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January - February 1968 Page 17 Expanded Edition

Monogram Club Logo from 1970 Yearbook, page 79
It's alright, my hair will grow back....
New members of the Monogram Club get the traditional head
scalping as part of their initiation.
1968 Monogram Club Sergeants-at-Arms Dee Clanton ('69)
with the clippers and Boyd Arrington ('69) steadying Gary.
This picture was also featured in the 1968 Yearbook on page 67.

From the 1966 Yearbook, page 65.

List of 1970 Classmates Who Joined By Year
1965 - 1966 - Brian Brizendine, Randy Caines, Lee McDaniel, and Steve Warren.
1966 - 1967 - Jimmy Gibbs, Berry Hamrick, Val Lowery, and Donnie McLamb.
1967 - 1968 - Gary Hunnings
1968 - 1969 - Donnie Crump, Melvin Murray, and Lewis Suggs.
1969 - 1970 - Ray Branch, Richard Glover, Lester Latkowski, and John Smith.

1970 Classmates Who Officiated in the Club
1967-1968 - Brian Brizendine, Treasurer
1968-1969 - Steve Warren, Secretary
 1969-1970 - Randy Caines, President; Donnie Crump, Secretary;
Lewis Suggs, Treasurer and Lee McDaniel, Sergeant-At-Arms.

Tons of thanks to DC for the idea of creating a list of Classmates who became members 'cause
Ye Ole Webmaster expanded on this by adding a list of Classmates who became officers.

1969-1970 Monogram Club
Monogram Club from the 1970 Yearbook, page 79
First row, left to right: Randy Caines, President; John Williamson ('71), Vice-President; Donnie
Crump, Secretary; Lewis Suggs, Treasurer; Roger Jones ('71) and Lee McDaniel, Sergeants-At-Arms;
Gary Hunnings, Steve Warren, and Gary Duncan ('71). Second Row: Leon Barnwell ('73), Darrell
Moore ('73), Richard Bowman ('72), Stacey James ('72), Melvin Murray, Berry Hamrick, Marty Blakely
('72), Jim Collins ('71), and Jim Gibbs. Third row: David Hendrix ('73), Bobby Duncan ('73), Jimmy
Dixon ('73), Lynn Emmett (?), Steve Lancaster ('71), Worth Little ('74), Kenneth Simmons ('72),
Donnie Reeves ('72), and Buster Bowman ('71). Fourth row: Mr. Harold Deuel, Sponsor; Ray Branch,
Wayne Snow, ('71), Richard Glover, John Smith, Juan Medina (?), Steve Rivenbark, ('73), Steve
Power ('71), Larry Merritt ('71), and Mr. Marvin Tuttle, Sponsor.

Below is a copy of the actual document a member receives
after joining the Monogram Club.
Ye Ole Webmaster's Monogram Award
The Debris Team found this during the research and Ye Ole Webmaster had completely forgotten
that he actually received this document even though he bought his Monogram jacket from
another member. Looking closely, you will see that my last name is spelled wrong. Does this
mean that this document is worth more because of that mistake?
For fraud prevention, signatures are distorted.
H. G. Royall, Principal; Marvin Tuttle, Head Coach;
Peter Ripley, Athletic Director, and Harold Deuel, Coach.

The Head Scalping Room Today
Those were the days, my friends, we thought would never end...
This is the same room where the head scalping rituals took place.
This was also the barber shop in those days. All haircuts were free
except for crew cuts, which were 25 cents. I know because in my
 first year here, I sported a crew cut, so the next year, I made the
barber lose money by growing my hair longer...heh, heh, heh.
This pic was snapped on 06/06/06.

Click on picture below to go further down Memory Lane.
Memories are made of this...

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