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                       Buildings Then and Now
                                                                     Hoey Hall
                                                                                          aka Upper School
                                                                                                            Page 6

Renovations in Progress May 2007
Pictures of the

Located somewhere on third floor is the new access to the
attic which now contains the new HVAC system for the
building. The entrance is on the other side of these walls.

This is a close up of the first picture above. The old boards you see, I'm sure is as old as the
building itself, were used as temporary supports for the installation of the ducts for the HVAC
system. A new floor was installed in the attic to allow for workers as well as future repair
technicians to work on the system. You can see the underside of part of the floor in the
lower half of this picture. The thin grayish colored pipes you see are electrical conduits and
the thicker black pipes are for the fire sprinkler system.

Steep stairway to the attic, common for utility uses only.

Looking down the steep stairwell, you can see the top of the old board mentioned
in the 2nd picture above.

The ladder on the right is the same ladder mentioned on this page. The article
also mentioned that this attic space was huge. The proof is in these pictures.

And this same ladder now leads to a much larger access door to the roof.

By the way, the red ladder in the rear of this picture is a modern day fiberglass
ladder. Counting the rungs of this ladder shows the attic to be about 18 ft. high.

This and the next two pictures are showing the other end of the attic. The
stairway access is just to the right of the yellow ladder.

Construction workers are a messy species, aren't they?

The original access to Upper School's attic was in a closet in one of the third floor's classrooms. For
some reason in my mind it was in either Mrs. Law's (Language) class room or Mrs. Watson's (Science)
room. You had to just about use a 6 or 8 foot A frame ladder to climb through it. Of course when I
accessed it, there were no ladders anywhere in Upper School, so I improvised by retrieving a 4 legged
classroom desk from another classroom and used a teacher's chair on top of the desk. I was short
about 18 inches to reach the access problem here...I found a yardstick to slide the access
panel over and voila, access to the attic. Next, was a good jump to catch the edge of the entrance
and climb over.

The remainder of this adventure, some of you may have already read on this page.

Webmaster notes answers most of your questions...

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