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         Web log, Web blog, aka Website

02/16/12 - More information has been added to the Decade Celebration page.

02/06/12 - Ten year celebration continues, albeit slowly for this new page.

01/24/12 - 5 Classmates=Mini-Reunion @ Lexington, NC.

01/11/12 - Ye Ole Webmaster has a short note.

12/14/11 - 10 year celebration continues with Yearbook Page 101 Revisited.

12/06/11 - Celebrating 10 years of internet presence on our 400th page!

11/21/11 - Please see Webmaster's Note.

11/05/11 - Page 83 shows Homecoming Sponsors, but the current day title would
be Homecoming

10/26/11 - Sandra's 1969 Homecoming Queen portrait is featured on page 82.

10/18/11 - Yearbook page 81 = Pep Squad, Basketball and Football Cheerleaders

10/12/11 - Six Classmates at the 67th Annual Homecoming.

10/01/11 - Two new/old pictures are posted on the on the Goodwin Hall page.

09/26/11 - Randy has been out of the hospital and is doing OK. See our text
conversation on his page.

09/17/11 - Science and Dramatic Clubs are featured on page 80 this week.

09/03/11 - Page 79 shows group pictures of Jr NAD & Monogram Club and has a link to 2 pages
devoted to the Monogram Club

08/27/11 - Two Troops of Girl Scouts are featured in our Yearbook page 78.

08/22/11 - 6 Classmates at the NCRelay's 20th Anniversary event - Mini-Reunions -
two weekends in a row!!!

08/16/11 - 5 Classmates at the 12th Annual Capital Deaf Seniors picnic in Raleigh.

08/10/11 - Randy, we thank you for being Class President, check out your new page!

07/30/11 - Didja know that NCSD had two Boy Scout Troops? Yearbook page 77 shows
the younger group of Scouts.

07/26/11 - There's a trivia about last week's posting of Yearbook page 76.

07/17/11 - We now jump to the Organizations and Features of the YB p76.

07/02/11 - No updates this week due to semi-annual webby maintenance. Have a safe
and happy Fourth!

06/25/11 - 7 Classmates are on page 57 of Superlatives.

06/18/11 - Best School Spirit and Biggest Eaters, page 56.

06/11/11 - 11 Classmates are on page 55 in the Superlative section.

06/08/11 - Don't forget to check out our annual addition to Our Day in History - June 7.

06/05/11 - 8pm - Another 8 Classmates are on page 54 - Superlatives.

05/22/11 - 8 Classmates are on page 53 of the Superlatives section.

05/15/11 - Yearbook page 52 - Most Courteous and Best Groomed.

05/09/11 - Dickie and Debbie is on our Best All Around page of the Yearbook.

04/30/11 - Our Class Gems are on page 49 in our Yearbook section.

04/26/11 - Berry took a phone cam pic of Marie back in March and I apologize for this
being a late entry.

04/18/11 - Sorry, no updates this week, I am working for Uncle Sam.

04/10/11 - Senior Class Officers page of the Yearbook is now online. Link is now fixed.
Sorry 'bout that.

04/04/11 - Se7en Classmates at the 2011 DeafNation event this past weekend!

04/01/11 - Due to time restraints, no updates this week and we apologize.

03/23/11 - Page 36 is added and Memory Lane will be added to this page later.

03/14/11 - Class yearbook's page 35 is published with a Memory Lane entry.

03/05/11 - The next page of our Yearbook, 34, is now posted.

02/27/11 - 11am -  Page 33 of the Yearbook is now online.

02/21/11 - Class yearbook's page 32 is now posted along with a Memory Lane entry.

02/14/11 - Did you know that portions of this website is used in a public school's
classroom? Follow the link in the Quotes We Like page.

02/07/11 - Yearbook page 31 - Rankin Hall faculty is now online.

01/31/11 - Yearbook page 30 - Goodwin Hall faculty is now posted.

01/24/11 - R u into history, say..60s & 70s? Arn't we all! Leap back to Webmaster's Notes
and reminisce with an ole friend.

01/18/11 - Check out Randy's Football Memories.

01/02/10 - No web updates, one or two weeks, see Webmaster's Notes.

12/29/10 - With apologies to everyone for the late inclusion of our surprise guest on
Reunion Night, Marilyn Williams.

12/20/10 - 20 more pictures added to Friday Night at AJ's page.

12/13/10 - Mary Beth also has additional pictures of the Main Building tour.

12/08/10 - Louise has a series of pictures from the MB tour over the Reunion weekend.

11/29/10 - Sunday morning after the Reunion, we all headed to AJ's.

11/22/10 - Highlights of our Reunion Event are finally online. Sorry for the delay.

11/16/10 - Pictures of the Reunion Dinner are now posted.

11/01/10 - Three Classmates at a Horrorween event in Pleasant Garden, NC!

10/31/10 - The first order of business on Reunion night was remembering our
Spirits in the Sky.

10/23/10 - The Class' group picture taking event is now online.

10/08/10 - Not all Reunion pictures are in but for now, we have 11 to show.

09/26/10 - C U @ HC!

09/16/10 - Again, no site updates for this week, we are concentrating our efforts on
the Reunion.

09/15/10 - Pictures of the 2010 Reunion Committee Members taken after the meeting in
Mebane are now posted.

09/06/10 - No site updates this week, we are concentrating our efforts on the Reunion.

08/30/10 - There's a Memory Lane entry on page 29 of of the Yearbook.

08/23/10 - Page 28 of the Yearbook is now online.

08/16/10 - Yearbook's page 27 is posted.

08/10/10 - Ye Ole Webmeister has a note to share.

07/23/10 - The debris team found a feature page that was on the back burner-now
updated for posting-We Are Survivors

07/16/10 - Did you show your colors on the 4th of July? I created a page showing
MamaPat's patriotism for the 4th.

07/06/10 - Pictures of the 2010 Reunion Committee Members taken after the meeting in
Mebane are now posted.

06/29/10 - B4 Ye Ole Webmeister honored his doctor's request to go to the hospital, we
had a Mini-Reunion/Pow-wow at MamaPat's Place.

06/21/10 - As mentioned on May 21 on the Historical Moments 40 Years Ago page, a
Memory Lane article, Juniors Hazes the NCSD Seniors, is now posted.

06/08/10 - Annual update of our June 7 page is posted and pictures from Ye Ole
Webmaster's stay at the hospital are also posted.

06/07/10 - I'm back home and doing fine. Check out the President page for info and

06/02/10 - The President has a message.

05/07/10 - I promised Randy a while back that I'll divide his page in two...I finally did
it. He also wrote a brief note.

04/26/10 - Refreshed from their hard earned spring break, The Debris Team discovered a
page that they were working on that was not passed on...The 1969 Year End Review.
1969 was the last full year that The NCSD Class of 1970 attended NCSD.

