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                       Buildings Then and Now
                                                                     Hoey Hall
                                                                                          aka Upper School
                                                                                                            Page 9

Renovations in Progress May 2007
Pictures of the Wood Shop Area

This picture is just inside the main entrance of the shop. A lot of the wood shop
boys would recognize these wood working tables, now considered antique. The
plastic covering that you see in this and below pictures are to protect the equipment
from construction dust.

Although the plastic is not doing it's job here but at least we got a close up
view of the wooden vise on the table.

This picture is looking towards the large bay door towards the back of the
shop and was taken just past the (silver) upright HVAC duct on the floor in
the first picture above. When these pictures were taken, you can see that
the main (black) piping has been installed for the sprinkler system and
that the lighting fixtures has been removed.

This picture was taken to the right of the first picture above.

This view was taken at the plastic covered equipment seen in the picture above this
picture. The large tubing system, of which you see attached to the equipment and
going to the ceiling in these series of pictures are part the vacuum system which
collects wood dust and chips during the operation of the wood working equipment

Moving further down, this photo was taken between the plastic covered wood
working equipment and ladder seen in the picture above this picture. In this
picture, the same ladder can be seen in the lower left corner.

Now this is a new one for me, this is a paint spray booth, something that
I do not remember from my times at NCSD, so this had to be added after
1970 but before 2005. You can see that it is slightly used and is not connected
to a vacuum system...maybe donated to the school as part of the renovations?
The three items leaning at the lower right corner are the original fluorescent
light fixtures installed after the Hoey Hall wing was built circa 1950's.

This is what you now see looking out of the large bay door mentioned in the caption
of the third picture at the top half of this page.

What's in the blue outbuilding are the water pumps for the sprinkler system currently
mandated in new and renovated buildings. With recent deaths occurring nationwide
in scholastic and nursing home environments, it is now required that these pumps are
operated separately from power fed to the buildings they serve. Oftentimes, in some
places, onsite generators automatically kick in when the fire alarms are activated. Large
office buildings and even shopping centers also have these water pumps for the
sprinkler systems.

This photo was taken in front of the bay door seen in
the third picture above.

In the spring of 1965, my parents and I paid a curiosity visit to the NCSD campus as
part of my orientation tour, guided by Mr. Ben Hoffmeyer, before entering school in
the fall. The woodworking shop was one of the stops during the tour. What
impressed me during this visit was that I saw a table lamp made from a bowling pin,
cool, I thought. Several years later, one of my shop classes was in this same
room and yes, the bowling pin table lamp was still there. I inquired about making one
and was told that I had to bring a bowling pin to the shop to have one made. Without
further questions, I just dropped the subject...back in those days, bowling pins were
not easy to obtain.

During my brief vocational course in the woodworking class, I remember mostly
repairing broken furniture brought in from other buildings on campus. I also
remember a staff member bringing in a chair and new materials to repair it.

In later years, chatting with former wood shop boys, I discovered that that if you were
a student of this class you could bring a broken wooden item from home and have it
repaired as part of the learning process or bring a raw piece of wood and make it
 whatever you wanted.  Another thing I enjoyed learning was working the wood
lathe. Taking a long wooden block and lathing it into a table leg.
So that's how its done.

* * * * * * * *
The next group of Hoey Hall pictures will be posted in two weeks:
Lake Wheeler's Picnic is next weekend and JWS is coming to
pay Ye Ole Webmaster a visit. Also, the NCSD Museum sent some
very interesting pictures of West Hall and Hoey Hall and I
am anxious to post those.

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