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                             Our Teachers Then and Now

Marilyn Williams

Then and Now
The pic on the left is from page 92 of our yearbook and according to DC "it
was taken during some kind of a race game 'seat a person from one end of the
room to another end'. I don't recall how the participants were chosen and
paired, but the occasion was one of those high school social activities in
the Student Union Building planned on Saturdays...or was that Sundays?"

 Students in the left photo are: first row, l-r; Ann Meshaw ('72), DC and Mrs.
Williams, Roberta Silver ('72), and our famous filmographer, Gary Hunnings. The
three in the back are hard to identify although the student with glasses
between Williams and Gary looks to be Jimmy Ledford ('72).

The picture on the right was taken at the wake after Mikki Simpson's funeral
services on June 6, 2009. The owner of this photo is unknown, however, DC
and Ye Ole Webmaster would like to give a big thank you to Phillip Hailey
for sending this photograph.

Ann Aldridge

June 6, 2007 -
During my nephew, Dale's, graduation ceremonies, it did not
take me too long to realize that one of the participants in the program was
Ann Aldridge! She was an Educational Director during our last year of
school. Even though she was not a teacher for any of my classes (as
far as I can remember), I do remember talking with her on a number of
occasions. After 37 years, it was a wonderful delight to see each other
again. Although I was being pulled to do my family duties, I managed
to get her e-mail address for future communications and get a stranger
to snap a picture of us.

June 7, 2007
With appreciation to Mrs. Crutchfield's daughter, Anne Chastain, arraignments
were made for me to pay a visit to Mrs. Crutchfield, one of my many
favorite teachers at NCSD. Mrs. Crutchfield was delighted to receive the
Class of 1970 coffee mug from our Classmates. She also wishes to express
her love to ALL of her students she taught at NCSD.


November 1, 2006
Pictures of Bashie Crutchfield, 90 years young!
Left picture: former Classmates of 1970, l to r: Marion Parris ('69), Jimmy Miller
('69) and Jeannie Parris ('69). The young lady in the picture on the right is
believed to be Mrs. Crutchfield's niece, Betty Lou Delaughter, who's mother,
Willie May Delaughter, supposedly worked in the office with Mrs. Sheppard, Head
Supervisor of Main Building during our school years.
Thanks to Marion Parris for sharing these pictures.
(These two pictures and paragraphs above was originally posted on the Webmaster's Notes
page and was appropriately moved to this page).

Harold and Patricia Deuel
Going by the Yearbooks, Mr. Deuel joined NCSD in the fall of 1967 as a teacher,
Football Coach, and started the Wrestling Team as Head Coach. Mrs. Patricia
Deuel joined NCSD as a Librarian at Rankin Hall in the fall of 1968 and later as
a Librarian at Upper Scholl during our last year.

After we graduated, Mr. Deuel went on to officiate Wrestling matches while
still serving as Wrestling Coach at NCSD. After officiating Wrestling Matches
for over 30 years, Mr. Deuel is the only Deaf North Carolinian to do so.

This picture was taken October 29, 2004
and no other information is available.

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