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                                                          Randy's Page 2

Randy Caines
376 Messer Loop Rd.
Burgaw, NC 28425-2690
My email address is:
Text: 1-910-297-1956
AIM chat ID: beachboyhrc

After graduation, I worked as a Printer
Pressman in Wilmington, Dormitory Counselor
at ENCSD, Butcher at a sausage company in
Nashville, Tenn., and my last job was an
Autopsy Assistant and Courier for New Hanover
Regional Medical Center, Wilmington, NC. Now
I am retired on disability.

I was married twice, 1973 with 2 kids, both
hearing and in 1989, I married Una Clark, an
NCSD Class of 1969 alumni.

My first car was a 1966 Mustang V6. 

I have so many favorite vacation spots so I can't
pick just one.

My all time favorite TV show is CSI. Favorite
movie is Die Hard and favorite foods are Chinese       
and the South Beach Diet.

I got my first computer in 2001 and my favorite
websites are ncsd1970, news, weather, sports,

NASCAR is my hobby and I miss "3"! I also keep
up with pro and college football and college

Click on either logos below to go to my favorite
Dale Earnhardt websites.

3          3

      Yep, that's me with my display of NASCAR
   mementoes of Dale Earnhardt. (Picture taken
               by Lester at my Christmas Party,)
                            December 17, 2005.


May 29, 2005
Howdy my Ole Classmates & Friends!
Una and I moved temporarily to Supply, NC from
Castle Hayne on April 2nd! 15 minutes to
Holden Beach!! We love this beach town!

We had wonderful time at Azalea picnic in
Wilmington! There were about 30 deafies! We
had hot dogs, Coke, sweet tea and Sprite! We
even had good door prizes! There were 4
T-shirts from Paul’s Place Famous Hot Dogs,
lighthouse with clock and welcome bears stuff!
Believe it or not we got 60 hot dogs from Paul’s
Place and they were gone! Paul’s Place special
pickle relish was very delicious!! We had
marvelous time! So keep up with your news to
Lester!! Take care!
Prez Randy
Someone sent me this and I wanted to share
this with you:

My Ears Can't Tell Me, But My Heart Can!
My ears can't tell me but my heart can!
I talk with God.

My ears can't tell me what God says
because I am deaf.
How can I receive His answer?
My heart can tell me!

My ears can't tell me how beautiful music
is about God.
People think I miss the best part
of sounds, but my heart sings to me.
I never really miss the beautiful music
in my life.

My ears do not seem important to me
because God make me deaf
God taught me to listen to my heart,
yes, my heart, mind and eyes are
most important to me because I can feel
and hear from my heart.

God sends his words, promises, answers,
and music to my heart.
I am listening to my heart
because my ears can't tell me,
but my heart can !
Author unknown.

This is my favorite desert recipe:
Banana Split Cake Recipe

Ingredients: Now these are approx.
Graham Cracker (1 box) for crust, crumbed
1 – 2 Sticks of margarine (softened)
1 pkg. cream cheese
1 egg
2 cups of powered sugar
1 can of crushed pineapple (drained)
6-8 bananas
1 tub of cool whip

In a baking dish (oblong), mix graham crackers
and margarine together. Ensure that all is
mixed well and spread over bottom of pan.

Mix cream cheese, egg and sugar together in
bowl…Add more sugar for thickness. You don’t
want the filling too runny. Spread over graham

Slice bananas (long way) and spread over
filling. Top with pineapples and add cool whip,
nuts and cherries.

Best when chilled so place cake in the
refrigerator for several hours. I normally make
my cake the night before and let it sit

 Werk, werk, werk, werk....
  Lester paid me a surprise visit on Saturday,
January 22, '05 so we dived right in to making
          plans for our 35th Class Reunion.

                 Catch of the Day.
    Catch of the Day: This was taken at a Red
     Lobster restaurant in Rocky Mount, NC in
        March of 2005, in one of our rare get
     togethers. Thanks to Lester for providing
                  the above two pictures.

                 The VP and the Prez.
 This is Lester and me at the Four Classes Pig
   Pickin' in Dunn on Nov. 3, 2001. (Thanks to
    Cissy Adams who took this picture and to
                Diana Power ('69) for sending).

      Jr-Sr prom standing.    Jr-Sr prom sitting.
 These are two pictures from our Jr-Sr Prom in
      May of 1969. In the picture on the right,
    sitting behind me is Larry Triplett. Sitting
  behind Una is Fred Ballew and his date, Melba
           Snow, all from the Class of 1969.

                  Summer of Luv.
        Randy and Una, Summer of Love '68.

      Me eating ice cream.    Me eating more ice cream.
    These two pictures were taken during the
     flu epidemic in the winter of 1967. I was
             eating ice cream to cool off.

                  2 years and growing.

                 This is me at 2 years old.

September 09, 2007
During our planning meetings for our 35th Anniversary
Reunion, I gave Lester some pictures to print on my
page. Well, with Lester being so busy planning the
Reunion, these pictures fell under his Reunion files and
he just found them again and asked me about them.
Anyway, here they are:
Amy and Greg House
This is Amy and her hubby Greg at a pinball game house
in Carolina Beach, NC, in 2000.

Randy and Una, spring 2004
This picture was taken at a friend's house in the
spring of 2004.

My grandson, Will House
This is my grandson Will House,
Amy and Greg's son, circa 2004.

Amy and Greg's oldest boy.
Amy and Greg's oldest son.

Lisa and Greg.
My second daughter Lisa married Greg
at their home in Texas, December 21, 2000.

June 01, 2007 - Hi, Ole Bears!
I went to a beach wedding for my niece, Meredith at
Kill Devil Hills, NC on May 12th, 2007. I slept at
beach house with them on weekend! She is my
brother Rusty's daughter...this was beautiful beach
wedding! Wow! Oh, man! I had blast time at beach!
That's why we are beach families! Smile! Randy.
My brother, Rusty's daughter, Meredith's beach wedding.

A true beach shoes!

Meredith's first dance after getting married.


Christy's and Kim's children posing for a group picture in 2005.
Front, left to right; Trinity, Collins, & Catherine,
Kim's children. 2nd row; Alex, Destiny (Kim's), &
Eric Tyler. Back row is Christy and Kim. The boys,
Alex & Eric are Christy's sons. Picture was taken
in December, 2005.

The Houses.
This picture was taken in October, 2005. Greg
and Amy House and their sons, Tyler and William.

Christy's and Kim's children posing for a group picture in 2003.
This is a picture of my daughters and their children.
Front row is Kim's children: Catherine, the twins;
Destiny and Trinity, and the baby, Collin. Second
row are Christy's children: Alex and Eric Tyler. On
the back are: Kim, my youngest, and Christy, my
oldest. This picture was taken on August 30, 2003.

Christy and Kim.
These are my daughters Christy and Kim.





All photos on this page are courtesy of Randy and Una Caines except as indicated.
Dale Earnhardt logos are courtesy of Jayski's Dale Earnhardt Tribute website.


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