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                   Classmates in Rankin Hall

Rankin Hall Kids Goodwin Hall Kids Joiner Hall Upper School Extracurricular Activities Sports Class Trip to Raleigh Class Trip to Florida Class Trip to Georgia Mystery Lake Myers Views from the Clock Tower Debris Page

                                     aka The Rankin Hall Kids
                          Pictures I am posting here I've tried to put in chronological order,
                                     so if you see any inaccuracies please let me know.

  This newspaper picture was taken in front of Rankin Hall in August, 1955.
  Click to enlarge to read the captions. Newspaper clipping courtesy of Berry


                             Left to right: Dale Coker, Betty Davis, Berry Hamrick,
                             Cathy Cooper, Wayne Snow, Jesse Holbrook, John Thomas,
                             Mrs. Mary Gordon Patton, teacher at Rankin Hall, 1955-1956.
                             Picture courtesy of Berry Hamrick.

  From left to right: Mary Ann Fowler Swinney, Kathy Eubanks Brown, Annie Grace
  Greene, Frances Yeargan, Donnie McLamb, Brenda Bray, Marion Parris and
  Jeannie Spence Parris in Mrs. Watson's class, 1956. Picture courtesy of Marion

                           Richard Glover's mosaic of his second grade Classmates.
                             Webmaster's note: This mosaic was longer than the
                             scanner we used so it had to be scanned twice; left
                             half and right half. Many thanks to MamaPat for
                             merging the halves to perfection.

                             Left to right: Dale Coker, Berry Hamrick, Catherine Parrish,
                             Jesse Holbrook, John Thomas, Wayne Snow, Betty Davis,
                             Cathy Cooper, Mrs. Mary Gordon Patton, teacher at Rankin
                             Hall, 1956 -1957. Picture courtesy of Berry Hamrick.

   Left to right Teacher, Mrs. Mary Gordon Patton, Berry Hamrick, Betty Davis,
   Gary Duncan, Delton Locklear Chance, John Thomas, Edith Lyda Sams, Elton
   Burris at Rankin Hall, 1957-1958. Picture courtesy of Berry Hamrick.

                              This picture was taken at Rankin Hall on February 13, and
                              published in the Morganton News Harold the next day on
                              Valentine's Day 1958. John Berry Hamrick, Jr. is sitting third
                              from the left. Louise Isenhour Luther is on the far right, also
                              on the first row. Lee McDaniel says Ann Scarboro is between
                              Louise and him. Can you identify the remaining pupils? 
                              Newspaper clipping courtesy of Berry Hamrick. Thanks to
                              Lee and Louise for identifying themselves in this newspaper clipping.

   Kirby: Leon Barnwell with guitar. Behind Leon is Berry Hamrick and Richard
   Glover. Above Berry and Richard is Brenda Bray. Richard doesn't remember
   how he obtained this picture.

 The first girl on the left would be Linda Gillespie, Ann Potter, then Richard
  Glover, Jimmy Gibbs, Lewis Suggs, Tonya Gillmore, Brenda Davis and the
  teacher is Miss Harris. Sitting on the floor Left to right, Janet Misenimier,
  Tony Moore, and Louise Isenhour. Rankin Hall, 1st grade.(1958-1959?)
  Photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs. Thanks to Louise Isenhour for her help in
  completing the identification of the students in this picture.


  Wayne Herron, Alanna Biddix, Kay Langdon, Gary Hunnings,
  Ray Carver, unknown student in stripped shirt, and Melvin
  Murray. Date unknown. Picture courtesy of B. Woolard.

  Tony Moore, Brenda Davis, Janet Misenimier, Lewis Suggs is fourth from
  left, to Lewis's left is Jimmy Gibbs, then Richard Glover, Tonya Gilmore,
  Louise Isenhour and Ann Potter. Photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs. Thanks to
  Louise Isenhour for her help in completing the identification of the
  students in this picture. Picture date is unknown.

                              The following 5 photos of the Rankin Hall Kids
are from the
                              Lewis Suggs Photography Archives, courtesy of Trudy Suggs.

  The boys of Rankin Hall were on an outing to Moose Lodge on Mother's Day for dinner. No date
  available; seems to be circa 1959. First row: L-R: First is Haywood
  Holmes,  Roger Jones, Gary Hunnings, and Buster Bowman. Second row:
  Marion Parrish, Danny Broadaux, Lewis Suggs and Richard Glover. Third
  row: Wayne Herron,Steve Lancaster, Ray Carver, Jimmy Gibbs, unknown,
  and Donnie McLamb. Thanks to Marion Parris
('69) for completing the
  identifying of the previously "unknowns" in this photo.

                 This picture of Lewis Suggs and Richard Glover, dated April '59.

  Lewis, Donnie McLamb and James Melvin Murray. Thanks to Marion Parris
identifying James in this photo.

                    Activities were often held for the kids at night. This seems to be a dress-up game of
                    some sort. Lewis is shown here dressed as either a girl or a
                    cowboy? Marion Parris has identified the following students;
                    On the chairs, front to back: Marion Parris, Kenneth Lowe,
                    unknown, and Steve Lancaster. Of the 3 kids sitting in the
                    back, first is unknown, Wayne Herron, and Annie Grace
                    Greene. The 2 kids standing in the back are unknowns.

  Another photo from the dorm's activity. Lewis, in the plaid shirt, is sitting
  between the two boys, Donnie McLamb and Buster Bowman.

These two pictures were taken by Richard's father but Richard doesn't remember if this was on a
Friday before going home or on a Sunday coming back to school. There are no dates indicated on
these pictures. The ages of these handsome youngsters seems to indicate that they are still in
Rankin Hall. The supervisor in these pictures is unknown.
 Tony Moore, Richard Glover, Jimmy Miller, Danny Bordeaux, Melvin Murray,
  and Lewis Suggs.

         Richard's sister in car, Melvin Murray, Danny Bordeaux,
                                    Richard Glover, Lewis Suggs, and Tony Moore.

                                          This page was last updated on 03/23/2011.


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