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                       Buildings Then and Now
                                                                     Hoey Hall
                                                                                          aka Upper School
                                                                                                            Page 3

Sneak Preview!
Renovations in Progress May 2007

The pictures of the ongoing renovations of Hoey Hall were taken in
May 2007 by Sion Moss, a staff member at NCSD. There were no
documentation accompanied with these pictures so hopefully as
time goes on, we'll have a better idea as to the exact location of
the ones we are not sure about.

This picture is believed to be taken just inside the door on the first
floor with Crutchfield Hall/Main Building behind Mr. Moss.

Future second floor classroom facing north. Guy standing must be
a construction forman checking work performed by his crew.

Future third floor classroom. Overlooking Hoffmeyer Hall you can
see the new roof recently installed.

Another third floor classroom, believed to be our 8th grade science class, Mrs. Watson,
during my first year in '65-'66. The electrical conduits you see going up through the
ceiling serves the new HVAC (heating/air conditioning) system being installed. What
looks like the wall on the right cut out with the black "dots" was where the chalkboard
used to be. The black "dots" are actually a tar based adhesive used to steady the slate
while it was being framed as well as to keep it from flexing or bouncing away from the
wall while writing on it. The window views the west wing of Hoey Hall. Hoffmeyer Hall,
not visible, is located just to the left behind the trees.

The girls of Upper School should recognize this room located in the
west wing...Hoffmeyer Hall behind the trees in the middle window
and the boys' vocational shop visible through the left window.

This is the first floor, double doors at the front or the 'main
entrance'. The principle's office used to be located in the area behind
the column on the right and the typewriting/data processing class used
to be be located to the left of the left column. Back in our days, these
two columns were actually corners of the small hallway leading to these
main doors. Mr. Moss, taking this picture, is actually standing in what
used to be our Creative Writing class. Before this area was converted to
Creative Writing in the summer of '69, before school started in the fall,
it was an open area used to display student projects but mostly used to
take class exams. On this same spot, to Mr. Moss's right, 40 years ago,
this picture was made.

By the way, these are but just a few of the many that we received,
so stay tuned...more are on the way.

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