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Welcome to the NCSD Class of 1970 web site, where your ole friends live on in cyberspace!

Visitors are invited to step back in time and experience first hand the life and landscape of a few Deaf students who lived in an era of our lives in what we call our NCSD years before we parted ways to join the fabric of American life.

This site is intended to be a cyberspace scrapbook for all members associated with the Class of 1970. Contributions to this web site are greatly appreciated. If you are an alumnus and would like to contribute to this site, please email articles, pictures, and other memory tid-bits to

We are grateful for your visit to our corner of the web, particularly because we know it is always in such a state of repair. From here we offer a path to other parts of our place as well as directions to the work of other folks that we think you may find interesting.

Feel free to wander around everything that we have to offer. With several hundred pages scattered throughout the domain, something is bound to catch your attention.

We hope you enjoy your visit and will be cheerful even if you can only stop long enough to say hi. Please enjoy and make the most of the
410 sum odd pages that are here free for the reading.

Our plans for the future:
This website, its pages and the technical infrastructure that supports it are still being developed with a view to incrementally improving the functionality (the 'perpetual beta') and user experience over time.

On May 11, 2009, to celebrate our 300th page, a Sitemap was added to this site. Although the sitemap has been in development on and off for three years, the format of the listing was finally decided on sometime in March 2009 and was completed in time for the milestone's arrival.

The Google search pad was also in development on and off for three years and was mostly time-consuming not so much in the coding but in the pad's format. We decided to keep it simple, which is what you see today and you could say it's in beta because we want to make some enhancements later on down the road.

Please be reminded that Google will not pick up words in graphics, such as articles from The North Carolinian. Only letters or wordings that has been typed onto the website, search engines will read them.

Enjoy our little corner of the web!


This page was last updated on 10/10/2012.


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