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                      Buildings Then and Now
                                                                  Bonus Page

The pictures on the left were taken by Gary Hunnings during our last years in
school and the first two pictures on the right were taken on our 36th Graduation
Anniversary, June 7, 2006. The Water Tower picture on the right was taken on
one of my work trips on April 28, 2006.

The Infirmary
1917-1918 - construction started as a 36 bed infirmary(1). In later years, a wing was added and a
dental area was made available with a dentist from town on call should his services be needed.

   Old Gym
Completed in 1924, student labor helped in the construction and gave the school a respectable
physical education program(1). The basement area, which would be on the right side of the building,
used to be an bowling alley for the students. In those days, there were no automated pin settings
and ball returns so students had to set the pins and return the balls manually. In the sixties, the
same area was a teacher training hall. The indoor swimming pool is in the left part of the building.

When Jimmy Autrey saw the picture on the left, he noticed that the windows were different. When I
was prepping these two pictures for this page, I noticed that 2 of the 3 dormers were "missing" on
the roof on the picture on the right is because of the angle of the camera when this picture was
 made. Other pictures taken of this building showed (not yet posted on this site) revealed that the
dormers are still in place.

   The Water Tower
The Water Tower, part of the campus landscape, was built circa 1929 to replace the original
water tank that was built inside the Clock Tower when Main Building was built in 1894. When
Goodwin Hall was built in 1910-1911, their water was also coming from the Clock Tower's
water tank and that reduced the water pressure because everyone was using it. So, before
the Clock Tower's water tank was replaced, the Main Building students were allowed to take
their baths only on Saturdays. The showers were located in the basement of Main Building
at the time. In the 1960's, the campus started getting water from the city, yet other parts
 of the campus was still getting water from the watershed. - Sam McCord

These three pictures below were taken on March 9, 2007

A modern day perspective of Gary's photo.

This view was taken from the WPCC's campus.

From behind Main Building, this was the most
common view of the Water Tower.

The most notable differences between Gary's photo and these
current day pictures is that the tower in Gary's photo looks
as if it was freshly painted.

During the two week football practice before school opened, mischievous
football players would climb the Water Tower as a challenge after climbing
the Clock Tower. So far, only two of our Classmates has admitted to this deed.


(1) 100 Years NCSD pamphlet, p10

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