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                       Buildings Then and Now
                                    Before Hoey Hall there was West Hall
                                                                                                           Page 12

West Hall, which stood on the same site as Upper School, opened
in 1899 and burned February 14, 1938.

West Hall prior to 1938

Ruins of West Hall February 14, 1938

After the Great Fire of West Hall, the bricks from West Hall were used to
construct the new building on the same site.


West Hall upon completion
After the new building was completed, it was still named West Hall. Later, the
building was designated Hoey Hall after NC Governor Clyde Hoey designated
emergency funds to build the new school building.

The above pictures on this page were provided by the NCSD Museum.

A ceremonial building block, dated or otherwise inscribed, usually placed during a ceremony, in an
outer wall of a building to commemorate its dedication. Oftentimes, the stone is hollowed out
to contain newspapers, photographs, or other documents reflecting current customs, with a
view to their historical use when the building is remodeled, rebuilt, or demolished. Originally
placed at a corner, the stone may today be placed elsewhere on the facade.
- Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

There is only one known ceremonial cornerstone on campus and that is located near the
northeast corner in front of Hoey Hall. If you look at the above picture, you'll see a
"white block' at the lower left corner of the building.

The ceremony of the laying of the cornerstone can be seen at the NCSD Museum website: at drag your mouse to: In NCSDHM, Photography, Buildings, then
Cornerstone Laid. There you will see the event that took place during the cornerstone ceremony.

Today, a new wrought iron railing was installed during the 2007-2008 renovations
which partially blocked the viewing of the cornerstone, but luckily Jimmy Autrey
had this above picture taken before the renovations.

Hoey Hall is 70 years old and it is rumored that there is a possibility of a
time capsule being embedded inside this marble proof, but
could this be true....who knows? If true, it would be interesting to know what
1898 through 1938 (40 years) artifacts are inside the time capsule .

Below is a little background of the cornerstone's inscriptions:
The years 1898 and 1939 demonstrates the original West Hall years - 41 years.

The symbol of the Square and Compasses is a trademark and has been
registered in some jurisdictions.

The "G" in the middle represents God, otherwise known inside Lodges as
 "The Grand Geometrician of the Universe", since Freemasonry demands belief
in no specific faith, simply a belief in a "Supreme Being". It has also been
ascribed to the Worshipful Master's word. Some also claim that it represents
 Gnosticism or Saint Germain.

 A Grand Master is the supreme ruler of the Craft within a given jurisdiction. He
presides over his Grand Lodge and has certain rights in each private lodge
(constituent lodge) within his jurisdiction. But on this inscription, it is not
known what jurisdictions each of these two Grand Masters belong to.

The significance of the letters A. L. and the numbers
5898 and 5939 are unknown.


Freemasonry is the oldest and largest world wide fraternity dedicated to the
 Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of a Supreme Being. Although of a
 religious nature, Freemasonry is not a religion. It urges its members, however,
to be faithful and devoted to their own religious beliefs.

It's not easy to join, you must know a Freemason and sometimes you
must ask him 3 different times before he can petition you in his
lodge for a ballot. Once you are voted in, you'll have to answer a
series of questions and if they are satisfied with your answers
then you can be initiated as a member.

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This page was originally posted on 09/30/07
and was last updated on 01/23/2012.


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