04/19/10 - Ye Ole Webmeister has given The Debris Team a well deserved spring break
so there will be no major additions to the website this week.

04/12/10 - As promised previously on this site, the Scouting page is now online.

04/05/10 - Gary has a film clip about Camp McCall from the spring of 1970...
very interesting.

03/29/10 - Did you know that NCSD had a flu epidemic in January of 1968? John
mentioned this in a Scouting News article and I expanded on that with a Memory Lane

03/21/10 - Scouting has always been a major activity for the boys as showcased by a
full page in a 1967 edition of The North Carolinian.

03/15/10 - John and Jim were the first 2 Classmates to receive Eagle Awards along with
a 'ex' '70 Classmate...see the 1969 article from The North Carolinian for more details.

03/08/10 - The North Carolinian had a 1970 article about Don and Richard receiving their
Eagle Awards.

03/02/10 - Yearbook page 89 shows Scouts at Camp McCall.

03/01/10 - Yes, we were offline for a bit...but we're still standing...weekly update will be
delayed...and we thank you for your patience, webmaster.

02/21/10 - 40 years ago, John wrote an article for The North Carolinian about 3 Scouts
and himself going to a Scouting Jamboree in Idaho in the Summer of '69.

02/14/10 - The Eagle Scout page from the Yearbook is online along with some trivia
about the NCSD Boy Scouts at the lower part of the page.

02/07/10 - Celebrating BSA this month with a series of pages devoted to Scouting: First
up: Steve Warren and Fred Ballew received their Eagle Scout Awards 40 years ago this

02/01/10 - Did you know that the first Deaf school in North Carolina was only two
blocks from the state capital?

01/25/10 - Page 25 of our Yearbook is posted - Vocational Rehabilitation Faculty

01/19-10 - The Prez has a message for Classmates.

01/11/10 - Randy's medical update is posted on his page.

12/27/09 - Due to annual website maintenance there will not be any updates except
on the Historical Moments features.

12/20/09 8pm - Page 24 from our Yearbook is now online.

12/13/09 - Additions to our Yearbook pages continues with Page 23.

12/06/09 - Film clip of our last day on our Florida Senior trip is posted.

11/30/09- Film clip of boys in the motel room, our last night in Florida.

11/22/09 - Video clip of our visit to Marineland during our Senior trip is posted.

11/16/09 - Two, yes, Two videos from our Senior trip to Florida are now online. First at
                Cape Kennedy and then Daytona Beach

11/09/09 - Page 22 from our Yearbook, Joiner Hall Faculty is now online.

11/02/09 - Classmates had Mini-Reunion in Burlington this weekend.

10/26/09 _ Louise sent 2 pictures of Classmates from the Homecoming.

10/18/09 - Picture of Randy's 9th grandchild is online. Congratulations, Randy!

10/13/09 - Page 21 from our Yearbook is posted

10/07/09 - Pictures of us Classmates at Homecoming are posted.

09/28/09 - Yearbook page 20 - 2nd page of Upper School Faculty is posted.

09/21/09 - Yearbook page 19 - Upper School Faculty is posted.

09/16/09 - An impromptu Mini-Reunion occurred during MamaPat's birthday party Family
Reunion over the Labor Day weekend.

09/10/09 - Randy is a Granddaddy again, & see his page of his trip to Nashville, TN.

09/09/09 - C70's new President has a brief message.

08/31/09 - Page 18 from our Yearbook has been installed.

08/24/09 - Two Classmates at Mini-Reunion at Lake Wheeler this weekend.

08/18/09 - Missed some of our Historical Moments postings earlier this month? Click to
see our new page in progress.

08/09/09 - Brenda Bray, a former Classmate, has a page in our Was/Were/Could Be
Classmates of 1970 section.

08/04/09 - Due to our semi-annual server maintenance, there will be no web page
additions this week.

07/28/09 - Additions to our Yearbook section continues with page 17.

07/20/09 - Page 16 shows the officers of the administration during 1969-1970.

07/14/09 - Page 15 of our Yearbook is now online.

07/07/09 - The ongoing project of posting some of our Yearbook pages continues with
page 93.

07/01/09 - Classmates of 1970 has an Election coming up. Check out this page.

06/23/09 - Page 92 from our Yearbook is now posted as part of our ongoing project.

06/15/09 - Two Classmates together this weekend and our annual update on June 7
is now posted.

06/12/09 - MamaPat's page will not be updated this week due to PC downtime.
See Webmaster's Note for technical info.

06/08/09 - Mini-Reunion occurred at a WDC event in Elizabethton, NC.

06/03/09 - Resolved FTP uploading glitch with hosting more problem left to resolve....

06/02/09 - Our very first Class Newsletter from 1980 is now posted.

05/28/09 - Repaired glitch on Picture of the Day not showing properly.

05/27/09 - Overnight, internet DNS now points to new servers.

05/26/09 - No updates this week because we are upgrading this website to new  servers.

05/26/09 - After midnight, e-mails propagated.

05/26/09 - Early AM, Mikki Simpson's obit notification posted on upgraded servers only.
Later in the day, posted President of NCSD's Student Body Government's open letter
regarding budget woes over the closing/merging of NCSD, ENCSD & the Governor
Moorhead School for the Blind

05/24/09 - Initiated web file transfers to new servers then later pointed DNS to updated servers.

05/20/09 - Headlined Deaf School in Morganton in Jeopardy of Closing -

05/20/09 - Have you ever searched for something on this website and can't find it? Try Googling
the website from the search box, now located at the bottom of every page.

05/11/09 - Celebrating a new website milestone with our 300th page is a much needed Sitemap,
three years in the making...well...on/off three years.

05/04/09 - Early compositions found from two Classmates in The North Carolinian.

04/27/09 - In 1963, NCSD had 555 students and according to this North Carolinian article, there
were many staff changes.

04/22/09 - The Prez has a brief message

04/21/09 - Two pictures added at top of Was/Were/Could Be Classmates of 1970 and quotes from
four teachers added on the new Quotes page.

04/14/08 - A new featurette, a long time in the works, is now online, enjoy!

04/11/09 - The link to last week's update, Was/Were/Could Be Classmates of 1970 is now corrected.

04/07/09 - "Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye" returns as reruns, point here for details.

04/06/09 - We found 7 Schoolmates that Was/Were/Could Be Classmates of 1970...aww-shucks.

04/01/09 - Did you know that there is only one cornerstone on campus?

03/24/09 - Pictures of the Woodshop area of the completed renovations of Hoey Hall are now online.

The Prez has a brief message.

03/16/09 - Jim's picture posted last week may be explained by this North Carolinian

03/08/09 - This week, we have old and new pictures. Jim has a picture from the past
and we have a new page for a new picture of an "ex" Classmate.

