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January - February 1968 Page 15 & 20

This posting is in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of
the 1968 Football Banquet which occurred
Homecoming Weekend - October 18, 2008.


Gary Hunnings filmed brief segments of the above Football Banquet
which can be seen here.

For those wondering about the Chapel Fund:
The Chapel on the NCSD campus was built after our time at
school, but the financial collections aspect was separate...
as in separation of church and state...The North Carolinian
(and probably with the PTA) inserted "Ads" throughout the
 magazine's pages in support to assist in the collections
of funds for the Chapel.

I purposely left this "ad" in the above article as an authenticity
for The North Carolinian series as well as a possible future
featurette regarding the Chapel elsewhere.

1968 Football Banquet's 40th Anniversary
Homecoming Weekend - October 18, 2008.

First row, l-r: David Hendrix, Berry Hamrick, Randy Caines, Lee McDaniel, Fred Ballew, Dee Clanton Darrel Moore, Harold Deuel, Coach,
and Jimmy Gibbs. Second row: Jimmy Dixon, Tony Moore, Stacy James, Roger Jones, and John Williamson. Third row: Donnie Crump,
Richard Bowman, Marty Blakely, behind Gene Oxendine is Delton Chance, Steve Wilson, Steve Lancaster, Edward Robinson,
Steve Rivenbark, Kenneth Simmons, Lynn Emmett, Leon Barnwell, Tommy Nance, Marion Parris, and Billy Cobb.

Tri-Captains of the team were, Fred Ballew, Lee McDaniel and Dee Clanton.

And as Barbara Morton said, The Pep Squad encouraged the boys to be champions!
First row, l-r: Cheerleaders: Brenda Davis Proctor, Una Clark Caines, Barbara Morton, President; Sandra Dixon Barbour, and Marion
Gibbs. Back row: Eva Mae Bruce Wilson, Barbara Oxendine, Barbara Clewis Williamson, Lois Powell, Jean Spence Parris, Ann Young,
Linda Dixon, Ella Mae Foust, and Janet Misenheimer.

L-R: Linda McCall, Barbara Morton, Brenda Davis Proctor and Una Clark Caines.

In Memory of Football Players:
Lewis Suggs, Larry Triplet, Jerry Warren, Kenneth Setzer Gerald Hurley and Coach Marvin Tuttle.

And Pep Squad Members:
Peggy Russell, Helen Green, Betty Hughes and Joyce Sigmon.


If you would like to see your pictures of the 40th Anniversary 1968 Football Banquet on this website
please send them to Ye Ole Webmaster as listed on the Contacts page.

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