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                              Mary Beth Ethridge

Updated photos of Mary Beth and Lee in Florida

Lee and Mary Beth, enjoying retirement in Florida

Talking about plants, etc, since moving down here, Lee remarked
to me every time we go to the stores (Publix grocery, Lowes,
Home Depot, etc), there are always orchid plants (non-fragrant)
for sale cheaply. He's never seen them for sale up in NC and
further north all-year round like here. Lee loves to collect fragrant
 orchids. However because they are costly-around $25 or more,
he can only buy one or two every once in a while. Anyway
here's that photo of him with his orchids. We have three trees
outside of our patio with many different orchids hanging on the branches.
(Message from Mary Beth)

Unusual tree, Lee is holding
a pod.
Believe it or not, this is a White Bird
Plant aka White Bird of Paradise
Webmaster's note: When I first received Mary Beth's picture of the
White Bird plant, I thought for sure this was in the banana plant family because I also
have a banana plant that I've been growing for 4 years now. This plant is not in the
banana plant family although the leaves are described as banana plant shaped. For those
who don't know, Lee was an avid gardener when he and Mary Beth was in NC and I gave
them veggie growing tips. Due to health reasons, Lee had to end the vegetable gardening
adventure and now he's pursuing exotic plants because of the Florida climate. Lucky him.
After a few emails, Mary Beth and I agree that the "unusual tree" Lee is under is a
Sausage Tree (Kigelia pinnata), it will grow to 30 ft. or more and produce large gourd shaped
fruits full of seeds, thus the name. This website offers the best description of the tree
as well as pictures. Thanks for the research, Mary Beth.

White Bird plant at the patio.

Mary Beth and Ye Ole Webmaster are
cat lovers so here's Mary Beth with KC.

Our cat KC, the reason I called him that
is for Kitty Cat. Also the pronunciation is
similar to Casey. Hence, short name, KC.


Mary Beth celebrated her birthday on the 19th surrounded with
friends, Janet Wright (NJ), Mary Wells (WVA), and Patti Schaefer (PA).
Happy Birthday, Mary Beth!

Webmaster's Note: Mary Beth has been in touch with me and
gave me an update on her health and I thought I'd pass
on a short msg from her on her back operation:
I'm getting better little by little everyday after the surgery in late Nov. This surgery
was hard on me esp the recovering part. It is expected to take up to a year for me to
get fully back to normal. I admit I do get impatient or frustrated with that. I still
cannot stand too long more than 15 min at a time or even walk more than 20 min
except with a 4-wheel walker. When we are in the store, I usually hold onto the
grocery cart to do the shopping and by the time we get back to the car, I'm exhausted.
Hard to believe that I'm in that place. But I know with God's help I will recover.

There was a DeafNation Expo event in Orlando, Fl on March 17 and I inquired about that:
It was great seeing John Smith. He looks good and in good spirits. Also saw
Brizendine and Jimmy Miller. Chatted for about 30 min with the two. I didn't really
know them so it was good chance to get to know them.


Let you know that I had an accident last Tuesday. I slipped and fell on icy
sidewalk at the dentist office. I broke my left kneecap in two. I am having
surgery this morning. The doctors will put in two screws to get the cap
together. I will have to stay overnight tonight. And possibly tmw night.

Please pray for success by the doctors and for full recovery.
Thanks, MBE

Lee and I posted pictures of our June 2008's West Coast Experience.
You might need to use KJHP as the password to get in.
Reminder, use capital letters when entering the password.

Lee and I went to the Deaf Cruise October 28 through November 4, 2007
and here are some pictures we wanted to share:

Huge Dining Area-Decks 3, 4 and 5.

Shopping mall on the 5th deck!

Me in port hole, cool, eh?

Friends with Lee and me.

Lee and I ready for bargains!

Shopping in Cozumel, Mexico.

NCSD members on cruise, click on picture to enlarge.

Group picture of all passengers on the cruise.
Click on picture to enlarge.
By the way, Lee and I are standing to the left of the crew members on the third row.
Picture courtesy of Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Cruise.

We had a great time meeting with many of the 3,800 deaf people. We met old friends as well as
making new friends. There were 115 interpreters available. The cruise agenda was to stop at 4
ports which were Labadee in Haiti, Cozumel in Mexico, Georgetown in Grand Cayman, and
Ochos Rios in Jamaica. However, because of the Tropical Storm Noel (which later became a
hurricane) being in the Caribbean waters, the plan to stop at Labadee Haiti was cancelled. So
we went straight to Cozumel Mexico where we got off on the pier, shopped, and went on a
tour for 5 hrs. Next day we went to Grand Cayman. Four boats (capable of holding 60 people)
transported people back and forth to the island and back to ship.

Lastly, we went to Jamaica where we did a tour in Ochos Rios to Dunn River Falls and did some
shopping. The last two days of the cruise was spent at sea where many of the Deaf shopped in
the many shoppes, had coffee drinks in cafe, ice cream at Ben & Jerry's, snacks and pizzas in
the mall on 5th deck. The ship itself has 15 decks (or floors).

There were a number of different swimming pools, many hot tubs and lounging areas all over the
11th deck as well as a huge cafeteria. On the 7th deck was a computer room where anyone can
access their emails and news for a fee. On the 3rd and 4th decks were the casino and bars. Also
on the 14th deck, we attended bible study every morning where about 150 deaf came as well.

All in all, we had a great experience. The story about several people who died on the ship is
exaggerated. We learned just one deaf man from Nebraska died from a heart attack in his
sleep. There was only one memorial service during the cruise which was for this man. No one
was arrested for anything! This is to dispel all those rumors out there about what happened
on the cruise.


Kimba May 2007
Thought you might like to see these photos of our cat, Kimba. See how long his body is!
Typical of a half bobcat, I guess.

Kimba June 2006
More pictures of our Lynx (bobcat) and tabby mixed cat. (06/05/06)
When Lester paid us a visit last month (May 9th) he was wondering why we had boxes lined
up against the base of the stairwell railings. When Kimba had his spurge of energy the other
day, he could not stop in time on our slippery floor and tumbled down the stairs through the
railings. So, Lee came up with boxes lined up to keep Kimba from falling when he runs from
the kitchen to the hallway.

Lester paid us another visit after finishing another of his service calls and wanted
to take a picture with the new member of our family. (May, 09, '06)

This is our new kitten which I named "Kimba". He is a 7 week old Lynx
(bobcat) and tabby mixed cat. He is called Highland Lynx. We are enjoying
having a cat in our life.
(May 7, 2006)

Here we are, one of the "Mini-Reunions" that occurred at Randy's
Christmas Party on December 17, 2005.

Lester was in town today (11/25/05) and he paid us a surprised visit when he finished
up a service call in Jacksonville. We had a good time yakking (signing) for almost
two hours! We told Lester to tell everyone that we said "Hello!"

Me and my purdy cats. (April 2005)

Lee and me in April, 2004.


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