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September 1964 Page 05

Class of 1970 Enrollment of the 1964-1965 Session

Conversations With the Parris Continues
We didn't realize that there were about 6 students from NCSD Class '70
 joining NCSD Class '69 but in different years. Just looked up in NCSD
yearbooks .......

1964 - '65 Dee Clanton skipped 7th grade to join Class '69 eighth graders
(as evidenced in the enrollment list below)

1965 - '66 Mary Ann Fowler Swinney, Marion Parris and Jeannie Spence Parris
skipped 8th to join Class '69 freshmen

1967 - '68 Neia White Woolard and Elwyen Leatherman skipped 10th to join
 Class '69 Juniors

1968 - '69 Brenda Bray skipped junior year with 1970 to Class '69 Seniors because
of her age and ready to graduate early at that time.

As the Yearbooks shows, 6 students from Class '70 skipped to Class of '69.

Ye Ole Webmaster replied:
You verified what I found out through The North Carolinian school magazines,
although the magazine did not print the attendance listing in the last few years
we were there, but your results are the same as I found when I looked at
the yearbooks last week (the last week of January 2008). I was planning to
do another list by years of the students leaving Class of 70 to
Class of 69 but you did all of the work for me,
Thank you very much!


Further research also shows that Barry Hamrick and Gary Hunnings as well as
John Smith skipped grades to the Class of 1970.

Another item of interest is that if you look at the listing below , you'll see
2 grades mixed in several classes,  I found Mr. Turley had 6th and 7th graders
in one class. The last two classes shows Mrs. Walker and Mrs. Chase
having 5th and 6th graders as members of their home rooms.

This was also the same year that Donna Canady and Ray Rich joined our
Class. Their pictures are shown two issues later. Donna, as listed below, was
in Mrs. Hotchkiss home room, however, Ray Rich was in Mr. Turley's home
room but is not listed in the enrollment listing...possibly joining NCSD after
the enrollment listing was published?

Ye Ole Webmaster could have been a member of the Class of 1969! After
my loss of hearing was discovered late in first grade, my parents thought
it would be best if I repeated first grade to make sure I didn't miss anything.
Mmmm, I didn't miss the Class of 1970, that's for sure!


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