03/03/09 - First floor pictures of Upper School are now published.

02/28/09 - Finally alphabeticised the site's links on the left column and Lester's page is updated.

02/24/09 - Pictures from the Deaf Expo are now posted.

02/18/09 - Third floor pictures of Upper School are now online.

02/11/09 - Pictures of the completed renovations of Upper School are now posted.

02/05/09 - The Debris page has a Then and Now pic. Update on Randy's wife, Una, is on his page.

01/26/09 - Sandra has Then and Now pics on her page.
                 Mary Beth fell on ice but is recuperating, latest can be found on her page.

01/19/09 - More pictures from the 40th Anniversary '68 Football Champions are posted.

01/12/09 - Additional details are now published with the "Lost" picture from last week.

01/05/09 - "Lost" picture of Classmates from 1962 posted.

12/23/08 - Randy's grandson caught a buck over the weekend.

12/21/08 - Ye Ole Webmaster has posted a brief note.

12/15/08 - A new featurette has been added to the website, enjoy!

12/09/08 - The Prez has a Christmas message.

12/01/08 - Lost pictures from Classmate Joyce's Memorial services has been found and are now
                 posted on her Memorial page.

11/24/08 - Three C70ers met this weekend, cool, eh?

11/17/08 - Two C70ers rendezvoused this weekend. Check it out.

11/10/08 - Did you know that there was a dance after the 1968 Football Banquet?

11/03/08 - Film clip of the 1968 Football Banquet is now posted.

10/26/08 - Class pictures during Homecoming are now online.

10/20/08 - Some pictures from the 40th Anniversary Football Banquet are now posted on last week's

10/13/08 - This Saturday's 40th Anniversary Football Banquet is in celebration of the 1968 Football

10/06/08 - Remember Mr. Denton? How about a little Then and Now?

09/29/08 - Metal Shop teacher, Mr. Vernon Golightly downed a wild boar way back in 1963.

09/23/08 - An index page of all our trips down Memory Lanes has been created.

09/15/08 - DC has sent his version of the Ross Johnson trick.

09/08/08 - 5 Classmates at ASL Expo!

09/01/08 - DC's tall tale is now finally posted. Read all about it here.

08/26/08 - 3 Classmates had a impromptu Mini-Reunion last week.

08/19/08 - Louise sent some pictures of the Lake Wheeler event posted on this page from last week.

08/11/08 - Our Annual Summer Mini-Reunion occurred this past weekend at Lake Wheeler.

08/04/08 - A Mini-Reunion occurred at Lake Leamon this past weekend.

07/20/08 - Twelve students from our Class are the first from NCSD to see a moon rock.

07/14/08 - An additional Square Dancing picture featuring 6 C70 Classmates found in a North
                 Carolinian page.

07/07/08 - Mary Beth took over 200 pictures during her trip to the west coast! Go to her page to link
                 to her West Coast Experience Story.

06/30/08 - Did you know that there was an electronics class as well as a keypunch class in school?

06/23/08 - This month's headlines: Congratulations To John Smith For Being Featured In The
                 Summer 2008 Issue of The Bugler! Also Look For More Of Our Classmates Elsewhere In
                 The Same Issue!

06/23/08 - Our occasional entry in the Sixties page is now posted - check out 1963.

06/16/08 - John's sharp eyes discovered a famous Bears' picture that now belongs in The North
                 Carolinian archives.

06/09/08 - Let's take a stroll down the Monogram Club's Memory Lane.

06/08/08 - Don't forget to check out our annual addition to Our Day in History - June 7.

06/02/08 - A page about the Monogram Club is halfway complete. Go check it out.

05/30/08 - The Prez has a message for us Classmates.

05/27/08 - Sherry Honeycutt featured in a picture about student's art work and a picture discovered
                 for the boys in Hoffmeyer Hall series.

05/20/08 - C70 Mini-Reunion occurred at the Deaf Seniors Retreat in Cherokee this past weekend.

05/13/08 - Let's stroll down Memory Lane on last week's new page.

05/12/08 - The Prez suggests a Mini-Reunion on June 7.

05/06/08 - Our ongoing series on Hoffmeyer Hall continues - let's go to the Dinning Room.

04/28/08 - Playmore film.

04/14/08 - I remember Art classes in 8th grade and did not realize that this was a new course
                 started in the Fall of 1965.

04/07/08 - Compositions from C70 members discovered in an 1965 issue of The North Carolinian as
                 well as a trip down Memory Lane.

03/31/08 - In 1963, NCSD's Board of Directors approved the sale of part of NCSD's campus to
                 establish WPCC.

03/24/08 - Did you know that Coach Marvin Tuttle joined the NCSD staff in 1963?

03/17/08 - This week's featured article also includes an e-mail correspondence between the writer
                 and Ye Ole Webmaster.

03/16/08 - Randy has a brief message.

03/10/08 - There's an article by Randy about the first trip on the activity bus featured 3 weeks
                 ago and guess what? They ran out of fuel!

03/03/08 - Congratulations to Louise for being featured in a DeafNation video on the
                 DeafNewspaper website.

                 Two more pictures of Classmates at the DeafNation Expo are posted here and here.

02/25/08 - Pictures of Classmates at the DeafNation event this past weekend starts here.

02/18/08 - Remember the blue and white bus? It arrived on campus in January of 1964.

02/11/08 - Photos of Classmates at the 1990 Homecoming discovered.

02/04/08 - Conversations with the Parris continues...yep...6 former Classmates of 1970 skipped to
                 the Class of 1969.

01/28/08 - Jeannie Parris ('69) e-mailed - We sort of were part of Class of 1970 until we skipped
                 8th grade...continue

01/21/08 - With thanks to Gary, we have a 34 second film clip of the 6 inch snowfall of 40 years
                 ago. Brrr!

01/19/08 - Congratulations to Louise! She is a Nana Again!

01/14/08 - 40 years ago, 6 inches of snow falls on campus and a picture of downtown Morganton
                  was featured in an issue of The North Carolinian.

01/07/08 - Two new pictures discovered this week: Classmates in 1968 drama "As You Like It" and a
                  Mystery picture.

12/31/07 - 9 Classmates had a busy Christmas holiday in 1964.

12/30/07 - Randy's wife, Una's mother passed away Saturday. Obituary can be read here.

12/29/07 - (5pm) Just received word that Randy's wife, Una's mother has passed away this
                 afternoon. No other info is available at this time.

12/24/07 - No updates for this week - website maintenance.

12/17/07 - Anne updated her page and some pictures were taken at Randy's Christmas Party.

12/10/07 - Seasons Greetings from the front cover  of the December 1964 issue of The North

                 Like puzzles? You can find the first one here and Louise's Brown Sugar article is on the
                 lower half of the same page.

