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                       Buildings Then and Now
                                                                     Hoey Hall
                                                                                          aka Upper School
                                                                                                            Page 1


October 1, 2005
35th Reunion Anniversary Picture


Cloudy Day, October 3, 2004
Notice the window air condition units.
Reminds me of the state offices buildings in Raleigh.


October 5, 2003

The "outcropping" that you see on the left side of this building or the side that's facing Main Building
 as we all know are the restrooms for the first and 2nd floor as well as the stairwells for the 1st, 2nd,
and basement levels. You can see that this section is slightly smaller and has a flat roof compared to
the rest of the building.

It's not a well known fact, but there was and still is, when they closed Hoey Hall for renovations, a
restroom in the basement area. It was in the janitor's closet. I've used it so many times that I was
surprised that a few folks knew of its existence. Most I was told, used the one on the first floor -
"upstairs on the first floor" for those who spent most of their classes down in the "dungeon".

Notice the door on the top floor on the left side of the building. Due to ADA laws,
this was added along with the wheelchair ramp after we graduated.


Upper School banner picture
From The North Carolinian
November, 1965


October 3, 2004
In 1950-1951, a 3 story wing was added to the west or right side (left side in this picture) of Upper
School for classes in clothing, foods, home economics, typing, and woodworking.


Aerial view, circa 1965
As indicated in the "outcropping" picture of October 5, 2003 above, you
can see the flat roof as well as the 3 story wing addition. The
little white square dot on the roof is the roof access that I
mentioned strolling down Memory Lane below.

During the middle weekend of the two week football camp in my last year, I managed to find the
attic access in this historical building. Upon entering the attic, I was amazed of the huge and
exceedingly large space of this attic. Anyway, after entering the attic, there was a  l - o - n - g
wooden ladder, at the least, 15-20 feet, going up to the roof access door.

The ladder was secured at the base and top, but it buckled like crazy - back and forth - halfway up
(gulp!). After waiting a bit, I slowly continued climbing up the ladder and finally reached the roof.
The view around campus was awesome, not as good as the views from the Clock Tower, but
awesome, nonetheless.

1968 Yearbook, page 4
Yeah, we were really relaxing with the end of semester exams in those days. Cool, eh?


1968 Yearbook, page 5
Science teacher, Mrs. Meta H. Bigham, scolding the boys to stop picking on the girls and Joyce is
laughing it off.

I arrived at NCSD in the fall of 1965, so the eight grade classes was on the top floor, Homeroom
was Mrs. Evelyn W. Watson's science class and I believe some of the other classes was on the first
floor. The remaining years, most of the classes were in the "dungeon" and the first floor. Mr. Duel's
algebra class was on the first or second floor of the west wing.

I remember most of the following teachers, in no specific order:
Marylyn Williams, Mary Jo Bangles-Johnson (teacher-in-training), Mrs. Jane Taylor (History), Mrs.
Bashie Crutchfield (English), Mrs. Jennie T. Law (Language), Mrs. Kate B. Fowler (Math), Mrs. Judy
S. Berry, Mrs. Martha W. Marshall, Mr. Olouse Tullos (Science), Mr. William (Bill) M. Simpson, Mrs.
Marjorie M. Triebert (HS Principle), Mrs. Mary S. Hotchkiss (History), Mrs. Marie M. Tubergen (Art),
Mr. John E. McCreight (Electronics) and Mrs. Phyllis R. Hatley.

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