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                           The President's Page



The Prex

I'm going to wear two hats on this page Webmaster Notes first then Prez:
Three weeks is the longest not doing updates on my favorite website but as most
of you know, it's all about the annual time consuming challenge of satisfying our
favorite uncle....Uncle Sam, that is...errrr! My tax situation has changed for the
worst....or was it for the better....? I couldn't tell....anyway it's done, puh! So,
now, I can spend more time trying to catch up on this website....after I do some
micro-farming duties. No problem here now that the tax man is now gone.

Now I just swapped hats, the Prez now speaks, this is election year, so as promised
when I was chosen as your President, we will have a Class officers election the
same year as the national elections in November. Chances are pretty good that we
will vote in the same way we did on our last election, all of your votes will go to a
third party for verification and count. So get your fingers ready, have suggestions
ready and whoever comes up at Homecoming on October 6 we will meet at our
usual dinner spot and have a short Class meeting. Have a safe summer, be good,
and remember All for One - One for All! - Lester



Classmates and Webby visitors,
Ate solid food for the first time this morning...all went well...and went home
today at noon. Just in bed was killing my's a lot better
now...I'm in my comfy chair and drinking some decent coffee.

Only one incision was made. Am very sore and the doctor said for me to take
short walks to keep the blood circulating. I'm glad the weather has cooled down
so I can follow the doc's orders.

Although, I'm one of the lucky ones whose right intestine was for the removal of
large polyps and not for cancer or any life threatening diseases, Sandra has this to
say, 'colonoscopy can save your life'. So, I'm going to say this again, if you haven't
had a colonoscopy done yet, get one, I don't care how old you are.

Links: webmd bandaidsurgery, Ohio State Medical,
and not for the weak, a 60 Minute Video in CC of the operation


Classmates and Webby visitors,
This week, I'll be having a laparoscopic colectomy surgery (right intestine
resection or the removal of 12 inches of my right intestine). Large polyps
were found during colonoscopy, back in April. No cancer cells were found
but the intestine will be removed as a precaution. I'll be staying at the
hospital for a few days, then sent home for about two weeks.

It will take my body 9 months or earlier to adjust or to accommodate for
the missing intestine. However, after two weeks, I can pretty much return
to my normal routine and still be able to eat what I've been eating. Oh, Boy!
Spicy, dicey, baby! Hot, hot, hot!

So, if you haven't had a colonoscopy done yet, get one, I don't care how
old you are. The fluids you have to drink before the colonoscopy is not as
bad as folks would tell you. Yes, lots of wawa (water) has to be taken
....get over it! It's for the best!

And as DC would say, Cheers!


Please check your e-mail for Reunion information.

If you haven't received the e-mail titled "40th Reunion Update as of Jan 2010"
please let me know.

This week I aim to wear my webmaster hat and return to webby duties on this


Hello Classmates!

I want to thank the NCSD Classmates of 1970 for electing me as
your Class President, I am glad to be of service.

We have come a long ways in providing a central point of providing
information for us '70 Classmates, from our first newsletter in the early 1980s,
to the newsletters in the first 3 years of the Y2Ks and to the website afterwards
to today. Just like the technology of old, from TTYs, fax, IM chat, and e-mails
and now Blackberrys and VRS.

And yes, for those who keeps prompting and poking me, I'm actively working on
getting VRS.

Moving forward, Donnie Crump and I are still in the pre-planning stages of our
40th Reunion in 2010 and we will keep you informed when this program picks up

Our next Class meeting is during halftime of the football game. If there are issues
and business that you would like to see discussed on the table, you may e-mail
them to me so I can prep it on the agenda or let us know when old/new business
is called upon.

Next time you folks talk to Randy, with e-mail, chat, or VRS, please thank him for
the hard work he has done for the Class during the last 9 years.

See ya'll at Homecoming!
One for all, all for one!

And PS: Let's not forget to thank John and Richard for performing the election


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This page was last updated on 04/21/2012.


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