12/03/07 - Several pictures posted for this week's update: Lewis' graduation picture, Graduation
                 Ceremonies picture, MP has a painting of NCSD and I have a winter picture, both on the
                 Debris page, and a cartoon on my page.

11/26/07 - 1970 Classmates in 8th grade football picture taken in 1963 for The North Carolinian.

11/19/07 - November 1966; The North Carolinian celebrated Thanksgiving at the Cub Scout cabin
                 on campus!

11/12/07 - Mary Beth shares some pictures of her trip on the recent Deaf cruise.

11/05/07 - Two updates this week: Additional students were identified on the "Girls In the Boys
                  Dorm" picture of The North Carolinian and there are 3 additions on Randy's page.

10/29/07 - The North Carolinian featured another Halloween Party on campus.

10/22/07 - 40 years ago this month, Halloween Party in Main Building was featured in three pages of
                 The North Carolinian starting with this page.

10/22/07 - The Prez has a boo-y message.

10/15/07 - Classmates featured in two pictures from the fall of 1967 issue of The North Carolinian:
                 Summer Gossip and Girls in the Boys Dorm?

10/08/07 - Melvin Murray has joined our Classmates Then and Now section.
                 Classmates' pictures taken during Homecoming 2007 are now in.

10/12/07 - A little late, due to other issues, Websites of the Month are now posted.

10/01/07 - Before Hoey Hall there was West Hall. And did you know that there are similar buildings
                 on campus?

09/29/07 - The Prez has a brief message.

09/24/07 - Pictures of the front of Hoey Hall renovations are posted here.

09/17/07 - Pictures of the Hoey Hall renovation series continues.

09/11/07 - Val has joined our Then and Now pages and Judy and Randy has updated their pages.

09/03/07 - An impromptu Mini-Reunion was held on Labor Day, do check it out.

And we finally picked 5 out of many pictures taken during John's visit last month.

09/01/07 - The Prez has a message.

Apologies to Nana Louise for the Webmaster's lateness in posting her picture of her newest

08/27/07 - A new page inspired by John Smith is posted. Pretty neat I think.

08/21/07 - Only two Classmates at the Lake Wheeler Picnic last weekend.

08/14/07 - Pictures of the Woodworking Shop are now online.

09/18/07 - Frances Yeargan's Mother has passed away. Please visit Frances page for obituary link.

08/11/07 -
Congratulations to Bill & Mikki's on their 50th Wedding Anniversary!

08/07/07 - Pictures from the basement or lower level of Hoey Hall are now posted.

07/30/07 - A Memory Lane note has been added to today's new page.

07/30/07 - Never before seen attic pictures of Upper School are now posted on a new page
                 of the Hoey Hall renovation series.

07/27/07 - The Prez has a brief message. And 2 Classmates continues a tradition.

07/23/07 - Renovation pictures of Upper School's west wing can be seen here.

07/17/07 - Memorial Service E-mail from David Frye

07/16/07 - New pictures of Joyce can be seen here.

07/16/07 - A Memorial page has been established for Joyce and the Prez has a message.

07/13/07 - Classmate Joyce Sigmon passes away.

07/10/07 - 8 pictures from the top floor of Upper School are now posted.

07/02/07 - Pictures of the ongoing renovations of Upper School has been presented to us and
                 some are now posted on a new page.

06/30/07 - MamaPat found a Bear Patch and the Debris Team wants to give credit
                 where credit is due.

06/25/07 - 3 pics added to Joiner Hall and 4 close up pictures of Goodwin Hall has been added to a
                 new page.

06/19/07 - The Hoffmeyer Hall series continues - Hoffmeyer Hall Today

06/13/07 - A new picture has been added to the Debris page.

06/11/07 - Check out some new pictures on the Teachers Then & Now page.

06/08/07 - The location of the black & white picture on Sandra's page is now verified.
                 And don't forget to check out our annual addition to Our Day in History - June 7.

06/04/07 - Remember the swimming pool at Morganton's Recreation Center? Gary provided a
                 film clip of one of the school's outings.

06/02/07 - Randy has added a family wedding he wants to share on his page.

06/01/07 - Minor adjustments to the format of the home page...basically, centering text and
                 images for higher resolution viewing...unnoticeable on 800 x 600 monitors.

05/29/07 - The Hoffmeyer Hall series continues - The Early Years.

05/24/07 - Mary Beth provided two pictures of Kimba, her still growing half bobcat mix.

05/21/07 - To celebrate our 200th page, the first page of Hoffmeyer Hall is now online as part of
                 our Buildings Then and Now series.

05/15/07 - Website maintenance this week found one unpublished page now posted.

05/06/07 - Spring has sprung and spring means picnic fun. Gary provided 2 and a half minutes of
                 film from one of our annual outings at Playboy Beach.

04/29/07 - Our April 28 Mini-Reunion pictures can be seen here.

04/23/07 - Additional content has been added to the Bonus page of the Buildings Then And Now

04/16/07 - Five pictures has been added to the Debris page.

04/09/07 - Six pictures has been added to the Joiner Hall page.

04/03/07 - A picture of our French servers during our Jr-Sr Prom in 1970 has been found and is
                 posted here.

04/01/07 - Congratulations to Lee for getting married!!

03/19/07 - Three new pictures of Goodwin Hall has been added to this page and few people
                 remember the Cub Scout cabin behind Joiner Hall.

03/12/07 - 4 new pictures on a new page features a brief update about the renovation of Upper

03/05/07 - Article printed by NCSD about the Army Golden Knights during the 100th Anniversary
                 celebrations is posted here.

02/26/07 - Louise is famous again! She is featured in the website version of the newspaper
                 Salisbury Post (NC). Hint: click on pause and hop on over to picture #51. Congrats
                 to Louise for making another appearance on the internet.

                 The Army Golden Knights drops in for a visit during NCSD's 100th Anniversary

02/18/07 - Four "rediscovered" pictures from the 24th Reunion are posted on our 1994 photo page.

02/12/07 - Randy sent two pictures showing some of us Classmates in the Eighth Grade football

02/05/07 - 1968 Bears football team flies to Kentucky and wins game. Read all about it! Four pages
                 from The North Carolinian starts here.

01/29/07 - Four pictures from Randy was discovered this week! One is on Sandra's page, photo of
                 Ray Rich is on his new page and two photos are on the Godwin Hall page.

01/21/07 - Snow on campus...37 years ago this month!

01/15/07 - Can You Imagine and the Blue streak Comet were the stories in The North Carolinians
                 in January and February of 1968 and 1969?

                 And there is a far out addition in our Decade of the Sixties page. It's a blast, man! A
                 mil thanks to the Prez for sending.

01/06/07 - Sandra sent in pictures from her Christmas Party.

