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                                      Class Mascots

Have you ever wondered whatever became of our Class Mascots? I finally found both of their
e-mail addresses and Ann Fleming's response is published below. She has also indicated that she
will send us a recent picture of her and maybe her family as soon as she finds time in her busy lifestyle.

 Taking a break from her duties sponsoring the        Jeff joined us for the 2005 Reunion Event.
 the NCSD Class of 2006 during the HC of 2005.

    Ann Fleming Krohn

I graduated from NCSD in 1984. I earned Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts from Gallaudet University in Dec. 1990. I worked for NationsBank (now Bank of America) in Greensboro, for 8 years as a loan specialist. I also worked part time as an ASL instructor for Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, for 3 years.

I served as a board member for the Communication Services for the Deaf/HH, (Guilford county) for 7 yrs.(1992-1999) I was chairperson of the board for the last of those two years. I also served as a board member, representing the East Region for Gallaudet University Alumni Association (GUAA) for three years (1998-2001).

I got involved in doing mission work; I helped build a school for the Deaf and worked with the deaf children in Montego Bay, Jamaica in Sept. 1996. I also worked with the deaf people in Russia, in Oct 1998.

I met and married Thomas "Tom" Krohn (he graduated from FSDB (Florida School for the Deaf and Blind)) on July 17, 1999. I moved to Wilson to be with my hubby. I worked for ENCSD as a teacher assistant for a year. We moved to Morganton (Tom got a job transfer to NCSD), in the summer of 2000. I currently work for NCSD as a teacher assistant for 2 1/2 yrs now.

Currently, I am working on getting my Teacher's License. My goal is to work with High School OCS (Occupational Course of Study) students. I have two sons, Nicholas and Nathan.

What sports and/or other activities did you participate at NCSD and Gallaudet University?

NCSD: Class of 1984 Treasurer (4 years), Anchor Club, Booster Club, Drama Club, Yearbook committee, and Homecoming committee.
Gallaudet Univ: Class of 1988 activities; Buff and Blue newspaper writer, Rock Festival committee, Rock Festival security committee, Tour Guide for visitors, Career Peer Advisor, Volunteer Student Resident Advisor, and Drama.

What is your favorite vacation spot?
Seaside and Rosemary beach in Florida, Hawaii, and Russia

What is your all time favorite TV show and movies?
Wheel of Fortune & Lifetime movies

What are your hobbies?
Crafts (when time permits), reading, cooking desserts, and playing with my boys.

What are your favorite foods and recipes?
Chicken fingers, potato skins, grilled cheese sandwich, and desserts ~ cant resist! ;-)

Have a great day!

      Jeff McCray has been contacted and we are
                waiting a response from him.

                                          This page was last updated on 03/23/2011.


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