looming tax deadline coming up I'm trying my best to do taxes early this year...wish me luck.

Ye Ole (hard working) Webmaster

December 25, 2006
Christmas -
A time to enjoy the lights
A time to take in the sights

A time to remember memories
A time to create memories

A time to savour the feast
A time to enjoy the sweets

A time to spend with your family
A time to share with your family

But most of all,
Merry Christmas to all

From angels on high,
Lester and Di


December 14, 2006
At about 7:30pm this evening some websites at the hosting service along with were effected by an issue with one of their DNS servers. If you are
reading this now then the problem has been resolved as of 11pm.

The hosting service and the staff of apologize for the inconvenience.

Pictures of Bashie Crutchfield posted November 1, 2006 has been moved to a
new page.

October 2006
It was great to see all of our Schoolmates and Classmates during the Homecoming weekend. I wished the day was longer than what nature allowed. Eating at the China Buffet for dinner give me the opportunity to meet additional Schoolmates and to try a rare delicacy at the restaurant....frog legs! Boy, much to my surprise, they were good!

Two deals were made for two new articles for the website on this weekend and I can't wait to get started, although I do have my hands full with many ongoing website projects in the works, one of which I've been working on since this past summer.

Hope to see Classmates and friends in Dunn, NC this weekend. Till then, trick them ghouls and treat yourself to some sugary boos on Horrorween.

September 2006
Our humble beginnings started as a Class newsletter sent through the internet, our first was emailed and snail mailed in April 2001, 5 years ago. Exactly one month after we sent our 5th and last newsletter in July of 2002, we upgraded from publishing newsletters by establishing a Class website sponsored by Tripod/Lycos which went online on August 31st, 2002.

The biggest advantage of having a website is the ease of publishing pictures. After one and a half years, 20 megabytes of disk space on Tripod/Lycos' free servers was getting full to the point where we had to trade old pictures with new, which after a while became time consuming.

In the meantime, some research was done and after purchasing our domain name, a hosting service with 500 megabytes of disk space was selected in January of 2004.

On February 26 of 2006, we transferred this website to a new, more reliable hosting service with twice the server disk space, more than twice the bandwidth, and a superior support staff.

Going with a fee required hosting service provided us with the opportunity to really customize the website to the Class of 1970's roots at NCSD.

Let us not forget that this website is made possible with photographs and memories from the members of the NCSD Class of 1970 as well as NCSD alumni associated with the the Class of 1970. Additional research is also made possible from the members of our Debris Team. Current and future publishing of articles from the student newsmagazine, The North Carolinian, is made possible from the following sources: Deborah Spencer, Jimmy Autrey, NCSD Museum, MamaPat Latkowski, Lester Latkowski, and of course but not the least, Mr. Anonyman.


This page was last updated on 06/10/2014.


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