01/06/07 - Mary Beth sent us a note saying she's OK after her surgery, see her page for her

01/01/07 - Congratulations goes to Classmate Cathy Church for receiving an outstanding award
                 for her commitment to the NCSD Alumni Association. - The Bugler, Winter 2006

12/31/06 - Lee had a beautiful present this Christmas!

12/30/06 - The Prez has a brief message.

12/25/06 - Merry Christmas!

12/22/06 -  Encouraging update on Debbie! See her page for information.

12/19/06 - One last picture Louise loaned to us this past summer is now published.

12/18/06 - Wilson Sherrill, one of our Class Sponsors, was chosen as Deaf Man of the Year in 1968.

12/14/06 - You thought we disappeared from the internet, eh? A short brief can be found here.

12/11/06 - Pics from Randy's Christmas Party can be seen here. Two others are on Sandra's page
                 and the Prez has a Christmas message.

12/04/06 - A cute parody of Saint Nickolas' visit to NCSD in 1966 is posted.

12/03/06 - The Prez has a brief note.

11/26/06 - One of the pictures Louise loaned to us was actually printed along with an article in The
                  North Carolinian. Do check it out.

11/26/06 - "Fine tuned" Then and Now pages, mostly sentence alignments and to bring some infos
                  up-to-date since their last postings.

11/20/06 - A very interesting article from The North Carolinian about a Thanksgiving weekend on
                 campus is posted on this page.

11/19/06 - Charles Autrey, Class of 1968, passed away. See obituary archives page.

11/13/06 - Louise provided 5 school pictures: 2 HS pics,  2 pics in the Florida page, and 1 Jr-Sr
                 Prom pic in the Extracurricular page.

11/10/06 - Pictures of C70 at the Dunn, NC Pig Pickin' are now published.

11/10/06 - 2006 HC Article from the Lenoir's News-Topic newspaper (Found during an idle Google
                 search....Very Interesting).

11/07/06 - The Prez has a short note to share.

11/07/06 - Major maintenance upgrade performed on the home page for faster access. Mostly
                 the removal of blank lines in the html code.

11/05/06 - The last of pictures from Homecoming are now online.

11/04/06 - The next group of pictures from Homecoming are now published.

11/01/06 - The Prez has a brief message and Ye Ole Webmaster has discovered recent pictures of
                 Bashie Crutchfield.

10/31/06 - 18 pictures has been added to our Homecoming 2006 page.

10/23/06 - First group of pictures from Homecoming 2006 are now in.

10/18/06 - We have two updates on the Sports page and with thanks to Louise, we now have a
                 new page called the Joiner Hall page.

10/11/06 - With thanks to Gary Hunnings, the NCSD Class of 1970 is proud to present a 3 minute
                 8mm film clip of NCSD's 75th Anniversary from 37 years ago this month.

10/10/06 - The Prez has a short announcement and our Yearbook's Dedication page is now

10/02/06 - Most all images from our Yearbook published on this website are now indexed on a new

09/30/06 - With thanks to Gary Hunnings, we have 7 color pictures posted from the 75th
                  Anniversary celebrations.

09/28/06 - A interesting article has been added to the Nov-Dec 1969 archives of The North

09/24/06 - Selected Pictures from the 25th Annual Homecoming, Lovely Cheerleaders, and an
                 advertisement for our Yearbook are the last features in The North Carolinian
                 commentating NCSD's 75th Anniversary.

09/22/06 - 25th Annual Homecoming Breaks All Records.

09/19/06 - The November-December 1969 issue of The North Carolinian also has pictures and
                  articles about the 75th Anniversary of NCSD. First up is page 3 and page 4.

09/18/06 - Selected pictures of Campus Scenes in the Fall of 1969.

09/16/06 - Val Lowery was a team member of the US International Games of the Deaf in the
                 summer of 1969.

09/15/06 - Closed circuit TV arrives on campus during our last year.

09/14/06 - All of page 2 of the 75th Anniversary edition of The North Carolinian is now online.

09/13/06 - Front page and page 12 are now added to the 75th Anniversary edition of The North

09/12/06 - As part of our internet celebrations this month, we have 4 of 10 pages set up for
                 selected articles from the September/October 1969 issue of The North Carolinian
                 about NCSD celebrating the 75th Anniversary which occurred during our last year in
                 school; first up is pages 3, 4, 7 and 10.

09/04/06 - 21 pictures from the August 19th Mini-Reunion is now on a 2nd page.

09/01/06 - The Home Page's NCSD picture of the month section is now JavaScript  configured for
                  Picture of the Day.

08/29/08 - 5 pictures from Sandra has been added to the August 19th Mini-Reunion page.

08/28/06 - 33 more pictures has been published on the August 19th Mini-Reunion page.

08/23/06 - Brenda has dedicated a portion of her page to her best friend, Peggy Russell Jennings.

08/21/06 - Three group pictures from this past weekend are now posted.

08/13/06 - Long overdue website maintenance continues: 1962 page of the Decade of the Sixties
                 section is now posted.

08/09/06 - While performing long overdue website maintenance, we found a couple of pages not
                 published: First up is 1961 in the Decade of the Sixties section. It also shows that
                 Randy first arrived at NCSD that year.

07/31/06 - A page on Upper School is now online in the Buildings Then and Now section.

07/26/06 - An obituary of Charles Williams and a personal note from Ye Ole Webmaster is posted

07/24/06 - A good friend of ours, Charles Williams, has passed away. Please check the Prez's page
                 for additional information.

                 An additional page has been created about Main Building, please do check it out.

07/17/06 - Main Building is now featured in a new bonus page in the Buildings Then and Now

07/11/06 - Conversations with Sam McCord is now posted.

07/01/06 - Due to popular demand, I have finally completed my article exploiting my short lived
                 career as a DJ in Hoffmeyer Hall during our last school year on campus.

06/28/06 - Commentary has been added to the new Bonus page.

06/23/06 - Mary Beth sent two cute pictures of her cat, Kimba. Bonus page of the Buildings Then
                 and Now series is now online.

06/16/06 - An update about Judge's Restaurant and 3 pictures has been added on the Debris page.

06/14/06 - Many thanks to Trudy Suggs for updating her page.

06/12/06 - Mary Beth found two pictures from our 1994 Reunion.

06/11/06 - Class of 1970 sends sympathies to the Class of 1968 for the unfortunate passing of
                 Linda Sanders Menkes. See the obituary archives for info.

06/07/06 - Check out the annual addition to Our Day in History - June 7

06/06/06 - Two new pictures has been added to Mary Beth's page and 3 more pictures has been
                 added below the Photo Pages Index section.

05/31/06 - The last 21 of the 246 pictures taken during the April 15th Mini-Reunion are now posted
                  on the Group picture page and page 7.

