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                                     Gary Hunnings

October 20, 1949 - January 10, 2014
Gary, you will be missed!
His Memorial Page can be found here.

Webmaster: Gary texted me a few days ago indicating he was to be released and
sent home yesterday (Friday 12/28/12). He said his body and heart is left 20 0/0
on fluids and hopes heart & body will be improved very soon.
Gary sends his love to everyone, hopes everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Webmaster: Gary texted me yesterday a full transcript of his conversations with
the doctors and nurses and I'm condensing this to a summary:
He was brought in to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, NC for
swollen feet and difficulty in breathing. Stress test and cat scan
was negative for blockages and is being treated for anginal chest pain.

Gary with friend, Mike Pate

Vidant Medical Center
Room 2N268 North Tower
2100 Stantonsburg Road
PO Box 6028
Greenville, North Carolina 27835-6028


Hi Lester, I had been lot of pain, pain, on my chest, like a bee sting, about 9:30 Friday
night (05/04/12). I called my sister, Mary Hunnings say go ahead and call 911. Rescue bring me
to emergency room and wait to move another room about 2:00 am on Saturday
morning. Nurse gave me EKG patch on my chest and nurse said I had a bad heart. I went to
surgery at 12:00 pm and doctor put stints in my heart. No eating and bed rest for 2
 days. Doctor said stint was put in the heart's right coronary arteries.
I say I love you all. Gary Hunnings
Prez note: Gary VPed me about noon yesterday and he was in very good spirits, looks
good and still funny. Be sure to send him your love! Lester

Gary and Alanna Biddix Hunnings
917 Mizell St.
Greenville, NC 27834
VP- 252-364-3072
My Sprint cell is: 910-381-9322

We had lunch with Lester, his wife
Diane and MamaPat at Bill's BBQ in
Wilson, NC on Saturday, June 25, 2005.
Unfortunately, Randy could not make
it because Una's Dad became ill. We
hope the best for Una's Dad.

The meeting was originally planned as
part of preparations to complete the
plans for our 35th Reunion activities.

The biggest reason I was there was to
give Lester about 100 35mm slides of
pictures taken during our school years
to put on this website. Also, I gave
him a VHS tape of 8mm films so that
he can share with us. I am keeping
Lester busy so that he can stay out of
trouble. Hee, hee, hee!

             Gary and Alanna Biddix Hunnings

        And Lester wanted his picture taken, too

I like to thank Lester Latkowski for contributing these above pictures and for
creating this page.

Debris Team note: We're tremendously excited exhibiting
Gary Hunnings' NCSD film memories, curator of Lester Latkowski
says "I hope this will inspire new contributors. There are people who think
sharing memories on the web isn't cool, and maybe this will cause them to think
twice about that. It just doesn't get cooler than this!"

Gary's Media List
First group of pictures can be seen here - Gary's Florida Pictures
Second group - Gary's Dormitory Pictures
Third group - Jr-Sr Prom of 1970
Fourth Group - 75th Anniversary Pictures
Fifth Group - Scouting Page

First of 8mm films can be seen here - NCSD's 75th Anniversary
Second 8mm film - School Picnic Film
Third 8mm film - Morganton's Recreation Pool Film
Fourth film - Snow
Fifth 8mm film - Playmore Beach
Sixth 8mm film - 1968 Football Banquet
Seventh 8mm film - 1968 Dance After Football Banquet
Eighth 8mm film - Senior Florida Trip - Cape Kennedy
Ninth 8mm film - Senior Florida Trip - Daytona Beach
Tenth 8mm film - Senior Florida Trip - Marineland
Eleventh 8mm film - Senior Florida Trip - Alligator Farm
Twelfth 8mm film - Senior Florida Trip - Boys in Motel Room
Thirteenth 8mm film - Senior Florida Trip - Last Day in Florida
Fourteenth 8mm film - Scouting - Camp McCall

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This page was last updated on 04/15/2014.


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