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                                 Lester Latkowski

This is me in 1969,
Yep, that's me! I praticed for this pose a thousand times.

And this is me today, well, circa 2004
Yep, that's me! I praticed for this pose from high school.
This was a live webcam of me working on this website. Click on Refresh/Reload
on your browser to see an updated image....not. should go some usefull text...  :-)
The wife, Di, wanted an updated pix of me on this page...ok, well I gave her
my digicam..."WHAT?!" says Di. I says to her " You want a new pix of me here,
the camera ain't gonna take my pix by after taking 36 snaps of me
on the early hours of my birthday, she picked this one she liked.
"Thank you, Baby!"

A quick fix, eh?
MP had begged (pestered) me for years to post this cartoon of me on this page. Well, as you
can see, I finally caved in for the world to see. This drawing was taken (or is that drawned?) before
 I left the office occupation that I was in. The date 8-5 is actually August 1995 and the cartoon was
clipped from (we think) the local Raleigh newspaper. Appreciation goes to the cartoonist Wiley,
whoever and wherever you are!

My newfound quote:
Learn from the past, Live for today, Look for tomorrow, take a nap this afternoon.

Due to the seemingly unending and tireless devotion to our website, I have been
unable to find a minute to work on my own webpage. As such, this page remains
under construction.

So stay tuned, and if you don't mind, keep them pictures coming, I'll see if I can
finish this page after ALL the pictures has been sent in.

Artist At Work!

I'm going to brag a little bit to make the make the Artist at Work icon worthwhile:

In the meantime, check out my updated Raves and Rants blogsite.

And if you need PC tips, check out my Tech Files.
You can also check my article My Career as a Radio DJ at NCSD

HDTV antennas
I am now ready for HDTV by installing new HDTV antennas
in my backyard.

During the Tall Tales portion of our 35th Reunion, Berry enthused us Classmates
about my radio broadcasting career in Hoffmeyer Hall, so to continue this
tradition, I offer the following radio stations that can be streamed to your

100.7, The River, It's All About the Music
If I were to program a
radio station, this is it!

Click on Listen Live

 106.9 The Fox          95.7, The Ride!          Classic Rock 92           100.3, The Buzzard
Click on Listen                                                    Click on Listen Live              Click on Listen Live.
      Online                                                              then click OK.                   Sign up and click no
                                                                                                                   for email newsletters.

Some TV Shows I Watch:

(in no specific order)
LOST  CSI: CSI: NY CSI: MIAMI The Mentalist NCISTwo and a Half MenGhost Whisperer The Unit Chuck  My Name is Earl Rules of Engagment Flashpoint

VH1 Classic

This is ABC.
OK, people, you can STOP sending me news clips and info. Twice daily, I get
my news from ABC News, where more Americans get their news from ABC News
than from any other source.

Some TV Shows I Miss:

(in no specific order, except Nowhere Man )

Life On Mars Alias October Road Traveler Men in Trees Jericho Journeyman Yuk, yuk, yuk! Star Trek: Next Generation Star Trek: Voyager Star Trek: Enterprise Alien Nation Sliders Tales of the Crypt Stephen King's "The Golden Years" Amazing Stories Twin Peaks The Outer Limits Night Gallery CBS Evening Lies With Dan Rather Kojack - "Who Loves Ya, Baby?" Thirty Something Swingtown Mannix

And now...the moovies I like:
(again, in no specific order)
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest California Kid Dirty Dozen The Right Stuff Twilight Zone - The Movie 2001: a space odyssey Blazing Saddles The World According To Garp H. G. Wells - War of the Worlds Midnight Express Stephen King's "The Langoliers" The Thorn Birds Apollo 13 Capricorn One Close Encounters of the Third Kind Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark Robinson Crusoe On Mars

All radio, TV shows and movie images are courtesy of their respective entities.

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This page was last updated on 03/23/2011.


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