05/20/06 - Page 5 in the series of 7 pages from the April 15th Mini-Reunion is now online.

05/15/06 - I was able to spend a little bit of "quality time" to accommodate 42 pictures on page 4 in
                 the series of 7 pages from the April 15th Mini-Reunion.

05/11/06 - Page 3 in the series of 7 pages from the April 15th Mini-Reunion is now online.

05/07/06 - A new page has been created for 40 more pictures from the April 15th Mini-Reunion.

05/04/06 - Mary Beth sent in an additional 56 pictures from the April 15th Mini-Reunion and I have
                 included 29 of those in the first group posted on May 02.

05/02/06 - The first group of pictures from our April 15th Mini-Reunion are now online.

04/21/06 - The Prez has a message about last weekend's Mini-Reunion.

04/19/06 - For now, 4 pictures from our Mini-Reunion on the 15th are posted.

04/18/06 - While we are waiting and processing the pictures from our Mini- Reunion this past
                 weekend, I just had to create a new page for a long lost picture discovered by Berry
                 Hamrick. This was the most popular picture passed around, do check it out here.

04/08/06 - It took the Debris Team 6 months of part-time work and we are delighted to say
                 another Mystery Photo has been solved!

04/02/06 - 11 members of our class attended the DeafNation Expo in Greensboro, yesterday. Thus,
                 this became another Mini-Reunion of sorts. Check out our new page created for this

03/20/06 - Class History - Looking Back: Around about 1967-1969, we had a class day trip to a
                 battleground as part of our history class. Do ya'll remember which battlefield we went to?
                 Well, thanks to Jimmy Autrey and our famous anonymous member of our Debris Team, I
                 was able to pull from our deep archives of recorded history of our Class, a picture AND an
                 article from our school's student newsmagazine, The North Carolinian. You can see it
                 here as part of our growing library of history of our Class.

03/14/06 - We have now reached a couple of milestones with the posting of Kathy's page in our
                 Classmates Then & Now section. Her page represents our 100th page on our website and
                 the 20th Classmate to have his/her own page. This means two thirds of our Classmates
                 are waiting for the last third to come aboard.

03/06/06 - An anonymous member of the Debris Team paid us a visit today and wanted to
                 see us at work so we created 4 pages inspired by John Smith. "Mind boggling" says

03/02/06 - One "bonus" page of the Buildings Then & Now is now online.

02/27/06 - Barbara Morton has has been identified as one of our "unknowns" in one of our group
                 pictures taken in 1994.

02/26/06 - Welcome to our new server location. Please be patient while we look for some "kinks".

02/26/06 - (All files moved to new server @ 15:10 and we are now online).

02/22/06 - Frances' Memorial page is now online.

02/22/06 - DNS points to new server on PC at my workplace at 12 noon, but has not pointed to new
                 server on my PC at home (4:30pm) even though both PCs are on same ISP 5 miles away.
                 Old hosting service came back online this afternoon some time before 4:30pm.

02/21/06 - Proceeded to go forward with another web hosting service. Set up temporary page on
                 new server until DNS propagates through the internet infrastructure.

02/20/06 - Drat! Web server down again from approx. 12 noon (Monday).

02/15/06 - Donnie McLamb has a page in the Classmates Then and Now Section.

02/14/06 - Pictures from another Mini-Reunion are now posted here.
                 Randy has added two new pictures of his daughters and grandchildren on his page.

02/11/06 - More pictures from January 21st can be seen here.

01/24/06 - Pictures of our visit with Frances are posted on her personal page. Also check the
                 Prez's page.

01/15/06 - The Prez has a impromptu Mini-Reunion set up in Raleigh this Saturday, the 21st, to
                 visit Frances Yeargan. You can read more details on the Prez Page.

01/13/06 - The second group of pictures from Gary is now posted on his Dormitory page.

01/08/06 - Brian Brizendine, a former Classmate of ours, had a heart attack and had bypass
                 surgery. He also had a tumor removed.

He is doing well, in good spirits, and is resting comfortably at George Washington hospital in DC.
And cards may be sent to him at:
Maryland School for the Deaf
101 Clarke Place
Frederick, Md, 21705

01/06/05 - Web server was down most of the day; approx. 8 am till 5:30 pm.

                 The first in the series of pictures from Gary Hunnings' 35mm slides is now posted on his
                 Florida picture page.

12/31/05 - Many thanks to John Smith for an update about Rankin Hall posted here.

                 The Debris Team has put together two pictures showing that another Tradition continues
                 with our Class-mates near the bottom of the Photo page. Thanks to our anonymous
                 Classmate for this tip.

12/26/05 - We hope everyone had a wonderful visit from Santa this year. And please be safe on
                 New Year's weekend!

12/18/05 - We had a "Mini-Reunion" at Randy's Christmas Party. See the bottom of
                 Mary Beth's page and Randy has provided proof that he is a die-hard Dale Earnhardt fan
                 on his page.

12/16/05 - The last(?) page of Buildings Then and Now is now online. Within this page you'll also
                 find the link to the first installment of the long awaited 'Articles from The North
                 Carolinian, 1970 Edition'.

12/14/05 - Check out page 2 of Buildings Then and Now.

12/10/05 - Page 1 of the  new feature as mentioned during the Reunion is now added to the site,
                 Buildings Then and Now.

12/09/05 - Remember as Juniors, we sold items for our Senior Trips? Well, this Class Tradition

12/08/05 - The Prez has a short Christmas message.

11/30/05 - Web server down around 17:30 and up at 19:30 today.

11/28/05 - A new page has been created for the remaining Reunion pictures, 35th Reunion

11/25/05 - Lee and Mary Beth Ethridge had a surprise visitor today, go check out the bottom of
                 her page.

11/25/05 - 40 pictures are now posted on the Reunion page, and there are still more coming!

11/25/05 - Web server down again around 23:45 (11/24/05) tonight and came back online around
                 7am this morning.

11/21/05 - Web server up at approx. 23:30 after being down since about 8am yesterday.

11/20/05 - Nine pictures has been added to the Group Picture Taking Event Page.

11/19/05 - We have divided up the Photo Page to 13 different pages to accommodate the loads of
                 pictures taken during the Reunion weekend. Do take a look see.

                 Oops, I almost forgot, there are two additional pictures added to the
                 Group Picture Taking Event Page.

11/18/05 - I managed to post an additional 8 pictures on the Group Picture Taking Event page.
                 There are still more on the way for this page. My plans are to post at least another 8
                 more on this page this weekend....then I can start on the Reunion night pictures.

11/17/05 - Congratulations to Trudy Suggs and Randy Shank on their marriage on November 14 We
                 hope for their many years of happiness!

11/11/05 - Randy has a brief message on the President's page.

