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                   Joyce Ann Sigmon Benfield
                                                             E-Mail Archives

Webmaster's Note:
For archiving purposes, this is a collection of e-mails received informing us about our Classmate Joyce.

E-Mail Received from David Frye 07/15/07:
Here is the memorial services notice....Joyce's body will be cremated the first thing Monday morning, July 16, 2007 and there will be a memorial services at the Hickory Baptist Church for the Deaf the following evening at 6 PM (Monday). I will keep you informed when I do hear more from her family after the memorial services.

That's all I can tell you for right now and may Godspeed on her and the rest of her family and please do remember her in your mind and heart as she was a very great friend of yours in the Class of 1970.
David Frye
Hickory Record Obituary


E-Mail Received from David Frye:
Dear Lester:
I regret to inform you that Joyce Ann Sigmon Benfield has died of a heart attack on Friday, July 13, 2007 before midnight before arriving to Frye Regional Medical Center here in Hickory, NC. I was told that she had heart problems and hard to breathe at around 9:30 PM.

Funeral services for Joyce Ann Sigmon Benfield is incomplete, but will notify you when the funeral services will be confirmed. It was me, Kim & Sammy Towery and Chris Cazire in whom we had seen her body came to a rest in one of the emergency rooms. I do not know what else to say as I am taking it too hard while typing you this
e-mail. David Frye

E-Mail Received from Randy Caines:
Joyce Sigmon VPed me last Wed. nite and she's doing okay! Her doctor told
her that her heart is weak. She will have to have a heart pacemaker very
soon. She will also have to stop smoking. She did not smoke after she
woke up from hospital. Her lungs are fine. She's very lucky and it's miracle
like me 4 years ago. Louise mailed her a get well card and $20.
Sincerely yours,

E-Mail Received from Randy Caines:
06/13/07 - She came home today. She is weak but a friend is taking
care of her. We keep praying for her to get better soon.

E-Mail Received from David Frye:
06/10/07 - I have obtained a message on my cell phone while I was at work,
as of today and I was informed by the staff at the nurse station at
Catawba Valley Medical Center that Joyce is now conscious and is recovering
very well. That's the good news about her being in good shape and they had
moved her to Room 525 in which she is still on the ICU 5th floor. I am planning
on seeing her Tuesday and I plan to e-mail you back when I am done visiting
her and you will receive the full information from me, okay? :-) That's all I can
say for right now until you hear from me.
David Frye

E-Mail Received from Randy Caines:
06/10/07 - I called her nurse...she's doing okay and breathing better. She will
go home very soon. I'm glad that she's doing better. Whew! We did prayed
hard for her.

E-Mail Received from David Frye:

06/08/07 - Joyce's lungs collapsed around 9pm last Sunday night, June 3rd,
and was rushed to Catawba Valley Medical Center. The latest about her tonight
as of 9:21 pm is that she is still unconscious but stable.

Here is Joyce's address at the hospital.... Joyce Ann Benfield, Catawba Valley
Medical Center, Room 509, 810 Fairgrove Church Road, S.E., Hickory, NC 28602.
Flowers will NOT be accepted at this time while she is in the ICU. Whenever
she is being transferred to another room later on....henceforth; flowers may be
sent to her room.

I am very sorry that has happened to her and I know in my heart how much you
all, the Class of 1970 really love her allot more than you think of that. I do, too!
Alas, Joyce needs each of you all to pray for her and have Him to recover her
strength in His hands. Please don't hesitate to do that for her, okay? :-)

If you have any questions regarding Joyce or this e-mail, please be advised to let
me know. Godspeed on Joyce Benfield, Class of 1970 and the rest of them
throughout the world. Thank you! :-)

Best regards,
David P. Frye, Hickory, NC (Class of 1971)

Webmaster's Note: I will be in touch with David Frye and Randy will call
the hospital and let me know of any changes.

Joyce Ann Sigmon Benfield's Memorial Page
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This page was last updated on 03/23/2011.


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