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                                  Charles Branch


Charles Ray Branch
136 N. Bearcreek Rd. Lot 5
Asheville, NC 28806

11/11/09 - Ray now has 5 grandkids plus a step-
granddaughter from Debbie's son, Ray Castill Jr
who works with Sorenson. He is married to Kristy
and their daughter, Ann is 3 years old. Ray's
older daughter, Joyce, lives close to us, had a
new baby boy born on Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2009.
his name is Zavian. Their other children are:
son BJ, 15; Pamela, 14; Rey Madison, Jr, 2
years, and son Neville 16 months.

We sold our trailer and now living west of
Ashville, NC. We now live close to Debbie's
family, step-kids, step-granddaughters and my
job. Debbie's granddaughter, Madison will be one
year old this October 17, 2008.

And thank you for the get well card.

After graduating from NCSD, I worked at Drexel
Furniture Company, now known as Drexel Heritage.

Currently working at Alliance-Carolina Mold and Plastic.

Remarried in 1986 to Debbie Hensley/Smith
(1975 NCSD graduate).

I have 2 hearing daughters from my first wife,
Darlene, and 3 grandchildren, 2 boys and one
girl. I also have 3 stepchildren, Debbie’s, 2
daughters, one hearing and one deaf and one
son who is hard of hearing.

I spend my spare time watching NASCAR races
and football games.

My favorite TV show is “Walker, Texas Ranger”
and I watch all movies and have no favorites.

My hobbies are working on the house, porch and
yard work, and my favorite food is banana

I don’t use a computer but I did buy one in 2001
for Debbie to use and she prints the e-mails for
me to read.

I have been busy taking care of my wife due to
her poor health and doing odd jobs helping deaf
and hearing doing house repairs. I have arthritis
in my legs so it’s hard for me to stand too long
during Homecoming.

                       My Step-Kids

               Carie, Cindy, and Rey Jr.

                   My Two Grandkids
                    Pamela and Billy Jr.

                        My wife, Debbie and me.

    On vacation in Georgia, the devil, Sheryl Gordon
     ('75), and Debbie with our new 2003 PT Cruiser..

Debbie's son, my step-son Rey M. Castillo, caught a
     catfish at Lake Lure. By the way, Rey Jr. is the
      President of the NC Bass Anglers of the Deaf.

   Debbie's daughter, my step-daughter, Carie Ana
 Castillo at her prom in 2001, with her brother, Rey Jr.





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