11/07/05 - 10 pictures are posted on the new Group Picture Taking Event page. More are on the

11/03/05 - Four more pictures are are now posted on the Classmates at Homecoming 2005 page.

11/01/05 - Eleven more pictures are now posted on the Early Birds at AJ's page. Sorry for the
                 slowness in posting these and the additional pictures that are planned but my schedule is
                 extremely busy.

10/15/05 - The second group of pictures are now posted: Classmates at Homecoming 2005.

10/14/05 - The first group of pictures are now posted: Early Birds at AJ's.

10/11/05 - The Debris Team is trickling back to their website duties sorting out some of the
                  pictures that we already received. We are still waiting for the rest to arrive so we can
                  post them in chronological order.

                 It seems that everyone had a Blast from the Past with starring roles from Louise and
                 Steve with their pie in the face revenge.

                 Also most memorable were the videos provided by Gary and Trudy.

                 Hang in there, we will post the pictures in a few days.

09/28/05 - The Debris Team is going to take a much needed vacation and hope that the Reunion
                 attendees has a Blast from the Past on Reunion night! Yeah, baby!

09/28/05 - Check the Prez's Page as he has a quick message.

09/14/05 - With many thanks to Gary Hunnings, I was able to obtain the obituary and take a picture
                 of the gravesite marker for Kenneth Lowe.

09/09/05 - Trudy Suggs has written two articles: one to prepare yourself in the event disaster
                 strikes and emergency kits in her "Are You Ready" article. You can check out the two
                 websites that's making these articles available here.

09/02/05 - Jim Gibbs is OK. He evacuated before Katrina arrived. You can read his e-mail here.

08/28/05 - Deborah Spencer is our newest arrival in our cyberspace! Please check out her page!

08/22/05 - Louise has sent a email explaining her medical situation. All is well, but you can read it

08/21/05 - Louise sent a picture of her two grandchildren. It's posted in the middle of her page.
                 Louise also says: "It was real sweet for all of you to send me a card...I'm doing alright... I
                 haven't heard from my results.. I guess everything is fine..  thanks again....Louise"

08/20/05 - Our Class President has a message on The President's Page.

08/16/05 - John finally arrived in cyberspace so check out his new page!

08/14/05 - Louise became a Nana again! See her newest granddaughter on her page.

                 Brenda Davis Proctor has started her page in the Classmates Then & Now section.

08/10/05 - NCSD Museum Curator Jimmy Autrey has found two Class pictures from the Museum
                 Archives that he is sharing with us. One is posted near the bottom of the Florida page
                 and the other is posted near the top of the Extracurricular Activities page. Thank you,

08/03/05 - Some of you folks may have received my RSVP e-mails twice and maybe thrice. The
                 original sending of these e-mails was sent as a group (CCs and BCs). Apparently, my
                 e-mail server thought I was spamming so I had to resend these individually. Sorry if I
                 caused any confusion.

07/22/05 - New e-mail addresses are needed for Mary Beth Ethridge Barbara Clewis Williamson,
                 and Sherry Honeycutt Edwards. If you know either one, please e-mail them to so we can
                 e-mail them their Reunion RSVPs.

07/18/05 - Joyce Sigmon Benfield is now our newest member of our Classmates Then & Now section.

07/12/05 - I am pleased to announce that we have received two Awards for this website. Do
                 check them out on the bottom of this page.

07/06/05 - Things may be a little too quiet on the news front during these hazy summer weeks but
                 the Debris Team collaborators have been very busy behind the scenes putting all their
                 spare time into processing the current surge of classic pictures provided by Gary.

                 The Debris Team is also busy scanning 2 yearbooks sent to us on loan courtesy of the
                 NCSD Museum. These yearbooks will assist the team in narrowing the time period of
                 some of these Sports pictures sent in by Debbie as well as providing some extra pictures
                 for this site.

                 Meanwhile, the Debris Team is also double checking all pictures sent by Richard and
                 Debbie to make sure we haven't missed any to post on the website, so stay tuned!

                 Randy and I will finalize the 35th Reunion plans this Saturday, on the 9th, so expect an
                 e- mail from me around July 16 so we can determine how many is coming in order to
                 determine the entry fee for the use of the Chapel.

06/26/05 - Gary Hunnings has also joined the Classmates Then & Now section of our website.
                 Please check out his page.

06/23/05 - Richard Glover has joined the Classmates Then & Now section of our website. Please
                 check out his page.

06/14/05 - We have four webpage  additions to our website this month: Jeannie and Marion
                 has some information about Frances Yeargan.

                 Randy, MP and I have posted an appreciation page for our ClassSponsors.

                 I have created an Obituary Archive Page to point those asking about our previous
                 postings here and in our old newsletters.

                 And to celebrate our 35th Anniversary, check out what occurred on Our Day in History.

06/03/05 - Jeannie Parris (a member of our Class until 1965) submitted corrections on the first 5
                 pictures of the Girls BB section on the Sports Page.

06/02/05 - Our Debris Team has identified another Mystery Photo! The update can be seen here
                 in the Upper School page.

05/29/05 - Our Class President has several announcements on The President's Page. He has also
                 updated his Then & Now page.

05/25/05 - The Caves on Campus, which most of you know is featured in our Mystery Photo page,
                 is now front page news on the Summer 2005 Issue of the Bugler.

05/24/05 - Congratulations to Louise! She became a Nana on Mother's Day. See her page for
                 more details.

05/15/05 - Two funny pictures from Deborah has been added to the end of the BB section on the
                 Sports page.

05/10/05 - Three of the five pictures added on the 8th in the Sports page are now updated.

05/08/05 - Five more pictures from Deborah has been added to Basketball section of the
                 Sports page. Also one BB picture and the Pep Squad picture added last week has been

05/01/05 - We have finally, finally processed the following pictures from Deborah Spencer -
                 First up: Three pictures in the Sports page: Two pictures in the new Girls Basketball
                 section and a new picture added in the Pep Squad section.
                 #2: A third picture added to the Class Trip to Raleigh page.
                 #3: One picture believed to be taken in our Florida trip added to the bottom of the
                       Florida page.
                 There are more coming, so please stay tuned!

                 Mary Beth Brandt Ethridge has joined the Classmates Then & Now section of our website.
                 Please check out her page.

                 The Caves on Campus section in the Mystery Photos page has been updated.

04/28/04 - Classmates Then and Now is now complete with the remaining Classmates added.

04/17/05 - Sorry for the long delay on the updates as I've been on the road again. Louise has
                 added some pictures of her oldest son's wedding on her page.

                 Randy received an e-mail about Ray Branch.

                 Sandra has sent an update about her husband.

                 Louise has sent a picture of Judy!

                 Surprise! Deborah Spencer has sent some pictures which we are currently optimizing for
                 posting. We are hoping to post these next weekend.

