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                                                                 Upper School

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Classmates in 1963

  April 1963, Identical photos: Mrs. Horton' class, 5th grade L-
  R, first row: Unknown, Linda Gillespie, Anne Potter, and
  Louise Isenhour Luther. Back row: Richard Glover, Steve
  Warren, Brian Brizendine, Jimmy Gibbs, Lewis Suggs and
  Mrs. Horton. Pictures courtesy of Richard Glover.

  August 1963 Mrs. Horton' class, 6th grade. Kneeling: Mrs. Horton and Delton
  Chance. Second row: Unknown, Brenda Davis Proctor, unknown, Linda Gillespie,
  and Louise Isenhour Luther. Richard Glover, Steve Warren, Brian Brizendine,
  Jimmy Gibbs, Lewis Suggs. Picture courtesy of Richard Glover.

                                            Classmates in 1964

This picture, sent in by Louise Isenhour Luther, taken in the spring of 1964, is believed to be taken  somewhere around Main Building. Front row, L-R: Louise Isenhour, Brenda Davis, Lewis Suggs, and
   Linda Gillespie. Second row: Sherry Honeycutt, Kathy Eubanks, Pamela Reynolds, Joyce Sigmon,
                                               Donnie McLamb, and Randy Caines.
                                                 The Main Building Girrrrls
These following 4, approximately 40 years old photographs were originally; 2" x 3" and 3" x 4", smaller than what you get today. MamaPat first had these commercially enlarged to 4" x 6" prints for better resolution and then scanned them. Only minor adjustments of the brightness and contrast was made to enhance these pictures, mainly to reduce the shadows.

Donna Canady, a former classmate of ours, is shown in the these 4 pictures. It is with great appreciation to Brenda Davis Proctor, also in these pictures, for obtaining and loaning us these photographs.

  Donna Canady, Linda Gillespie, and Brenda Davis.

                       Vocational Class - Laundry Teacher; Mrs. Street,
                             Donna Canady, Tonda Gillmore (1971), Linda Gillespie,
                             Louise Isenhour, Frances Yeargan, Brenda Davis and
                             Judy Foust.

  Donna Canady, Tonda Gilmore (1971), Brenda Davis, and Louise Isenhour.

                         Helen Purcell (1971), Grace Canady, not related to
                               Donna Canady, and Brenda Davis.

   These two pictures are believed to be taken in the Spring of
   1969. Ann, Barbara, Richard, Sherry, and Debbie sitting in the
   picture on the left. In the picture on the right, sitting on the
   bench are Barbara and Sherry and behind them are Debbie and
   Ann. Pictures are courtesy of Richard Glover.

Class Officers during the 1967-1968 School Years
Originally posted in the Mystery Page, a member of our Debris team discovered that this picture
was also printed in the 1968 Yearbook indicating that these were the Class Officers during our
Sophomore year. From left to right: Steve Warren, President; Jimmy Gibbs, VP; Donnie Crump,
Secretary; Richard Glover and Brenda Bray, Treasurers (Brenda, originally a member of our Class
skipped our Junior year and joined the Class of 1969 in the fall of 1968). Picture courtesy of
Richard Glover.

               Members of Girl Scouts in Roan Mountain, Tenn. in 1967

  Ann Potter, Ann Scarboro ('69), Louise Isenhour, Una Clark ('69), and standing; Jean Spence ('69).
                                                                           Picture provided by Louise.

                                               History Class
               This picture is believed to have been taken during the 10th grade, 1967-1968.
   Left to right: Lewis Suggs, Lester Latkowski, Mrs. Taylor, Donnie McLamb, and Brian Brizendine.
Photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs.
                               Campaigning During Mock Elections
     In November of 1968, High School students participated in mock elections using actual voting
   forms supplied by voting officers of Morganton/Burke County. The results of our votes predicted
                 the actual outcomes of the congressional district, state, and national elections.
  Kathy Eubanks, Ann Potter, Brenda Davis Louise Isenhour, Linda Gillespie, Joyce Boyd ('71), Tonda
             Gilmore ('71), Sherry Honeycutt, and Barbara Clewis. Back row: Debbie Spencer and
                Helen Purcell ('71). Click here to see a North Carolinian article about this event.
                                                                           Picture provided by Louise.

                                             75th Anniversary
                               One of the biggest highlights of our last year in school.
                                            Photo courtesy of Lester Latkowski.
                                 Click here to see Gary's 75th Anniversary collections.

                                    Click here to see The North Carolinian collections.

                                Class of 1970's Group Graduation Picture                                                

                     Class of 1970's Graduation Ceremonies Picture
                     Many Thanks to Trudy Suggs for this Picture!
                          Yeah, we know this picture has darkened over the years but
                            we wanted to post this anyway. We tried enhancing but it
                          started to be too grainy to use. I'm working with Trudy Suggs
                           to see if we can at least get the negatives to work with. By
                          the way, that's Lewis on the stage receiving his diploma. We
                           believe Steve Warren is the graduate on the left on the first
                              row, Linda Gillespie might be to Steve's front right, and
                                maybe John Smith is at the right corner of the picture.

                                  Class of 1970's Farewell Picture

                                      NCSD Students at Gallaudet
This picture is believed to be taken in '70-'71; first row, L-R: Dee Clanton ('69), Lewis Suggs, John Smith, and Ricky Stuckey ('66). Second row: Mary Beth Ethridge, Carolyn Shaffner ('68), Barbara Morton ('69), Richard Glover, and Rachel Stone ('68). Back row: Ricky Matsen ('65), Mary Gibbs ('67), Jimmy Gibbs, Mary Fowler Swinney ('69), Jean Spence Parris ('69), and Marion Parris ('69). Missing in this picture is Garrett Walker ('65) who was pretty much indisposed of at the time. Thanks to John Smith for identifying the '65 and '66 grads. Also thanks to two anonymous website viewers, one for identifying Carolyn Shaffner and the second for verifying that she graduated from NCSD in 1968.
                                    The above two photos are courtesy of Trudy Suggs.

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