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                          Class Trip to Florida

Rankin Hall Kids Goodwin Hall Kids Joiner Hall Upper School Extracurricular Activities Sports Class Trip to Raleigh Class Trip to Florida Class Trip to Georgia Mystery Lake Myers Views from the Clock Tower Debris Page

                        Don't forget these pictures will enlarge when you click on them.

                                                  Getting ready for the Trip.
                                                        November 13, 1969

                                                                     Photos courtesy of Richard Glover.

                                                      On the way to Florida!
                                     Photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs.            These two photos are courtesy of Richard Glover.

               Richard and Debbie cutting up.                     Richard and Gary posing for the camera.
                                                                   Both photos courtesy of Richard Glover.

                                                         A cool couple, eh?

 While we were in Florida, we were party guests at the Florida School for the Deaf, hosted by the Jr.
 N.A.D. chapter. During the party, there was a dance contest called Freeze Dance, or something like
that, and while dancing there would be a signal to freeze. People would try to "unfreeze" the dancing
  couples by making them laugh or draw their attention. According to Louise, she and Lewis won the
                                                      Thanks to Louise for providing the above two pictures.

                                                            Cape Kennedy

.                                                       November 14, 1969

Getting Ready to Watch the Liftoff of Apollo 12.

            The huge, 363-foot tall Apollo 12 space vehicle is
                                          launched from  Pad A, Launch Complex 39, Kennedy
                                          Space Center, at 11:22 a.m.         

                                                             Daytona Beach

                                                    Class Picture on the Beach.
                                                                       Photo courtesy of Richard Glover.

                   Many, many Thanks to Richard Glover for sharing pictures for this website!

  If I'm paying, she rides with me!
                         Keep your eye on the road... er, path, Linda!

                                     Richard and Lewis bemusing themselves on
                                       the goofy mirror.
Photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs.

                                             Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.

  No Sampling  Allowed.......Darn.
                                                          A lesson learned, eh?  
                                                                             Photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs.
.                                                       November 15, 1969
                                       Class picture at the entrance at Marineland.

                                                       A cool day in Florida?
                                                                     Photo courtesy of Richard Glover.

   A Very Brave Handler. 
                                        Atta, Girl! Debbie Rescuing Lester.

                                       The Glass-bottom boat tour in Silver Springs
.                                                       November 16, 1969

                                        Photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs.                      Photo courtesy of Richard Glover.

                                                               The trolley ride.

                                                                             Photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs.
                 The Class photo in front of the River View Motel near the end of our trip.

                                                                           Photo courtesy of Richard Glover.

                                                      And of course our bus driver.
                                                                           Photo courtesy of Richard Glover.

                                                    Some of us in the motel rooms.
                                                                           Photos courtesy of Richard Glover.

        The Debris Team found this picture from Lester's long lost archives over the weekend of
                                                             February, 20, 2005.

                                                     "Good Friends Eating Lunch"
                                                                       Picture courtesy of Deborah Spencer.

This is the second of two pictures found in the NCSD Museum by Curator Jimmy Autrey. This
picture was taken either the morning before our sightseeing tours or in the afternoon after our
sightseeing tours. The other picture he found is the second picture of the Dancing Troupe pictures
near the top of the Extracurricular Activities page.

                                                  Seniors Enjoyed Trip To Florida
                                Article from the North Carolinian January-February 1970

                  More pictures of Florida from Gary Hunning's gallery can be seen here.


Apollo 12 liftoff photo courtesy of NASA.

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and was last updated on 09/05/2012.


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