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                         Louise Isenhour Luther

Webmaster entry:
Louise won the coveted chair as
St. Paddy's Day Queen during the DCAD (Davidsion County
Association of the Deaf) event on March 17

As Queen, she had to show her cute side.

There are more photos of her in facebook. To find these
pictures, do a DCAD search on your fb page.

Louise Mom is at home, her Dad is a male nurse...she is doing very well and
has already started walking. A therapist is helping her at home.

From e-mail dated: 07/16/08
On July 3rd, my Mom fell and broke her hip... my Dad took her to hosp...they
were planning on operating on Mom's hip right away... but they realized that they
couldn't operate on her cuz her heart beated irregular... all of us were shocked...
Mom was shocked too...they were thinking abt putting pacemaker in her...later
Dr went in to see her and talked to her abt medications...they run tests on her
heart on July 4th... they planned on to go head to do operation...then they
couldn't do it cuz of short help...(holiday)...they went on head operated on her
on July 5th... she left the hosp on July 12th to go to rehab... she's doing
alright...she's going to leave rehab to go home tmw... I'm so excited... my dad
told my husband, Michael, that Mom s going home tmw... I have to wait and see
for sure if she s going home tmw...Louise

Louise Isenhour Luther
27 E. Thom St.
China Grove, N.C. 28023


After graduation, I worked at Cannon Mills, hemmed pillow cases and then I was self-employed in Day Care. In January of 2003, I started working at a Animal Hospital in Kannapolis where I groom cats and dogs.

I got married on 3/27/1971, have 2 kids, and both are hearing.

First car was a 1968 Ford Mustang and my  favorite vacation spot is High Rock Lake Campground.

My favorite TV show today is "The Word" (

My favorite movie is "Left Behind". Hobbies
are crafts, sewing and work on my flowers.
Favorite food - salad.

I bought my first computer on December 15, 2000 and my 3 favorite web sites are:,, and

I also collect Little Rascals and butterflies.






















Louise with husband Michael
and son, Mathew.

Our oldest son, Josh.

Louise and Michael during their oldest son's

Josh and Betheny on their wedding day,
July 17, 2004 with Mathew behind them.


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