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November-December 1969 Page 15
SUMMARY Continued from page 6

                                                            If you are not familiar with the times of
                                                            the basketball games, the girls started    
                                                           at 6:30 and the boys afterwards, usually
                                                           at 8:00 unless, of course, when the girls
                                          game went into overtime.  

During the first Sunday of football camp, while the players were trickling in,
much to my surprise, I saw and chatted with Kathy Eubanks. Come to find out,
she had participated in the summer of 1969's V.R. program showcased in the
above article. She had five days left before she went back home for a week and
came back when school opened.


The Halloween Party article reminded me of only 2 or 3 that I can remember and
it always amazes me how the students would come up with creative ways to
costume themselves using everyday clothing articles. I'm sure some of them had
the foresight to bring extra articles from home and to obtain make-up materials
from a variety of sources...teachers?...girls?

A previous fall issue of The North Carolinian had pictures of us Classmates in
 costumes and these can be seen here.


On a personal trip to Memory Lane, my Dad attended one of these basketball
games with me during one of his weekly work trips in the Army National Guard.
He was "stationed" for a week at the National Guard Armory in Morganton and
took me out for supper every night that week. The first night, Monday, he
showed up at Hoffmeyer Hall and the boys were awed that he drove up in a
Army vehicle (a brown 4 door 1960 Ford Galaxie Starliner).

At the end of the boys game on this particular basketball game night just before
we were leaving Underhill Gym, he heard the students hollering that it was
snowing outside. Sure enough, there was just about an inch of snow on the
ground and it was snowing heavily.

Anyway, he was able to arrange his weekly work schedule because on Friday, it
was the 12 o'clock going home weekend so this had to occur in Jan/Feb of 1966, 1967, or 1968.

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