04/01/05 - We are moving along with our plans for our 35th Reunion on October 1st, 2005. Check
                 out our ad in the current issue of The Bugler and for the latest Reunion updates here.

03/24/05 - Linda has added a new picture on her page, do check it out.

03/07/05 - Sandra has sent another update.

03/06/05 - Judy Foust has posted her address on her page.

                  1960 has been added to our Decade of the Sixties page.

                  The Debris Team has discovered a lost Florida picture from Lester and it's posted near
                  the end of the Florida page.

03/05/05 - Sandra has sent another update.

03/01/05 - "Major" replacement of pixs on home page: replaced Class' Flower and Tree pixs and for
                  the first time, added hyperlinks to these pixs. Added E. M. Forster to June 7, 1970

                  Added 5 "Easter Eggs" on site in conjunction with WOM entry for a total of 7 eeggs.

02/21/05 - Linda has updated her page, do check it out.

02/19/05 - Sandra's husband is in the hospital. You can read her letter here.

02/15/05 - There seems to be a little confusion about my challenge to the Classmates that was
                 announced during last year's Class meeting during HC. I hope this page corrects the

02/13/05 - Two pictures has been added on the Debris page.

02/05/05 - The Prez's page is updated. Check it out here.

02/01/05 - Again, my apologies for the lack of new updates. The job I have is supposed to be a part-
                 time job, well, 4 days a week. They already sent me to South Carolina twice for a total of
                 6 days and I'm going again for another 2 days. After South Carolina, there's a possibility
                 that they are sending me to Iowa....for a week. Arrrgh!

01/03/05 - My apologies for the hosting server outages in the last few days. This website was not
                 the only one affected. Hopefully, they have resolved their server problems.

01/01/05 - My apologies for the lack of new updates recently, I've had a busy few months.
                 Hopefully, I'll get back to working on this site in a few more days.

11/30/04 - Ray Branch has joined the Classmates Then & Now section of our website. Please check
                it out.

11/29/04 - 6 more pictures has has been added this weekend and one relocated.

                 In the middle of the Extracurricular Activities page, you'll find the relocated picture and 4
                 added to the new Jr-Sr Prom, Spring of 1970 section. Further down this same page, you'll
                 find two more in the new Jr-Sr Prom, Spring of 1968 section.

11/22/04 - Yes, it's been a good long while since I've been able to update this website. It's that
                 season of the year again where the word BUSY is an understatement.  However, I've
                 managed to post an additional six pictures this past weekend:

                 Two pictures added in the middle of the Upper School page.

                 Two pictures added to the top of the Extracurricular Activities page.

                 And two new pictures posted on the Mystery Photos page.

                 Have I got more to add?  Oh, yeah!

10/24/04 - Richard Glover's mosaic of his second grade Classmates is now posted on the
                 Rankin Hall page.

10/22/04 - A total of 10 pictures has been added to the following pages: Rankin Hall, Goodwin Hall
                 and Upper School.

10/18/04 - The Debris Team has found one more picture from Richard Glover that belongs to the
                 Florida page. It's the second picture at the top of that page.

10/17/04 - Anne Potter has joined the Classmates Then & Now section of our website. Please
                 check it out.

                 An article written by Anne Potter & Debbie Spencer about our Florida Trip is now posted
                 towards the end of our Florida page.

10/15/04 - 19 pictures from Richard Glover has been added to the Florida pages. Stay tuned, there
                  are more pictures coming.

10/10/04 - Pictures from the Homecoming are now posted on the Photo Page.

08/09/04 - Randy has a picture from the Four Classes Reunion on his page.

08/04/04 - Nine new photos from Sandra Dixon Barber!  A HC picture under the 1999 HC photo in
                 the Photo Page. Four photos from our Class trip to Six Flags Over Georgia, and two
                 pictures from her daughters June wedding on her page.

                 She also provided two Reunion pictures which we are not sure when or where these were
                 taken. For now, I have posted these on the Mystery Page.

07/19/04 - Three more pictures are posted on the Debris Page.

07/17/04 - Things seems to be a little slow this month. I guess everyone is taking a holiday.

06/26/04 - The long awaited Class Mascots page is now online.

                 Our Debris Team has located some more photos, one is now posted on the Upper School
                 page and the rest in our new Debris page.

06/10/04 - An anonymous website visitor sent us a wrestling picture. This can be seen in the
                 middle of the Sports Page.

05/26/04 - In order to "fine tune" this site I have divided the Miscellaneous page to the
                 Goodwin Hall page and the Upper School page. Doing this allowed me to add 3 more
                 pictures to the Upper School page.

                 I've also changed the name of the Miscellaneous II page to Extracurricular Activities

05/25/04 - Would you believe I received 9 pictures since Friday the 21st? Hey, I'm not complaining!
                 Wish this could happen more often.

                 We received 5 pictures, (actually, 3 pictures and 2 newspaper clippings) from Berry
                 Hamrick and one picture from Marion Parris.

                 Marion has also identified a lot of unknown students in these Rankin Hall pictures so be
                 sure to check out the new Rankin Hall page, where all Rankin Hall pictures has been

                 Marion also says "We sort of were part of the Class of 1970 until we skipped the 8th
                 grade and became the Class of 1969".

                 Sandra Dixon Barbour sent me 3 pictures. One is in her page and the other two are
                 pictures from our 25th Reunion during the NCSD 100th Anniversary. Scroll down to the
                 middle of the Photo page to check these out.

05/19/04 - More Prom pictures from 1969 has been added to the Extracurricular Activities Page.

05/18/04 - John Smith solves another mystery photo! This time he solves the location of the
                 Annual School Picnic photo. Check out our e-mail conversation in the lower portion of the
                 Extracurricular Activities Page.

05/18/04 - Your Classmates Then and Now page is now online.

05/15/04 - Another "mystery" solved, thanks to John Smith. The military picture on the Mystery
                 Page has been relocated and another military pic from the Suggs Archives has been
                 added to the lower portion of the Extracurricular Activities Page.

05/10/04 - One new picture added to the Miscellaneous Page.

05/06/04 - Four new pictures are in the new Miscellaneous Photo II Page.

04/26/03 - Five photos has been added to the Florida Page and eight photos to the Miscellaneous
                 Page. Go check them out!

04/23/04 - Two new photos have been added in the 1980 Reunion section of the Photo Page.

04/21/04 - NCSD to Receive Funds for Renovations. Click here to read article from The News Herald.

04/10/04 - Please do the honor of visiting Lewis Suggs Memorial page.

03/15/04 - no longer exists.

02/01/04 - Freebie site no longer maintained.

01/17/04 - Invitation for a "sneak peak" announced on the freebie site.

01/03/04 - This site goes live in beta mode.

Dec. 2003 - Process begins to transfer website from a free hosting service to a pay hosting service.



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