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                       Buildings Then and Now
                                                           Hoffmeyer Hall

                                                                                                          Page 3

Hoffmeyer Hall Today - 2007
On the top floor or the 3rd floor, what used to be the E & D groups, are now classrooms
for the High School students. E group was half of the floor towards the football field
and D group was the other half of the floor closest to Upper School.

The rooms on the 2nd floor, C group, which was under E group, are now occupied by
 school administrators and the Morganton Regional Resource Center for the Deaf and
Hard of Hearing
. B group is occupied by the infirmary where most of the rooms are
reserved for those recovering from illnesses. What used to be the TV room is now
divided into the nurses' station and an entrance area for those on wheelchairs.

The rooms on the first floor or A group are now classrooms for the younger
students, although a couple of these rooms are file rooms, storage rooms, etc.

All the old group supervisor rooms are now break rooms/teachers lounges.

My Rooms at Hoffmeyer Hall
I'm still surprised that I remember the location of the dormitory rooms
and the names of my roommates during my first and last year in school. My first room
in D group was room number 303, which was easy to remember, and it was the 2nd
room down from D Group Supervisor's room, Archie Johnson ('65), which was also
his first year employed at NCSD as the dorm group's supervisor.

The next two years, I rotated to C and B group, which was on the second floor, as
mentioned earlier, now occupied with offices in the old C group area and the school's
infirmary in the B group area. All of first floor was the A group, where I spent my last
two years, are now occupied by offices and classrooms. As mentioned on the previous
page, I remember very well, during my first PE class in the fall of '65, the exercise
room was located in the A Group's 1st room next to the supervisor's room.

My First Room at Hoffmeyer Hall
I arrived at NCSD in the fall of 1965, actually, one week after school started. For some
reason, at the time, new students arrived one week later after the regular students. My
first room in HH was in D group's room, as previously mentioned was number 303, now
numbered 329 after the additions of offices in the old TV room area of E group and
converting the old E group's supervisor room into a teachers' break room.

My first room at HH is now a classroom taught by, believe it or not, by the wife of one
 of our Classmates, Donnie's wife, Terri. I honestly did not know this until June 7, 2006....
36 years to the day we graduated from this great institution.

Now this was my corner of the room. My bed was positioned between the black
chair under the window and the filing cabinet on the right. The desk that I shared with
Spence Jones was located where the bookcase is now. I will proudly brag
that the coffee mug that you see on the first shelf is our Class Coffee Mug
from our 35th Reunion.

Leon Barnwell's bed was next to the window. Notice the air conditioner. Teacher,
Mrs. Terri Crump's desk is behind the student desk in the lower right
of the picture.

Tony Long's ('73) bed was near the door. Ironically, the sign on the door says
"I love this place!"  Above the door frame is safety glass, now covered with
paper/cardboard. During our times, it was against dorm rules to cover it,
presumably, to prevent us from having any lights on after bedtime.

This was Spence Jones' corner of the room. His bed was positioned at the left of the
TV where the bookcase is now. There were wooden closets where the TV and the screen
are positioned in this picture. The concrete block outcropping that you see to the left
of the TV actually covers one of the internal steel pillars of the framework of this
structure. If you look at Spence Jones' picture on the previous page, you can
 still see a part of this outcropping not hidden by the closet.

The Hallway of D Group Today - 2007

Standing at the old D group's TV room looking towards the end of old E group's
hallway. The opening just past the electrical panel leads to the stairway used
to go to Upper School. The first door on the right was the Supervisor's
room or his living quarters. Today's modern safety amenities can be seen
in this picture: Looking at the very top of the picture, just past the light is
a smoke detector; Exit sign over the stairway door; middle right of picture
is an updated fire alarm pull station; just past the first door on the right is
the fire alarm flasher; and the series of U shaped hooks that you see in the
corner of the ceiling next to the pipes are communication wire holders, the
series of wires did not go to this end of the hall and was installed for
possible use in the future...

Standing at the fire doors between the old D and E group floor, this was
taken looking towards the D group's TV Room. As mentioned in the above
caption, notice the U shaped hooks for the communication wiring, telco,
TV cable, network wiring for computers. Today's technology, eh?
June 7, 2007

A True Then and Now Picture - While I was on the third floor, I found that
 a previously removed poster board exposed the original color scheme that was
painted on the walls of all the hallways of Hoffmeyer Hall.
June 7, 2007

My Last Room at Hoffmeyer Hall

My last room is now partitioned into two rooms. In this picture Jimmy Gibb's bed was
at front, near the door, and Donnie McLamb's bed was next to the window.

This is the other side of the paneled partition and looking through a new doorway, Randy's
bed would be were the two mimeograph machines are located and my bed was next to
the window. The wiring from the radio station went out this window.

The Hallway of A Group Today - 2007

This is the first floor hallway, standing next to the restroom, (on the right,
not visible) where we used to have a washer and a dryer, facing towards the
TV room where the pool table used to be. Note the carpet and the ceiling tiles
that has been added since our school days.

Unless indicated, all pictures on this page was taken on June 7, 2006.

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